Hey guys this is my first post on here so let me start by saying whats up. Info you will need to help you out on advising me. Im 21, been training for two years, about 180 with about 10 percent bf, currently starting a winter bulk. I did a cycle of halotren by powerlab over the summer and was not overly impressed with the results but it was good. I have about 35 pills left over and was wondering if I could do anything with them. I feel like taking 1 a day for a month would not be enough and would actually decrease gains do to natural test being inhibited. I would love to hear your guys opinions. Would it be beneficial to take 1 a day while bulking? or should I just save them for a later date or throw them out. Basiclly Im trying to figure out if it would do more help or harm to take 1 a day.