Nate Dawgs 1test cyp/4ad cyp/19 nor/dbol/M5aa cycle

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  1. sissy

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Nate Dawg
    Sorry about the lack of updates lately, been busy with stuff.

    Well I took last week completely off other than biceps, and that was the best thing I could have done. I feel so much better and more recovered now. On monday, I got 375 on bench, my best before that was 355, about 4 weeks ago or so. Box squats were up and deadlifts were up a little bit. We have been videotaping a few of our lifts to analyze for and what not, but it is really cool to watch when you get home from the gym. My diet has been pretty good lately, especially protein, I counted up 413g I took in yesterday, so I was happy with that. I havent weighed for probably a week, basically just because I can tell I havent gained a single pound and it will just piss me off when I get on the scale, so I would say it is in the 204-205 range, I will try and weigh tomorrow morning.
    Anymore soreness from the 1-test cyp?

  3. Manu20- No I havent had any soreness at all, I only gave it the hot water bath at the beginning of the cycle and then after 3 weeks or so, havent done another one since. I cant even tell the next day I have given myself a shot, and I am taking quite a few pokes, maybe my body is adjusting to it or something. On mondays I shoot 2.5cc in right quad, 2.5cc right glute, and .5cc of HCG in right quad also, then on thursdays I shoot 2.5cc in left glute, 1.25cc in left delt, 1.25cc in right delt, and .5cc of HCG in left a decent number of stabs per week and absolutely no soreness. All the 1test/4ad shots are mixed in a 50/50 ratio by volume, and the HCG is 500IU/ml, so I take 250IU 2x week. It is actually working quite well, my nuts have came back completely.

    Knox- Eat a dick

  4. Damn it, I forgot to log out of my brother's name when I posted....sorry 'bout the confusion.

  5. Weighed in at 205lbs this morning. I was actually surprised, I figured I would be somewhere around 202-203. My waist is still about a 1/4-3/8" smaller than the beginning of the cycle so that is a good sign.

  6. Did chest yesterday, went pretty good, got 380x1 on flat bench with just a very tiny tap in the bottom from my spotter, I know I could get it but for some reason I lost a little focus during the lift and that hurt me a bit. Legs were today, Box squats werent really up at all, deadlifts were up around 15lbs. Well, I am gonna add a new twist to this I ordered some test prop and tren acetate. I am going to run the prop at 100mg EOD and the tren at 75mg EOD. It should be here around next friday or so, and I will start it as soon as I get it. I am going to run it for 4 weeks I am thinking, so that will put the end of the cycle out to about week 13. I have been on HCG for 3 weeks now I believe, and I have plenty more, so I am not too worried about may be a little rough, but we shall see. I know this is probably not the wisest decision, but hell, I havent hardly gained any size at all on this cycle!!!!! My strength has gone up really good, but no size, I dont know what the deal is. Every day I get a minimum of 300g protein, usually it is in the 400g range, and the carbs are in the 500g range/day, taking in between 4500-5500 cals/day. Give me some opinions if you wish, but I'm not gonna change my mind on it

  7. Well I caught a cold this weekend, so I havent been feeling the greatest, but by tomorrow should be back to 100%. Chest on monday didnt go that great, but I really wasnt expecting much considering the circumstances. Did legs today, and box squats were actually down, but my 5RM for deadlifts was up 10lbs. Just wasnt as focused at the beginning of the workout when I was squatting. I recieved my MDHT from sledge on Monday, and today I noticed a little increased energy, but still a little early to tell. Took 50mg 20min preworkout, but next time I think I will take it about an hour preworkout, because as the workout went on, I could feel it more. Took my blood pressure and it was 130/70, so that was much better than what I had expected it to be. Still eating really good, but I havent weighed lately so I dont know exactly where I am at there. Thursday will be my last shot of the 1test and 4ad, I preloaded my syringes tonight just to see how much I had left and emptied both bottles. The test and tren should be here between Friday and Monday, so I will be starting that as soon as I get it. Switching up to a 4 day split and see how that works instead of 5 days a week, it was just getting to be too much and by the end of the week I was feeling pretty burnt out and felt slightly overtrained, so I am going to give the 4 day split a try and see if that helps. Well thats about all I got for now, feel free to ask any questions or give opinions.

  8. Weighed in at 205 this morning. By noon today I had already taken in 3550 cals, 220g protein and 350g of carbs, definetly on the right track for today, although alot of those cals are from fat.

  9. Did shoulders and tris tonight, switching things up a bit. For shoulders did some seated DB press and side laterals, tomorrow with back I am going to hit rear laterals since my rear delts get more of a hit from back day than they actually do on shoulders. For triceps did some heavy closegrip floor presses in the power rack in the 2-5 rep range, first time I have ever tried them so it was a little akward, but got some marks to shoot for next week. Then did a few sets of DB overhead press, a couple of machine pushdowns and a couple with reverse grip pushdowns. I normally do triceps with biceps on friday, but I am trying to get more of a powerlifting routine set up, so I figured why hit tris on friday and only have two days to recover when I can do them on thursday and have 3 days to recover. It was kinda hard doing both tris and shoulders together, the military presses kinda taxed the tris a bit before I got to them, so I might change it next week...just have to think about it some more. Tomorrow will do back/bis/traps. I usually do traps with shoulders, but my back is still so fried from deads on tuesday that I dont think I would be able to work up as heavy as I wanted to.

