Nate Dawgs 1test cyp/4ad cyp/19 nor/dbol/M5aa cycle

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  1. Well, friday I started noticing some very tiny lumps developing under my nipples, so I started taking nolva at 80mg/day. It has only been 3 days on, so I am not too sure as how long it will take for the nolva to start doing its thing, but they havent started shrinking yet, although no itching or anything for the most part. I really hope it isnt from the tren, I have been taking B-6 at 500mg/day to help a bit with the progesterone, and today I went and got some vitex, not really sure on the dosage for that, but took 2500mg today. I have only taken 4 shots of tren as of today, so I dont see how it could be progesterone related so early, but having been on the 4ad for 9 weeks, I imagine when adding real test that could have caused it. I dropped the 4ad 10 days before my first inject of test, so most of it should have cleared out. If anybody has any tips I would appreciate it!

  2. well nolva takes a few days to build up in the system before it can really work so i'd keep at it for a little while long and reassess after a week or so

  3. Did chest today, did floor press again for my main max effort exercise, it was up 5lbs, incline was up about 5 too. My tris were still thrashed from thursdays tricep workout, so I know the lifts would have been better if I would not have been as sore. Also feeling a little sick yesterday, felt ok today, not great, but alot better than yesterday. There are alot of people getting sick around, and the weather here is fluctuating almost 40 degrees, so that is doing a number on my allergies. Got legs tomorrow, excited to see what that brings.

  4. Did legs today, felt pretty good, but just didnt quite get the numbers I wanted to, so I am kinda confused on why the strength wasnt there as much as I thought it would have been. I ordered some N Large2 and some muscle milk today, I have been eating so much lately that I cant hardly get any more food in for more cals, so I am gonna try and start adding some shakes in there for even more cals. Diet is still going really good, actually the other night I ate so much I threw up, so that was interesting.....

  5. Nate,

    Im going to be starting my cycle that is similar to yours on sunday. What kind of volume are you using in your workouts? how many reps per bodypart approx?

  6. Right now I am using a fair amount of volume, not as much as I used to do, but it is still decent. Say for chest I will pick a main movement like flat bench, floor press, or board presses and work up to a 1RM over approximately 10 sets or so, then go to incline, do 4 sets in the 6-8 rep range, hit some DB presses, either incline or flat, whatever I feel like, and do 3 sets of 6-8 reps, then some flyes with 3-4 sets in the 10-12 rep range. Usually at least 4 exercises with 4-5 sets of each, and all in the 6-12 rep range, so it is a decent amount of volume. What dosages are you going to be running for your cycle Ability? I would say run at least the dosage I did, if not up the 4ad more, I dont know what the deal was with the 1test/4ad cycle, but it just didnt give me the results I wanted.

    Weighed in at 202.5 this morning, so up 2.5lbs since I started the test/tren. Last night I had a shot in the right glute and hit a little low, so it knotted up pretty bad today, not real pleasant but it should be fine in a couple days.

  7. Im going to be doing 1000mg of 1T, and 1500 mg 4ad, with 90mg m14ad, and 24mg's m4ohn.

    I think the doses im going to run for 1t 4ad are around yours or maybe the same.

    If you want ill post my projected training program for the first 4 weeks(bulk).

  8. That would be fine if you would like.

  9. Did biceps last night, got a pretty good pump, vascularity was up. Did chest today, started off with regular flat bench for the max effort exercise, nothing special really to report. The full range of motion felt a little akward due to the limited range of motion from the floor presses I have been doing the past couple of weeks. I am expecting next week to go pretty good, today I just wanted to get a good mark to go for to beat next week hopefully. Diet still dialed in really good, this is the absolute best I have ever had it as far as high amounts of cals carbs and protein. I got my muscle milk and N large2 in today, so I will be adding a couple of those shakes to my diet each day to try and take the cals even higher. Legs are tomorrow, they had better be up, last week I felt really good getting ready to squat, but it just went like ****, it was even lower than the week before that, which makes no sense but thats what happened. Aggression is way up too, so that is fun.

  10. what's the weight and measurements at

  11. I will get my weight tomorrow morning, off the top of my head if I remember right, my quads and chest are up almost a 1/2in, arms maybe a 1/4, they are looking a little more cut I think, and waist is the same. I can start to tell that I have gotten bigger, and so can others, so right now going by the scale isnt working out so well, I think it is kind of a body recomp going on, my abs look more defined. One other thing, that muscle milk makes my stomach a little uneasy, I dunno whats up with that, I just drank 2 scoops of muscle milk with 2 scoops of nlarge2 for my bedtime protein and my stomach doesnt feel so hot, I should get used to it. The muscle milk is mocha joe, pretty strong taste, so maybe thats it.

