Nate Dawgs 1test cyp/4ad cyp/19 nor/dbol/M5aa cycle

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  1. Thats what the HCG is for chasec . Today went awesome for tris/bis. Close grip bench was up big time from last week, last week did 295x2 going halfway down just to work the tris and not chest, so today I decided to go all the way down and got 315x2, and then 335x1. All other accessory lifts were up good also. Just ate a large pizza hoping to start packing on some pounds These past few shots have been making me kinda sore, my right glute is sore from last sunday, right quad sore from wednesday, and left glute is getting sore from last night, so i dunno what the deal is with that.

  2. Well i did chest today, and it pretty much went like ****. Strength was down about 10lbs, shoulders hurt and so did elbows. The only things that I can think of to explain all of this is that I am not fully recovered from fridays heavy closegrip bench workout, and last night I could not get to sleep for the life of me. I went to bed around 1, and tossed and turned until around 430am, and got up at 8 to go to class, so that kinda sucked. I am just going to forget about todays workout and get ready for next weeks chest workout. I think this week on shoulders I am not going to hit barbell presses as hard due to the shoulder pain, and not do close grip bench for tris to make sure that I am fully recovered for mondays chest workout. Have legs tomorrow, so I am looking forward that, hopefully have a good day.

  3. Oh ya, and I weighed 198.5 this morning, so still hovering around a 4.5lb gain after being on dbol for 17 days, kinda weird in my opinion. I feel the M5aa is keeping alot of water off of me, because i dont appear to have the slightest amount of water retention other than my cheeks are just a bit puffier than normal. Another thing that I have noticed which I did not expect at all, is that I seem to be dropping bodyfat, especially in the oblique region, so that too could be another reason for not putting on alot of weight. My nipples started to get really puffy after being on the dbol for only a few days, and when I decided to add the M5aa about 1 week ago, it really made a big difference and really "tightened" them up. These are all just some observations that I have made thus far.

  4. Did legs yesterday, squats and deads were up 10lbs each. This morning weighed in at 200.5, so FINALLY starting to put on some weight. I have been getting a few bloody noses lately, usually when i am sleeping is the weird thing, i figured i would get some nice ones yesterday doing squats and deadlifts, but didnt at all. It is always my left nostril that bleeds, never the right one, which is the same way it was when I was on my M1T cycle last may. Last night I gave the 1test a hot water bath for ~30min to see if this helps cut down the pain any. I will keep everyone posted on how tonights shots go, and if they are not as sore as my previous shots.

  5. Did back tonight, went pretty good, got a good pump and strength is up again. Did 2.5ml of 1test/4ad mix in left glute tonight, and 1.25ml of the mix in each delt, so we will see how this turns out. Hopefully the water bath fixes all this pain the 1test is causing. I can already tell that my left delt is going to be sore, first time to inject delts and didnt hit as far back as i needed to. It bled like a bitch when I pulled the needle out, so I had my bro take a pic Ah, good times!! It was interesting sticking delts with 1.5in pins, i just stuck it in half way and held it while my bro injected it for me. I still have a minor knot in my left glute from last thursday, it doesnt hurt, but I can feel some tight tissue, and when I stuck the needle all the way in it hurt a bit, had pain kinda like a nerve, but not nearly as intense, just a sharp twinge. Well, hopefully I will be the bearer of good news here in the next few days and report absolutely no soreness!! I am kinda doubting it though.

  6. Well it is the day after, and my left glute has very minimal soreness, I dont even notice it untill i think of it. Both of my delts are fairly sore, but I attribute that to being the first time doing delts, and the needle was moving around a fair amount while injecting. I had shoulders tonight, it bothered me just a little, but not bad. I havent done seated DB presses since around last april or so, and today got a personal best by far, got 100x5, and my previous best in april was something like 90x3, so I would say it was a pretty good day, especially considering my shoulders each had a pin stuck in them last night and were sore today. All other lifts such as DB raises and BB shrugs were up today also. Hopefully the water bath helped things out and nothing knots up on me in the next few days.

  7. glad to hear the soreness in your ass is finally gone, i once knew a guy named Vance that told me sticking things in your ass could make it sore ....


  8. Well, it is the second day after the injects, and still only minor soreness, not bad at all really. I think hot water baths may be the solution to the 1test pain, probably wont fix it all, but at least will minimize the pain.