    I am getting pretty flustered on this whole not gaining weight deal. It is frickin ridiculous. So far this week I have ate every day a MINIMUM of 5800 cals, that was my low day....yesterday I hit 7200 cals!!! In that was 435g protein and 580g carbs, now still about 50% of my cal intake is from fats, but hell, I should at least be getting some fat on me, but I am still not gaining a single pound. If this test/tren dont put some weight on me, I dont know what to think. If you have ANY suggestions, let 'em fly, because I am stumped, I have been talking to several of the experienced lifters in my gym and they think it is weird that I am not gaining too. Surely genetics wouldnt be coming in to play yet I wouldnt think....when I graduated high school 2 years ago I was weighed in the 148-152 range, so I have packed on over 50lbs of weight since then. Also I am sure that I am not overtrained because just 3 weeks ago I took a whole week off, so I am confused. Any ideas?!?!?

  10. hmm man i'm really not sure what to say everything is in order...
    hopefully the tren/test will work although i know for some tren doesn't really provide for all that much weight gain as it can melt off fat
    i know you're weight hasn't really gone anywhere but have you taken your measurements lately? have those improved?

  11. Sadly they havent improved either. I am ****ing stumped on this one. I had better gains on my 7 week S1+ cycle last winter, and my diet is even better on this cycle than it was on that one. One thing that seems kinda weird to me is, during this whole cycle I have never really felt that "on" feeling, there have just been a handful of days in the gym where I could tell I was really getting an extra kick, so I dont know.........

  12. Saturday shot 75mg tren and 100mg prop in my right glute, it knotted up a little but definetly not as much pain as I had with the 1test in the beginning of this cycle, have another shot today. Weighed in this morning naked after taking a long piss, 200lbs....i dont get why I cant gain any weight, I have been eating like a horse lately, I should start gaining now though. Diet going pretty good today, for breakfast had 6 eggs, protein shake, 1.5cups oatmeal, 24oz orange juice, and 24oz milk, for lunch had 1lb beef, 1 box of mac and cheese, and 32oz milk, should be over 3000 cals already and 210g protein. Let the fun begin!!!

  13. [QUOTE=.i dont get why I cant gain any weight, I have been eating like a horse lately, I should start gaining now though. Diet going pretty good today, for breakfast had 6 eggs, protein shake, 1.5cups oatmeal, 24oz orange juice, and 24oz milk, for lunch had 1lb beef, 1 box of mac and cheese, and 32oz milk, should be over 3000 cals already and 210g protein. Let the fun begin!!![/QUOTE]
    eat more and/or rest more, you said something before about eating a pizza every couple days, try adding one every day, i gained so much weight doing that, yes it was some fat, but if you are a hard gainer, it shouldnt be too hard to burn that fat off post cycle, last cycle i did, my weight went from about 190 up to 215 in six weeks, it dropped to 205 durring PCT, a month after PCT it was back up to 210 but a lot leaner than the 215...i cleaned up my diet post cycle, not too clean though, im one of the lucky people that no matter how bad i eat i dont go much over 12% BF, even on the pizza and beer diet. eat to grow, dont worry about putting on a little excess BF in pursuit of muscle mass, the fat will come off easier than the muscle adds on

  14. Thanks for the tip weeenisss, sounds like a good enough excuse to eat pizza everyday

  15. nate, have you checked your PM box?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Nate Dawg
    Thanks for the tip weeenisss, sounds like a good enough excuse to eat pizza everyday
    just keep in mind, when you are on an all out bulk, EAT LIKE IT

  17. sorry glenihan...havent got around to answering you yet, will do

    Had a pretty good chest workout yesterday, decided to switch things up so started off with floor press, never really tried it much before but it went pretty good, then did several sets of incline barbell bench, then hit a few sets of flat db bench and some flyes. Feeling fairly sore today so thats good. Have legs later today, going to go with free squats instead of box squats, been box squatting for the past several weeks and gains have kinda stagnated, so I am interested to see how just normal squats go. Still eating like a champ, this weight had better start coming on soon.....

  18. Did legs on tuesday, had a pretty good workout, first time doing free squats for several weeks, I have been working alot off a box thats about 3 inches below parallel, so thats not much fun. Deadlifts went good too. Took wednesday off, and last night did tris and some back. Started off with weighted dips for tris, and got up to 3 45lb plates strapped around my waist for 12 reps, which is a PR for sure, I have never even tried 3 plates previous to this. Monday I weighed in at a whopping 200lbs even, and today am up to 202lbs, which I think is a definite improvement considering in the past 3-4 weeks all my weight has done is stay the same or go down, despite the high calories. Breakfast this morning was 6 eggs, 1.5cups oatmeal, 32oz OJ, and 24oz milk, then for lunch I had 1lb of beef, 1 box of mac and cheese, 32 oz milk, BBQ buffalo wings and some definetly keeping the cals up there. I think next week I should start to notice some more strength gains. Thats about it for now....