  12. i almost feel sorry for you, you eat more than i can imagine, take so many hormones you make arnold look like a wuss, and you can still barely gain

  13. LOL

  14. nate, those last measurements you gave i'm assuming at from when you started the prop/tren right?
    i don't think they can be from the beginning of the initial cycle...

  15. Yes those are measurements from the beginning of the test/tren, although they arent far off from the beginning of the complete cycle, which sucks. Weighed in this morning at 203, so 3lbs in 18 days, ok I guess, I think I look a fair amount different than I did before the test tren so that is good.

  16. Chest on monday went alright, nothing spectacular really to report. The previous two weeks I had done floor presses for my main max effort exercise, so when going through a full ROM this week, it felt a little akward, so I imagine next week should be up. Legs went on tuesday, both squats and deads were up. Squats were up around 15lbs and deads were up another 10lbs for my 5RM. Most of this is probably due to me never deadlifting in the past, but in the last 11 weeks or so, I have added 80lbs to my 5RM on deadlifts. Shoulders and tris last night, got a really good pump, and strength was really good for tris. For dips I got up to 4 45lb plates on the belt and got 4 reps, was going for 5 but about half way up stalled out and kept pushing for about 3-4 seconds, then my nose became a fountain and blood shot out everywhere. I think that I am leaning out, it is kind of hard to tell in the abdominal area because I can tell I am holding alot of sub-q water, such as early in the day when I havent ate or drank as much yet, I look much leaner, then by bedtime the skin becomes alot thicker, but after the workout and sweating alot, it all goes away. I think my sodium intake is pretty high, combined with the test that is probably the reason for the water retention. Weight jumped up pretty good today. Yesterday I weighed in at 203.5lbs, and this morning I was 205.5 lbs, I had to check 3 times, I thought the scale was messed up or something. I even got up twice last night to take a piss and took a long one right before I weighed so I know it wasnt mostly water weight. I have never been so grateful to gain a pound, I have never had to fight this hard to put on weight, it has always been hard, but usually it would come easier than it is now. Doing speed box squats and back tonight, so I will check in later. I think I am going to go eat some pizza and make sure this 2lb gain stays!

  17. congrats on the overnight weight gain man

    are you feeling any of the sides from the tren? night sweats, insomnia, increased aggression?

  18. There have only been two nights this entire time that I havent slept too well, but it was still better sleep than I was getting when I was on the 1test. Absolutely no night sweats at all, I feel warmer most of the time, so I have my room fairly cool at night, it helps me fall asleep faster too. Aggression is through the roof, it is good at times, but other times I can get extremely pissed about little things. I consider myself to have lots of self control and can control my moods pretty good for the most part, but on this stuff, if I get in a bad mood, I have a hard time breaking out of it. I stopped my HCG for the past 2 weeks because I was running low, and I would rather have HCG at the end of the cycle then towards the middle of it, so I took 250IU tuesday, then will take 250IU next tuesday, then take 250IU ed the last three days of the cycle. I dont know how to explain it, but my mood was going pretty ****ty for the past week before I took that HCG shot, and after I took it, even within a couple hours it seemed. I was in a much better mood. Today I can tell it has started to wear off a bit, as I got riled up over some stupid **** today, just have to make it till next tuesday!!! Tonights workout did speed squats, speed deads standing on a 4in box which was pretty tough, then some pulldowns, cable rows and shrugs. Went pretty good overall.

  19. I thought this was pretty cool, one of my really good friends who is a girl, was over at my house the other night and I was about to get ready for bed and my bro wasnt here to help me with my shot, so I asked her to do it for me. It took alot of convincing and it was funny to watch her while I filled the syringe because she was all freaking out about it, and she is a really good girl so to say, she isnt exactly keen on me doing this stuff. Well I got her to do it and she did a really good job, I just thought I would share that cuz I thought it was pretty neat.

