A little 1 test, 4 AD 8 week mass project.

  1. A little 1 test cyp, 4 AD cyp 8 week mass project.

    Starting tomorrow 6/14/04.
    Goal: Clean bulk increased strength.
    Stats: 5'10'' 200, 6% BF (calipers) Been training seriously for 5 years. This will be my second cycle.

    Hormones: DS's 4AD cyp, and 1 test cyp.
    Gonna go w/ eod shots equaling 1 gram of 1 test a week, and 1.6 grams of 4 AD a week. Cycle will last 8 weeks.

    Diet: I'm very meticulous w/ my diet, and will be even more careful during this cyle. Protein will be around 350-400, and total cals will be 4000+.

    PCT: Gonna run normal clomid/nolva protacol for pct, and have plenty of nolva on hand for any gyno probs.

    Training: Will continue to follow a 3 way split of IA's working out every other day. Will do hiit cardio on non lifting days.

    Max lifts: Bench 275X3, Deads 375X6, Have been doing 20 rep squats w/ so 265X20. Not real impressive and strength is a huge priority for me and would like to greatly increase these numbers during this cycle.

    Question: I've got a bottle of m1t, and was wondering if i should use this to jumpstart the first two weeks of this cycle. Also considering using m5aa during the cycle (not at same time as m1t) as a preworkout stimulant, and have also read that it was good to take w/aromatizing compounds to help w/sides. Looking for any feedback on this.
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  2. Also, for those of you who have done the transdermal version of this. How much more effective is pinning the cyp version than doing the trans base version.

  3. (Also, for those of you who have done the transdermal version of this. How much more effective is pinning the cyp version than doing the trans base version.)

    I was wondering this myself.

  4. I was wondering this myself.[/QUOTE]

    I would imagine that it's a considerably large difference. I've heard a lot of good things about running the 4AD cyp so i'm pretty excited to start.

  5. although i've never done it, the cyp is supposed to be good for sure.

  6. Anybody have any opinions on the m1t/m5aa.

  7. right now i'm using intranasal 5aa preworkout with my 1t m4ohn cycle, and it gives me crazy energy and focus so i can just imagine what the m5aa would do, just be careful stacking another methyl with m1t def just use the m5aa preworkout.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by pjflynn
    Anybody have any opinions on the m1t/m5aa.
    Your plan sounds good.


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