    Glenihan I told you not to tell anyone you sum bitch

  9. Did arms today, all lifts were up in weight. My elbows have been killing me lately, skull crushers hurt so bad, but I just try and work through it. It pisses me off because it doesnt hurt real bad until I lock out my elbows, so I am having a hard time getting the contractions that I want. I had a really bad headache today, I think it is just mainly from stress, I have a big human body test on monday that I am kinda worried about, and I think I would have some more gains if this class wasnt stressing me so bad, but I am doing my best at not letting it get to me. I got a really good pump today in my bis, they were hurting pretty bad by the end of the workout, but it was nice. For a side note, I am at 50mg of dbol.

  10. Did chest today, strength was up 5lbs on bench. I was surprised todays workout went so well, I was expecting it to be horrible. I had a big test today that I had been pretty stressed about, then last night I was getting the night sweats and chills off and on all night long and slept terrible, and then when I woke up I felt sick, just really weak and like I had a fever, but I checked my temp and I was fine. My diet sucked today due to being in class all day long and feeling like **** early on in the day I couldnt get down as much food as I wanted. I will get a weigh in tomorrow for you guys. Last night injecting, I must have passed through a vein or something, I aspirated and no blood and I am still alive so that is good, but right after my inject I could taste this oily/alcohol taste in my mouth, and then I started coughing pretty hard for around 10 minutes, and even today I cant take a very deep breath or I will start coughing, feels like some fluid is in my lungs or something. It may have nothing to do with the injection and I could be catching a cold or something, but I first noticed it right after the inject last night. My vascularity has increased alot, especially in my shoulders and forearms. Hell, you ought to see the vascularity increase in my wang!!!

  11. Weighed in today at 203lbs this morning after a super long leak. So that is a 9lb gain so far.

  12. Did legs today, strength was up today pretty good. Squats went really well, I did them without a box today, and the past 3 weeks have been doing them off this low ass box. Deadlifts went really well today also....basically my hamstrings are annhilated, after 6 sets of squats, 8 sets of deadlifts, lunges, and glute/ham raise superset with leg extensions I am toast!! It was a really good workout. Last week went pretty good for weight gain, hopefully I can gain another 3-5lbs this week. Still trying to keep the diet clean, but every 3 or 4 days, I will eat a large pizza to spike the calories

  13. keep up the weight gain brotha

  14. Weighed in at 204.5 this morning. I am starting to notice a fair amount of bloat in my face, but not really anywhere else. I asked a few of my friends today if they could tell my face has gotten puffy, they said it was fairly obvious. Thinking about using some letro, but I am undecided yet. The M5aa was doing a pretty good job of keeping the water off, but I think now that the 4ad is starting to kick in plus the dbol, it is just causing alot of water gain.

  15. Did back today, went alright, I was pretty wore out from yesterdays hard leg workout, I think all those squats and deads taxed the CNS pretty hard. I still got in a good workout though for back. Pinned both delts with 1.25ml each and left glute with 2.5ml, each shot was a 50/50 mix of 4ad and 1test. Made the back workout pretty short tonight, got in 6 sets of barbell rows, 4 sets of pullups, 4 sets of seated cable rows and 3 sets of lat pulldowns in 25 minutes. Got a pretty good pump from keeping rest time down, I was suprised that the low rest periods really didnt affect my strength.

  16. Did shoulders/traps yesterday, reps were up from last week. I didnt get in as many sets as I wanted to due to shoulder tenderness from the shots. As far as the cycle goes, I would have thought that I would be up more than 10lbs by now, I have been on dbol for 28 days now, and the past 2 weeks have been at 50mg/day. Part of it could be that the 1test and 4ad has just started working due to the long ester, but I figured that the dbol would have me up at least 15lbs by now. For measurements my arms are up 3/8", chest 3", and quads 1.25", I was hoping my arms would be up more than that by now, but I guess I still have 6 weeks left of 1test/4ad and 2 more weeks after that of m5aa, so there is plenty of time left. Just mentally I dont feel like I have grown much at all, probably all in my head. I was thinking about the last couple weeks of the cycle instead of the m5aa, maybe using one of sledges new bulking methyls if the feedback is good on them. A couple weeks ago I was thinking about throwing some tren in the last 4 weeks of the cycle, but I think I am going to wait until my next cycle, just getting greedy I guess Today I have bis/tris. Lately I have been so lethargic, all I feel like doing is sleeping, I think it is a combo of the dbol and the 1test is starting to kick in. If it gets too bad I will probably drop the 1test down to 800mg/week. I have been getting plenty of sleep, anywhere from 7-9 hrs a night, so I know that isnt the problem. I will get back to you all after tonights workout. Do any of you think that I should be up more than 10lbs after 4 weeks of dbol? My diet has been in the 4200-5000 cal range, with protein around 350-375g/day. Earler in the cycle I thought I was leaning out pretty good, but now I am starting to hold alot of water on my stomach so it is hard to tell. Any opinions?