  20. haha man if i asked any of my girl friends to do that for me they would COMPLETELY FLIP OUT!

    except my actual girlfriend lol, she would do it for me but she's cool as ****

  21. Got sick over the weekend, still tried to eat as much as possible, and weighed in tuesday at 205.5 so I didnt seem to lose any weight from it. Did chest monday, was still feeling a little run down so nothing too special happened, and then did legs tuesday, I took my temp before I went to the gym and it was 99.9, so I wasnt feeling the best, it went alright, wasnt down at all. Still feeling really tired and my lymph nodes feel swollen, so I am fighting something. I am just gonna try to sleep as much as possible and keep eating, probably go to the doc on friday and try and get some meds to get over this quicker, i dont need to be sick coming into post cycle.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Nate Dawg
    Got sick over the weekend, still tried to eat as much as possible, and weighed in tuesday at 205.5 so I didnt seem to lose any weight from it. Did chest monday, was still feeling a little run down so nothing too special happened, and then did legs tuesday, I took my temp before I went to the gym and it was 99.9, so I wasnt feeling the best, it went alright, wasnt down at all. Still feeling really tired and my lymph nodes feel swollen, so I am fighting something. I am just gonna try to sleep as much as possible and keep eating, probably go to the doc on friday and try and get some meds to get over this quicker, i dont need to be sick coming into post cycle.
    I read that it's not a bad idea to just simply take a week off during your first week of PCT. I did this and I felt great. It was just a 4 week 1-Test/4AD Trans cycle. Anyway, I felt like I got run over by a mack truck during the first couple days of PCT, so that week off was pretty awesome and necessary for me...

    So, if you do get sick (full blown) around PCT time, I doubt taking a week off would be too bad and may even be benificial.

    I hope everything turns out alright

  23. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    haha man if i asked any of my girl friends to do that for me they would COMPLETELY FLIP OUT!

    except my actual girlfriend lol, she would do it for me but she's cool as ****
    Quote Originally Posted by Nate Dawg
    .... Well I got her to do it and she did a really good job, I just thought I would share that cuz I thought it was pretty neat.
    LOL. I'm still wondering how I'm going to bring up that the 1-Test Cyp and 4OHT Cyp I got are for I'm hoping I have as good of luck w/ my chick!

    This is going to be my first good cycle and my second one total (4wk S1+), I hope she doesn't spaz on me!!!

  24. That is good advice on taking the first week of PCT off of training, I was actually considering taking the week after this upcoming week off, but the way I feel now, I am thinking that I may take this next week off. This week is my 8th week of training since my last week break, and every week has been using maximum poundages, so I am getting pretty wore out. Today is going to be my last shot of test/tren, so i will give thanks for these wonderful substances I have been blessed with and bury them 1.5inches deep Good luck kwyckemynd00 on getting your girl to understand. I would just give her fair warning before you start, explain to her that it is actually easier on your body because it doesnt have to go through the liver as much the first pass as an oral would, and you have a complete understanding of how everything works and post cycle.

  25. Thx She know's I'm no dummy and wouldn't do anything to hurt my body. People just seem to find the idea of sticking yourself with a needle and self administering drugs kinda odd. I can see where they're coming from though

    I don't want to "not" tell her either b/c if I don't tell her and she finds out, she'll cry her ass off and I'll feel like a total dick. It sucks, I can't ever be mad at her because she's so pathetic when she cries....ha, ha....

    Good luck on the rest of your cycle. I hope you rest up well.

    I was also training max poundages for a while and then I started to move backward and get weaker. I just did a high volue month to month and half...I *think* it's helping. I'm now in a medium volume phase for a similar amount of time. I'll find out if it worked for me when I get to my high intensity training again.

  26. Its weird that you say that after awhile of working at max poundages you got weaker, the thing is that as far as flat bench press goes, my strongest day of that out of the past 8 weeks was the very first week after my week off...dont know whats up with that, things need changed I guess. Although my incline bench has improved quite a bit over these 8 weeks, flat bench hasnt done jack. I have been working up to a 1RM for this entire cycle, and I am thinking of changing to just working up to a 3RM for awhile and see how that affects things. Last shot done earlier tonight, so time to start PCT.

  27. I am taking this week off of training, last week just didnt go very well at all, and my body just felt like it was falling apart, joints didnt feel good at all and recovery was really slow. For post cycle, I am taking 80mg nolva/day for the first two weeks, then will drop down to 40-60mg/day for the next 2-3 weeks. I had a little HCG left, so I took a shot sunday night, and then tonight I will take my last shot of HCG. I have no idea why this is typing in italics now....anyways....I am also taking Designer supps oral 7OH for cortisol suppresion, taking 100mg night, and 50mg post workout. Taking vitex at 3.5g/day, and have some tribulus, should be here in the next couple of days, and will take around 6-7g/day of tribulus, so that should be fun to see what happens. I weighed Monday morning and came in at 205.5lbs, which kinda surprised me as I was sick over thanksgiving a bit and ate pretty ****ty, didnt get near enough cals I thought. For diet in post cycle, I am going to continue to keep my cals pretty high, I might drop them from what they were earlier, try and keep them around 5000cals for now, and see how that works. Thats about all I can think of for now, take care.