  19. jesus how on earth did you possibly consume all that at lunch!?! i usually have 1lb of turkey and spinach and i literally have to force myself to swallow then i can't move for a good 10 minutes

    i wish i had your appetite!
    hang in there man with the prop and the tren you should definitely start getting freaky

  20. I just make myself eat it, at first it was kinda hard, but I think I have stretched my stomach out to where I can hold more food, then also when I think about how pissed I am that I cant gain weight, I start eating more. Did shoulders traps and bis tonight, kinda hard doing shoulder presses the day after triceps, my tris were so dead today, and those heavy dips yesterday killed my elbows, shoulder presses and oddly enough side raises hurt too, so I didnt get in too many sets of those, shrugs went pretty good, and for bis I just did 4 dropsets with 4 drops in each set on the preacher machine curl, but my bis were already fried from back yesterday, but still got a decent pump. Gonna try and get lots of sleep and food in this weekend, I am looking forward to see what next week brings. From monday, all my measurements have already increased 1/4 to 1/2 inch, so that is promising.

  21. Well, friday I started noticing some very tiny lumps developing under my nipples, so I started taking nolva at 80mg/day. It has only been 3 days on, so I am not too sure as how long it will take for the nolva to start doing its thing, but they havent started shrinking yet, although no itching or anything for the most part. I really hope it isnt from the tren, I have been taking B-6 at 500mg/day to help a bit with the progesterone, and today I went and got some vitex, not really sure on the dosage for that, but took 2500mg today. I have only taken 4 shots of tren as of today, so I dont see how it could be progesterone related so early, but having been on the 4ad for 9 weeks, I imagine when adding real test that could have caused it. I dropped the 4ad 10 days before my first inject of test, so most of it should have cleared out. If anybody has any tips I would appreciate it!

  22. well nolva takes a few days to build up in the system before it can really work so i'd keep at it for a little while long and reassess after a week or so

  23. Did chest today, did floor press again for my main max effort exercise, it was up 5lbs, incline was up about 5 too. My tris were still thrashed from thursdays tricep workout, so I know the lifts would have been better if I would not have been as sore. Also feeling a little sick yesterday, felt ok today, not great, but alot better than yesterday. There are alot of people getting sick around, and the weather here is fluctuating almost 40 degrees, so that is doing a number on my allergies. Got legs tomorrow, excited to see what that brings.

  24. Did legs today, felt pretty good, but just didnt quite get the numbers I wanted to, so I am kinda confused on why the strength wasnt there as much as I thought it would have been. I ordered some N Large2 and some muscle milk today, I have been eating so much lately that I cant hardly get any more food in for more cals, so I am gonna try and start adding some shakes in there for even more cals. Diet is still going really good, actually the other night I ate so much I threw up, so that was interesting.....

  25. Nate,

    Im going to be starting my cycle that is similar to yours on sunday. What kind of volume are you using in your workouts? how many reps per bodypart approx?

  26. Right now I am using a fair amount of volume, not as much as I used to do, but it is still decent. Say for chest I will pick a main movement like flat bench, floor press, or board presses and work up to a 1RM over approximately 10 sets or so, then go to incline, do 4 sets in the 6-8 rep range, hit some DB presses, either incline or flat, whatever I feel like, and do 3 sets of 6-8 reps, then some flyes with 3-4 sets in the 10-12 rep range. Usually at least 4 exercises with 4-5 sets of each, and all in the 6-12 rep range, so it is a decent amount of volume. What dosages are you going to be running for your cycle Ability? I would say run at least the dosage I did, if not up the 4ad more, I dont know what the deal was with the 1test/4ad cycle, but it just didnt give me the results I wanted.

    Weighed in at 202.5 this morning, so up 2.5lbs since I started the test/tren. Last night I had a shot in the right glute and hit a little low, so it knotted up pretty bad today, not real pleasant but it should be fine in a couple days.

  27. Im going to be doing 1000mg of 1T, and 1500 mg 4ad, with 90mg m14ad, and 24mg's m4ohn.

    I think the doses im going to run for 1t 4ad are around yours or maybe the same.

    If you want ill post my projected training program for the first 4 weeks(bulk).

  28. That would be fine if you would like.

  29. Did biceps last night, got a pretty good pump, vascularity was up. Did chest today, started off with regular flat bench for the max effort exercise, nothing special really to report. The full range of motion felt a little akward due to the limited range of motion from the floor presses I have been doing the past couple of weeks. I am expecting next week to go pretty good, today I just wanted to get a good mark to go for to beat next week hopefully. Diet still dialed in really good, this is the absolute best I have ever had it as far as high amounts of cals carbs and protein. I got my muscle milk and N large2 in today, so I will be adding a couple of those shakes to my diet each day to try and take the cals even higher. Legs are tomorrow, they had better be up, last week I felt really good getting ready to squat, but it just went like ****, it was even lower than the week before that, which makes no sense but thats what happened. Aggression is way up too, so that is fun.

  30. what's the weight and measurements at


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