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  1. i figured I'd follow your log too. subbed.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by 2k1s View Post
    i figured I'd follow your log too. subbed.

  3. Talking

    The M-LMG came just now. (11:30am)

    I ripped open the box and popped two in my mouth with 3g of fish oil, animal flex, and 2scoops of my pwo shake.

    If only there was a smiley that could fully illustrate my happiness.

  4. So... my BP is kinda up... that is a suck. I took my 2 m-lmg at 11:40 and just took 4 cycle assist. I hope its not going to interfere, but my bp up is not good. I wanted to make the Cycle assist last so I took only 4 a day for the past week. Probably not a good idea.

  5. So, this morning i took two caps of mlmg and two hdrol... and packed the rest in my pill box to take with me as my wife and i go apple picking 50 miles from where we live... naturally in my infinite wisdom... i left the pill box on my desk...well be gone all day. -_-

  6. I just took my 50mg of m-lmg with 25mg of H-drol... gonna wait an hour to take the ghen and igh1... My diet has been pretty dirty lately... I think I'm relying too much on h-drol to clean me up. I'm gonna lower my carb intake to the amount I had before h-drol.

    Just a quick update. Weight is stable at 159, but I feel the strength of H-drol kicking in. At 154, I was barely able to do 4 reps of chin-ups...at maybe 5 sets... a couple of days ago, I banged out 6 sets of 5 reps.

    As far M-LMG... we'll see what benefits I have from it on monday (bench press day)... so far water retention is there. I'm carrying twins in my PMSing uterus...

  7. Day 19 – Hdrol
    Day 4 – MLMG

    I woke up this morning to sweet penetrating smell of sewage. A storm is coming. Naturally, the sewers of Sheepshead Bay are not advanced enough to accommodate such things. After a few minutes, my alarm went off and I popped my 2 I-GH-1 and sprayed Ghenerate into my mouth 6 times. After weighing myself, I went back to bed. 161. Water retention? Possibly.

    I got up in a little bit with little motivation and took my 50mg of H and M with fish oil. All was washed down with Maximums. At the gym, I half-heartedly did some glute work and left. I’m mentally preparing for tomorrow. I’m at a point in my physique and strength that I have never been at. These are clearly powerful supplements. Once in a while I think about settling with my genetics, but seriously… a 7inch wrist with scoliosis and a left shoulder blade the wings out like batman. I have my goals. I wrote them down and look at them once in a while. I know how much I want to push and pull. I’m in no denial. I don’t see myself deadlifting 800lbs or bench pressing 4 plates. I’ll be content enough to push 3 plates for a few reps with good form and pull 5 plates with good strict form. I’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

    I’m ready.

    Mass: Gained 6 lbs since start of cycle. Very little fat. Certainly water is a part of the equation. My wife who sees me naked everyday has noticed my new mass.

    Strength: I’m pulling and pushing with more power and control. I’ll wait some more to elaborate.

    Recovery: I think the M-LMG kicked in with its recovery today.

    Body Fat: Seems pretty stable. I remember before I started the cycle it was hovering between 10-11%. I’ll check it in mid-cycle just out of curiosity. It’s not a major concern for me right now.

    For those that are interested here is my weekly workout.

    Bench Press (percentage based on week)
    DB Bench Press – 5x10
    Wide Cable Rows – 3x15 (mostly for rear delts)
    T-Bar Row – 5x8
    Decline sit-ups

    Chin-ups – 6x5
    Triceps Pushdowns – 4x10

    Deadlift (percentage)
    SLDL – 5x10
    Decline sit-ups
    (I’m limited to what I can do for my legs thanks to an injury)

    Shoulder Press (percentage)
    Chin-ups – 6x5
    Dips – 5x10

    I’ll start to log my workout to make this log slightly more interesting. All right, it's steak time.

  8. 9/13/10

    Day 20 on the Drol…
    Day 5 on the M…

    Alarm went off at 7:10am for my wife; I put it on snooze knowing she didn’t plan on getting up right away. I took advantage of my somewhat conscious state to take my ghen and igh1.

    Alarm went off again at 7:20am; she was up and I continued to lie like a brick.

    Alarm went off again at 8:30am – forgot to turn that one off; I’ve been up for 40 minutes now. I took my 50mg of h-drol and m-lmg and headed for the gym.