  28. hope you feel better man. come back and hit the pct hard.

  29. Thanks Ability!

    I am feeling pretty good lately, dont feel like I am fighting a cold anymore, so that is good. I am ready to get back in the gym, I have a weights class at school so today I just hit a few sets of squats, a couple fairly heavy sets of 5, and then a single that wasnt too hard. I can tell the tren has left my system, I am in so much of a better mood!!!! I didnt realize how pissed off I actually was on the tren till now, its crazy, nothing is going different in my life to make me happier, hell I am coming off cycle, but my mood is so much better than when I was on tren. I can control my mood pretty easily and usually calm myself down from about anything relatively quick, but on that tren I would get so pissed and annoyed, even depressed about nothing sometimes. Despite all of that I will probably run it again , most likely stack it with some dbol since that seems to help with sense of well being some, and definetly some test in there. I have thought about possibly running some anavar with the tren/test, but I am not for sure on that yet, depends on the source mostly. It has been 7 days since my last shot, most likely not all the test is out of me yet, but I still feel really good and my sex drive is still high, hopefully it doesnt drop too bad. I am thinking of getting some Long Jack powder from bulknutr. to take with the tribulus, that should help with the libido too. Here is a list of what I plan on taking for PCT:

    Nolva: 80/80/60/60/40
    Tribulus: 6.5g/day for 8 weeks
    Long Jack: Not for sure on the dosage yet
    Legal Gear Creator creatine-2 servings/day
    Lean Xtreme-150mg/day
    ZMA- 1 serving before bed
    Higher Power NO-XS-taking just for the hell of it

    Thats about all I can think of for now, I think it should work pretty good. If anyone has any tips/questions/comments feel free to let me know!!
  30. good luck

    Hey Bro. Best of luck on the PCT. Keep us posted. Later.

  31. Thanks for the good luck, hopefully I dont need it, but you never know!! I will probably keep this updated to around 4-5 weeks PCT or so, then at the beginning of February I will be starting another log, not sure on what all will be in there, test and dbol for sure, possibly tren....thats a ways off, I am gonna think on it for awhile.

  32. just outta curiosity why both the legal gear creatine and the cee?

    and why the interest in var? its pretty expensive for not producing all that much in the way of gains ... unless your a chick then its great

  33. Well the reason for both creatines, is I have a kilo of CEE, and the legal gear is a dicreatine malate I think, ya I know they end up doing the same thing, but I wanted to get some of the cell volumizer effects from the legal gear formula.

    Anavar I was thinking about just for some extra strength gains mainly, **** i dunno, just thinking out loud I guess. I would only get the var if I could find it pretty damn cheap, although I think strength gains would be pretty hard to beat from test/tren/dbol, I am considering possibly stacking anadrol with the test/tren, but I am not real nuts about all that bloat. As you can probably tell by my pointless rambling on i have no idea what I am going to run and am just considering pretty much everything out there trying to single something out....but i do know one thing that will be in there...test.....possibly tren......possibly dbol....haha

  34. hahaha well not everyone bloats on could be one of the lucky ones ... although many do bloat and feel like ass ... but what the hey give it a go and tell me how you like it haha

    you could always get a bottle of sledge's superdrol and try that out too

  35. Wow Nate -- great job.

    What's your weight/measurements now?

    Good luck with your PCT!

  36. Well ****, **** ****!!! Weighed in this morning at 201lbs, monday I was 205.5lbs. I presume most of it is all water that I am losing, my abs look much more defined and my face is alot less puffy. Since monday I have lost .75in off my waist, so that might give a little insight to the water i was holding, damn it, damn it. Well I am gonna go eat a cow, later.....

  37. **** bro that sux. You prob feel like you shrank. You'll be alright tho. Stick with ur plan and everything ill be ok. Later

  38. I dont feel like I shrank that bad really....which is weird for losing almost 5lbs in 3 days. I know most of it is water I was just hoping to stay over 200lbs after this was all said and done. If I drop under 200lbs this time...which is very likely by the looks of it, that will be the FOURTH ****ING TIME I have been in the 202-206 range and dropped under 200lbs.

    I know God loves me, but I dont think he wants me to be big
  39. Thumbs up

    Wow man! That is rough. Just keep goin bro. You'll be fine. Later
  40. Talking

    In regards to your next stack (bulking assumed), T n T kicked off by Drol should be splendid


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