Anti-Depressants and Using

  1. Anti-Depressants and Using

    Just curious if anyone who is on anti depressants has used any gear? and if so did it have any drastic effects on you?

  2. hey man my bro is taking lexapro which is an anti depressant and is taking some gear were only on the first week but so far no problems. from my research i couldn't find anything to say that taking both of them are bad for you. to be sure you could always ask your doctor. be prepared for him to do anything possible to convince you not to take gear tho lol
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  3. anti-depressants (a whole bunch of them) can interfere with pct...

    not sure specifically where i found this information, but do a little search and youll find what im talking about

    from what i can remember, celexa was one of the only ones that didnt interfere with nolva

    and welbutrin( and others ) was a heavy inhibitor of the cyp2d6 enzyme and rendered nolva basically useless....

    considering a side effect of juice is depression, its probably not the best idea..

    so in conclusion, basically antidepressants wont interfere with making gains/your cycle.... but POST cycle you might run in to some serious problems.... do some research
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