opinions please

  1. opinions please

    Just finishing up an epistane cycle and loved it (about a week left.) I am trying to decide if I should run Ostarine in the post cycle or just run my PCT for a month then run a cycle of Andro Hard next in about 1 to 2 months? What would you all suggest and why?

  2. Ive read around here that you should be off cycle for as long as youve been on cycle+Pct.

    So 1mo Epi+1mo pct= 2mo off.
    Dont know exactly why that is though.

  3. Some people are running ostarine during their pct. The reason people recommend additional time off is to let the body get over the suppressive nature of the hormones and liver recovery. But neither of the substances I am wondering about should have the above concerns. The Andro series isn't a mythel compound and neither is ostarine. Epistane is minimally suppressive at best however it is a mythel compound so is hard on liver.

  4. Search these forums for reviews on Ostarine being suppressive. They exsist. My own personal opinion would be not adding something to pct that is not certain to have even slightly suppressive characteristics. Your better off with a natty test or gh booster imo. In addition to whichever SERM you are using of course.

  5. What gh boosters do you like?



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