    Bench Press
    155x6 (this was supposed to be 150 according to my worksheet, but my worksheet didn’t know that I would be on h-drol)

    DB Bench Press (palms facing)
    50x5x8 PR

    T-Bar Rows
    90x5x8 (felt like feathers today)

    Wide Cable Rows
    60x3x12 (I do these slow on the eccentric phase to hit those rear delts hard)

    Decline Sit-Ups
    BWx3x15 (15 reps felt much better than 5 sets of 10)

    Weight this morning: 160.5

    I do have before pictures and I will certainly be taking after pictures. I should mention that libido does not exist right now, but I feel more confident and manly for lack of a better word. I guess it’s that alpha male feeling without the erection.

    Sides to complain of: BP is not good. It’s beginning to worry me slightly. I’ll have to get some BP supps.

    That’s all for today.

  9. 9/14/10

    Day 21 of the Hdrol…
    Day 6 of the M…

    Week 3 Summary for the H-drol…

    But first…

    Wide-grip pull-ups
    BWx8x3 (these felt perfect)

    I did two light sets of DB flyes and a light set of Cable flyes to flush my chest a bit. My left shoulder was in a lot of pain last night. I’m used to accommodating for my left scapular winging, so I’ll have to switch up some exercises. The DB Bench Press is officially replaced with light DB flyes and a triceps exercise. Also, more attention will be placed on the rear delts.

    Rear delt flyes

    Tricep Pushdowns
    65x1x7 (the rage let me do this one)

    My SI joints are starting to feel much better. I am very pleased. My wife looked at me this morning and told me I wake up bigger. The good part is that my weight was 160. I had less carbs yesterday. As a result, less water retention. Also, it seems like I’m starting to lean out; thank you h-drol.

  10. 9/15/10

    Day 22 of the Hdrol…
    Day 7 of the M-LMG…


    225x1x10 PR

    The PLAN here was to hit 215x1. The GOAL was to hit 215x5. The REALITY was…well…you get the picture.


    This weight was a bitch after 10 reps of two plates.

    Decline Sit-ups
    I only did 2 sets of 8 here. My BP was not being nice to me.

    In fact, the only side effect so far that is cause for concern is my BP. I haven’t been consistent with Cycle Assist like I should be. It’s time to step it up. Tomorrow is Shoulder Press day. This should be awesome. Did I mention I love AAS? I finally feel like a man. I wish I had access to the real stuff.

  11. hmmmm why did i not get an invite to this log my friend. . . didn;t you just do a m14ad bridge log not to long ago??
    Your Competitive Advantage
    Lift Smart, Lift Hard, Lift For a Lifetime

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Aaelael View Post
    hmmmm why did i not get an invite to this log my friend. . . didn;t you just do a m14ad bridge log not to long ago??
    Actually i was debating whether to take m14 or mlmg. I ended up going with mlmg. As far as invite, sorry bout that haha...i thought people would see it in my sig or that 'post your log' thread.... anyway, thanks for coming... good timing to... im about to get dirty with my workouts. Recovery has been so good im going to go for a complete back attack for the rest of my cycle.

  13. what was your deadlift before you cycled?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by 2k1s View Post
    what was your deadlift before you cycled?
    At my peak my deadlift was 335...that was in december 09. I got injured and took a looong break. I started deadlifting again in the beginning of this cycle. The last time i tried pulling...225 was heavy and painful for 3 reps. That was in may or june.

  15. Is this your first cycle? (subbed)
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by GMG760 View Post
    Is this your first cycle? (subbed)

  17. Quote Originally Posted by BigFatPanda View Post
    At my peak my deadlift was 335...that was in december 09. I got injured and took a looong break. I started deadlifting again in the beginning of this cycle. The last time i tried pulling...225 was heavy and painful for 3 reps. That was in may or june.
    ah ok. I was thinking that 225 was rather light, but if you were hurt thats totally different. I'm praying I don't hurt myself.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by 2k1s View Post
    ah ok. I was thinking that 225 was rather light, but if you were hurt thats totally different. I'm praying I don't hurt myself.
    Yeah i hear you man... i went so long with no problems. Then it was all downhill.... i wasnt as smart about working out. My form was fine. Just no warmup and stretching...when i started doing it...it was too late... hence the injury.

  19. Here it is a quick picture update...

    The first two were taken on Day of H-drol. So, it can be considered before pictures.
    The next two were taken last night.

  20. 9/17/20

    Day 24 of the Hdrol
    Day 9 of the Mlmg

    After yesterday’s attempt to do some shoulder pressing… I realized that this pain in my left shoulder was not going anywhere. I went back to square one and looked at my journal. I noticed something missing. I have not devoted enough time to rear delt work. Instead, what I have been doing is abusing my anterior delts and internal rotators. I also noticed that I’m not doing enough rowing. So, here it goes… watch as I spend the next 5 or more weeks abusing my upper and lower traps, my rear delts, my rhomboids, my external rotators, and how can we forget… my lats… You have seen the two sets of pictures. Just wait until 5 weeks from now. This will get messy.

