Phantom Labs - Phreak(SD/HD) - Log

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  1. Phantom Labs - Phreak(SD/HD) - Log

    ***cycle is finished***
    gained 7kg maybe 2kg fat
    Happy with the gains. Strength was up across the board, some more than others.
    The best of all was the lack of side effects. The only noticeable ones were decreased sleep quality. Just a couple of bad nights. And my immune system took a hit. I got a weak cold in the second week that hung around for most of the cycle. Just a runny nose most of the time.
    I would highly recommend this product and I am going to run it again.

    ***to anyone going to start a phreak cycle i would recommend just starting on 2 caps a day in week 1 now***

    Ok so this has been sitting in my cupboard for over a month now. I had to wait till I could source out a serm here. But now it has been delayed again while I get over this bloody cold. Anyway here goes.

    Week 1: 1 cap a day (15mgSD/25mgHD) I am going to take half the cap AM and half PM. This is my first time on a real PH so I am not going to jump straight in to 30mg on day one. I did two cycles of 1-andro in the past but thought it was rubbish. 8 Caps cycle support
    Week 2: 2caps a day (test it, see how I react if I it is too much I will dump some power out of the pill and drop it down. 8 Caps cycle support
    Week 3: 2 caps per day 8 Caps cycle support
    Week 4: 2 caps per day 8 Caps cycle support
    Week 5: 40mg nolva per day
    Week 6: 20mg nolva per day
    Week 7: 20mg nolva/3 caps erase/3 caps test booster(fadogia or something)
    Week 8: 10mg nolva/3 caps erase/3 caps test booster
    Weeks 9-10: 3 caps erase 3 caps test booster

    This is the plan. But if SD knocks me out and is too intense I may just do a 1 cap per day split in half.

    During the cycle I will continue other normal supps
    Fish Oil
    Jack3d or Universal shock + storm

    + some sleep stuff

    I will most likely eat around 3500 calories to start with and work my way up if needed. Probably something like but I am never exact.
    300g protein
    400g carbs (possibly higher on leg and back day)
    80g fat

    Saturday - Chest/Abs
    Sunday - Back
    Monday - off
    Tuesday - Shoulders/Calves
    Wednesday - Arms
    Thursday - Quads/Glutes

    Weight 83kg (Down about 2 kg in 3 weeks from a long a holiday then a cold so only a few 50% workouts in this period) So I expect to jump up a bit straight away.
    BF%- I always do the mirror check. So i never check exactly. I have most of my abs out atm so low enough to eat a little more in hope of extra gains on cycle.
    Height 6ft

    I will start the cycle most likely early next week once I feel the cold is 100% gone. But I thought I would start the log now to maybe get some constructive critisism/ideas.

  2. although i wont condone the use of sd, i will say that it looks like you have put considerable thought into this cycle. and although i am not a big proponent of research chems, props for having it in your possesion before starting.

    good luck!!!!

  3. Ummm I am just going to say I don't have the research chem.

    (not in the usa)

    I am taking SD/HD because it got through customs. It was cheap so I figured I would give it a shot. My last one got taken

  4. Looking forward to seeing your results! Definitely keep us posted!

  5. I have everything now. Start cycle on Tuesday so I will update often after I start.

  6. Id buy a sep bottle of hdrol so you could at least up the dosage to 75mg

  7. Started earlier. Was feeling good and just though ok go.
    Day 1
    Starting weight 83.5 (as I expected I quickly regained some weight from 2 good workouts after not really hitting the gym for 3 weeks. I expect it to be up again tomorrow probably)

    It was difficult to take half a tablet. I ended up putting half the cap on a spoon and just washing it down with water mid breakfast. The pills taste horrible and even when consumed in the capsule it left a bad taste in the back of my throat. If you have ever had a burp from fish oil tablets that leaves the bad taste in your mouth, think of it it like that.

    In the gym I had a solid workout, but nothing different. Basically no positives or negatives. But it is day one and that is to be expected.

  8. I will definitely be keeping up with you log. Good luck bro!

  9. Day 2
    Morning weight - 83.7
    It is a serious pain in the ass splitting the capsules. Today I breathed just before i was about to pour it on my tongue and some of the powder was blown onto my pants. Then I thought oh god, how much is that? I wish they made smaller caps so you can take a greater variety of dosages. I think there is no way you can get 10mg a day if that is how much you want to take.

    Still haven't noticed much. I do think blood pressure has increased. When I ran for the training in the morning I felt a throbbing feeling in my head which I had never felt before. But shortly after it stopped. But definitely something to keep an eye on. I will see if there is any effect in the gym tomorrow. Starting on 15mg may be more difficult on the body than the usual 10 or the fact that is 15mg and stacked with HD too.

  10. Day 3
    Morning weight 83.6
    So today was better than yesterday. The effects that I thought were increased blood pressure were not evident today(also upped my fish oil), so that was good. No other sides have risen either.

    Today in the gym was great. There was no improvement in strength however I did have a strong alpha male feeling. However although there was no strength increase I did feel I had more stamina. So I increased the volume and did drop sets on most exercises and got a great pump. Shoulders and abs were looking very vascular, more so than usual.
    After 80 minutes I still had energy to burn but thought I had better get out of there and get some calories in.

    So I guess so far only positive things. Also my appetite has increased, which is helpful to get the extra food in.

