Winstrol,Cytomel,Clenbuterol oral stack questions??

  1. Winstrol,Cytomel,Clenbuterol oral stack questions??

    Sup guys just would like a little info on this stack, and how effective it is? and how dangerous would this be.

    This stack is oral and not pinning. So im wondering what support supplements would I need to be running and how long.

    This is just a pure question asking topic for a friend. I do not have any of these just wondering on some info. I have done research , but the topics on this stack is very rare.

    Thank for your help

    ((schwell)) hit me back
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  2. I would front load, and then mega dose taurine throughout, otherwise the clen (depending on how high you dose it) is going to cramp you up.

  3. Clen may or may not cramp him, that side effect is person dependent- but do have taurine on hand, and plenty of water too.

    Cytomel is catabolic- it eats tissue, it does NOT distinguish between fat and muscle, thus its good that you have winstrol in the mix, the cytomel will consume pretty much just fat, however, i would preferr to have another compound in there just to be safe but with a low dose cytomel should be okay.

    the stack is not dangerous(as long as dosed right)
    clen should never exceed 80mcg imo, and should start at 40 and be ramped up
    cytomel- i would start at 25mcgs and ramp up to 50 then back down.
    winstrol- 75mgs
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  4. Thanks for the advice. Is there anything else I need to know about this?
    Halovar Epol cycle log

  5. winstrol is harsh on the liver, but the liver is a TOUGH cookie. My liver enzymes where only slighty elevated from a 5 month HEAVY cycle.

    his lipids will likely be hit the hardest. Do not do this stack longer than 6 wks not needed
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  6. lots and lots of liver support.


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