hey all just registered, what do u think of this

  1. hey all just registered, what do u think of this

    Hey everyone i'm 25 6 foot 3 and about 230 lbs ive got about 8 years of lifting experience and my diet and training are good to go. I was planning my next cycle to look like this.

    test e (250g/ml) 1cc eod and Deca (250mg/ml) 3x a week for around 16 weeks i have all the pct on hand.
    what do u guys think and SHOULD I see good results

  2. Thats a pretty hardcore cycle!! when i was down range i did a sustanon 500mg a week and deca 400 a week. my bench jumped from 335 to 395 and i gained 25 lbs(kept about 12) that was my first cycle and i realized that was pretty hardcore for a first. if this is like your 4th cycle then it sounds good to me make sure your pct is on point.. Deca shuts you down your natural test fast so hcg during cycle is a must

  3. ya it actually is my fourth cycle and i do have hcg, thanks man

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