  11. Good stuff, Just wondering as to why you would continue to use a Pre-wo during cycle?

  12. I still like the kick in the butt wake up call after a day at work to go harder in the gym. I see no reason to stop supping with creatine, beta alanine and arginine on cycle. I have read that PH's and steroids can increase creatine utilization.

    But so far after taking the PH I don't feel any more energized/awake (which is the main reason I still take my pre-wo.

  13. Day 4
    Morning weight 83.5

    Weight is going down! It's going the wrong way! Even though I am eating more! I have noticed minor leaning. But very minor. Guess it is time to up my calories more.

    More updates later after workout

    So many pills on cycle
    8xCycle assist
    8xFish oil
    2XVit c

  14. Had another solid workout, pushed hard and managed to squeeze out an extra rep or two on my first exercises for both bi and tri. I don't know if this is because of the PH or just my body responding to carb saturation again. Same thing with vascularity. It was very good tonight but again, this could be due to higher carb change. Still nothing to wow me.

    But also I still have zero side effects. I read so many logs of people getting knocked out by the SD in the first week. But this hasn't affected me at all. So tomorrow I will be jacking up the dosage a bit from 15mg to 20mgSD/32.5HD.

    But if I wake up lighter tomorrow I may cry = /

  15. Gonna be running about the same setup as you. Just waiting for everything to come in

  16. Day 5
    Morning weight 83.8 (It's up by 0.3 but I can feel a big brown baby about to come out soon)

    Was a little bummed out. Good workouts, eating ALOT and not much going on yet. However from today I will taking about 20mg (hard to be exact).

    At the moment it feels like I am on a diet pill. I can eat alot and not gain weight heh.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by jiberish View Post
    Day 5
    Morning weight 83.8 (It's up by 0.3 but I can feel a big brown baby about to come out soon)

    Was a little bummed out. Good workouts, eating ALOT and not much going on yet. However from today I will taking about 20mg (hard to be exact).

    At the moment it feels like I am on a diet pill. I can eat alot and not gain weight heh.
    Prepare the F'ing blow up man. That's what SD does. Hmm... it's not working?

    *wake-up day 10* WTF UP EIGHT POUNDS?! lol
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  18. Hold on to your pants because it should start kicking in any day now! Good luck.

  19. I read so many logs with people saying they gained 2-4 pounds in the first week. Some upto 8-9. But I have just been hovering, even tho I was dosing it at 15mg in the first week.

    Leg day tonight, I am a little scared of the soreness to come. Because they have been pretty neglected as of late. Some of my jeans got a little uncomfortable so I stopped trying to bulk them but did a **** job of maint and they got smaller. But anyway its almost spring, nice shorts weather and I can always buy new jeans next year so going to squat till I die tonight.

  20. Worked my balls off in the gym. Fell over a few times too = / due to jelly legs after heavy sets. Now I am tossing up whether or not to go out and just eat a whole pizza or something just to go crazy on the calories and see what happens.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by jiberish View Post
    Worked my balls off in the gym. Fell over a few times too = / due to jelly legs after heavy sets. Now I am tossing up whether or not to go out and just eat a whole pizza or something just to go crazy on the calories and see what happens.
    I usually try to take in a minimum of 4500 cals when I'm on but I shoot for 5000+. It's harder than it sounds!

  22. Feeling like a fat bastard, ate a whole chicken pizza. So much saturated fat, my body doesn't like me now heh.
    Last edited by jiberish; 03-17-2011 at 12:15 PM. Reason: I can't spell fat

  23. Quote Originally Posted by jiberish View Post
    Feeling like a bat bastard

  24. Day 6
    Morning weight - ???

    2-3 hours sleep due to noisy ****heads upstairs. Noisy till 4am then again at 7am. To tired to think about anything and didn't check weight. Thinking of ways for revenge now.

  25. i just came off of a 4 week Phreak cycle. if you can handle 30mg of SD and 50mg of HD then be prepared to see some nice strength and mass gains. i started my first day with one pill and then went 2 pills a day for the remander of the cycle. sides were slim, fealt bloated and a little lethargic at the end of the cycle.

  26. Day 7
    Morning weight - 85.1

    Weight is up but I am sure every drop is that in my legs. Top half looks exactly the same but legs feel like they are a lactic acid factory. Just sitting down is a struggle. I guess this is what happens when you neglect it for 6 weeks then destroy it.

  27. subbed, good luck with your results, phreak looks very effective. SD just by itself is crazy, can't imagine the results with HD. make sure to supplement with hawthorne berry/celery seed to keep BP low, and also make sure to take milk thistle.

  28. Yeah that stuff is in cycle assist.
    Also as of today I am just taking the caps without emptying them so 30sd/50hd daily.

    Ok just finished my chest work for today. AM forums are retarded 15 minutes to load for me atm. Anyway...there was a minor strength increase today. Added 10 pounds to my first exercise (decline bench) for the same reps. I tried to up it for incline but couldn't squeeze out enough reps so I had to drop back to normal to finish the set. Again I went high volume with drop sets on the second working set. I did find recovery between sets had improved though so I was able to do a little better on the later exercises. Usually I give it my all on every exercise. No saving for the next set or next exercise. Again vascularity was good too.

    I have to go out soon. I will post my week 1 Review when I get home. Still no sides /dance


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