  17. i dunno man 3" on your chest in 4 weeks is pretty freaking good, i might suggest upping the protein to the 400+ range that could potentially help otherwise just keep plugging away your training seems fine and you're getting plenty of rest and i don't think there can be a doubt that the gear is good and working its hard to notice yourself putting on weight because you see yourself every day i think you'll be just fine bro

  18. Thanks for the support glenihan!!

  19. Just got done with arms, went pretty well, strength was up on tris, not really for bis though. My elbows/tendons are absolutely killing me, they hurt terrible during every single rep, and the worst is right after the set when I release the weight, in the past few weeks it just hurt during tricep exercises, but tonight it actually hurt during biceps too. Got a good pump though. I am just going to keep working through the pain. I am scared to think of what it is going to be like when I get off cycle, usually that is when it is worst.

  20. Did chest yesterday, the workout went absolutely ****ty. The night before I was having a helluva time getting to sleep, didnt get to sleep till around 530, so I didnt get much sleep. I feel as though I am slightly overtrained, so I think I am going to lower the volume this week and try to get recovered. Finally got my HCG mixed last night and took 250IU, I am going to do 250IU every monday thursday. Tonight I have legs, so hopefully it goes better than yesterday. The past 3 days I cut back on carbs and fat because I felt really bloated, and this morning I could tell that I definely cut some more. My waist is actually down 1/4" since the beginning of the cycle. I am going to up my carbs and fat back up for another 10 days or so till I start feeling too bloated.

  21. Good idea adding the HCG.

  22. what about adding some letro or a-dex until you get onto the M5aa (which i think should dry you out)?

  23. Nate

    Whats up man, This is Ryan from t-mag from back in the day. Just checking up on your cycle.

    I Just ordered some 1test cyp and 4-ad.

    I'll be checking back on your log.

  24. Manu20- Ya I am really glad to finally get started on the HCG. The boys were getting a little smaller than what I wanted them to be, but thats how it goes i guess.

    Glenihan-I am considering buying some letro, but still undecided. I dont NEED it, but I wouldnt mind cutting a little water out, I am not too worried about it though. Actually, I think I forgot to mention this, but I started the M5aa at week 2 to help reduce bloat from the dbol. I could actually tell a difference when I started taking it. I am going to end the M5aa after the dbol is done, and then I am not for sure what oral I am going to run the last 3-4 weeks of the cycle. I would really like to try one of sledges new bulking compounds if his labs are able to get them cranked out in time. That is still ~5 weeks off though, so surely something will be out.

    Ryan- Hey whats up man! Congrats on getting the 1test and 4ad, you should enjoy it! Let me know how your cycle goes.

    Did legs tonight, went awesome, I felt sooo good tonight. It has been along time since I have felt as good as I did last night...probably when I was on my last cycle. Deadlifts were up 30lbs, and squats were up 20lbs, so there were some pretty good strength increases. I dont know if this had anything to do with starting the HCG last night, but today I was really mellowed out and in alot better mood than usual given the circumstances. I have a ton of school work and studying to do, and usually I get stressed as hell, especially since I started my cycle, but today I just felt really good and wasnt worried about it, like I knew I would get it done no problem. Could be coincidence, but I have read that HCG can mellow you out some. Oh ya, had some nice sex dreams last night, this last week I have been having at least 1 sex related dream a night, sometimes 3-4, it is awesome, especially since I am not getting any right now

  25. keep us updated on how the HCG works for you i'm really curious about it like how long it takes to get your boys back to normal size while you're still on cycle


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