    I started out with some Y, T, W, U shoulder rehab on a massage table. Then I did some on an incline bench. At first no weight, then I added a 2.5. Gotta start from scratch. No pain though. So, I will be progressing quickly.

    After the shoulder rehab, I went to do some inverse rows, but I kept sliding with my feet. So, I realized something was off. I won’t do those until I watch some youtube videos.

    T-Bar Rows (prone grip)
    90x3x8 (longer squeezing at the top)

    V-Bar Cable Rows
    (I hope the V-bar dies… its way too uncomfortable.)
    70x1x12 (3 second squeeze)

    Rear delt flyes (incline bench)

    DB JM Presses

    Decline Sit-Ups

    The next 5 weeks will have rowing movements Monday through Friday. This should be good.

  21. Quick Update

    My weight is kinda strange. Actually, I'm starting to think I broke my scale. Its a digital one and I stepped on it in a way (by accident) that forced it to jump up. I dunno we'll see what happens.

    Also, I just discovered the correct way to do lying external rotations... I use a 4lb weight. I just did 3 sets of 20 reps. I think I can use this to torture someone. The pump is so bad its insane. Small muscles pumped are not cool. I'm thinking I might do some Good Mornings tomorrow.

  22. 9/20/10

    Day 27 of the H-Drol
    Day 12 of the M-LMG

    Today’s workout was weird. Parts of it were really sucky and other parts were great.

    Bench Press

    For the last set I put my feet on the bench. For some reason, my hips were not as mobile as I needed them to be. Next time, bicycle 5 minutes.

    BB JM Presses

    First time doing BB JM Presses… I like them. =D

    Inverted Row

    Finally learned how to do these hahaha. Don’t judge me.

    T-Bar Row

    Did these using a angled grip – instead of… --- --- I did… / \

    Rear Delt Flyes – Lying External Rotators
    30x2x15 4x1x20

    Decline sit-ups (steepest decline)

    But yeah. I’m upping the dose of m-lmg today. Ooooh yeah.

    Edit: I did some more external rotator work today. Lying down was not comfortable. Hence, the one set. I found a seated version. Did two more sets of 15. Good stuff.
    Last edited by BigFatPanda; 09-20-2010 at 07:47 PM. Reason: updated workout

  23. owesome gains brow!

    finishing week 4 right ?!?!

    now prerare yourself to see the real gains.....h-drol gains comes slowly !!!

    you will see!


  24. Quote Originally Posted by felost View Post
    owesome gains brow!

    finishing week 4 right ?!?!

    now prerare yourself to see the real gains.....h-drol gains comes slowly !!!

    you will see!

    yeah week 4 already! 4 more weeks left! I gotta get my diet straightened out again. That can only happen in a week. So, I feel like I'll be wasting a week. Blegh.

  25. 9/23/10

    Day 30 of H-drol
    Day 15 of M-LMG

    Man time is flying by… I don’t want to end this cycle. My weight is still at 161, but that is awesome considering my diet. I’m waiting for my job to start on Oct 2nd…Once that paycheck comes in. Diet will be on full steam.


    210x1x7 (I could’ve done 10 more, but I was using the stupid bent bar in the gym.)

    That’s ok though. I have next week to redeem myself. =D

    SLDL (switched bar to normal bar hehehe)

    I can’t wait to put 185 on that bar again.

    Inverted Row

    External Rotator work

    At this point, I crawled home to take my Cycle Assist. ****ing BP man. I forgot to take it yesterday… Blegh.

    I’ll go back tomorrow and do some rowing and tricep work…oh and definitely lats.

    Also, I found two exercises to do for my shoulders. Let’s see if they help the pain. I give it 4 weeks before I’ll know.
    In other news, I failed my road test yesterday. I took 6 lessons in August. I hated my instructor. So, I started practicing on my friend’s Honda Civic. It resembled the Toyota corolla that I learned on. However, for the past month I was practicing on my father-in-laws BMW X5. I learned to drive really well. Highways, freeways, regular streets, whatever… the only problem is… I FORGOT TO PRACTICE PARKING!! Here in NYC parallel parking is necessity. So, I’m in the car with the examiner and he’s like ok parking behind that car. So, I pull over and park… He’s like “no no… I should’ve been clearer… parallel park.” At this point, with the help of h-drol and m-lmg, I began to sweat a bucket. I made 4 attempts. None of them worked. I hit the curb on my 4th attempt. Game over. The reassuring thing is most people I know failed it at least once. I’m retaking it in 3 weeks. In the meantime, I will learn to parallel park an elephant.


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