Arch Duke Of Schwellingtons Summer Recomp Log

  1. Arch Duke Of Schwellingtons Summer Recomp Log

    Hello today is day three of my summer Recomp- I have waited to start this log due to many things that have occoured in my life randomly in the past three days. Anyways compounds I am taking

    EST- Methyl E- 40/40/40/40/40/40
    CEL- 11 oxo- 450/450/450/450/450/450

    Pct- Clomid- 75/50/25/25
    Pct Assist
    Some liver care supps

    Macros- 300g's carbs

    Excercise schedule

    Day one chest/tris
    Day two Bi's/back
    Day three Legs/calves
    Day four- Day off
    Day five shoulders/tris
    Day 6 Bi's/abs
    Day 7- Day off

    Cardio will be five days a week with HIIT intervals for 15 minutes

    Day 3

    At first I was worried my gear was bunk- till I took my first dose today- I felt the familiar "I cant WAIT to DESTROY the weights" and destroy them I did had an amazing pump and was an overall awesome workout

    About to go dose up on my final dose of epi for the day- I will not take AAS to late at night as they seem to give me insomnia

    Well this is my log all are welcome advice and constructive critique

    Arch Duke of Schwellington
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. I ran 11-oxo six weeks with epi pulsed, loved the gains, I think you'll be very happy with this

  3. YES! I hope SO!

    Day five

    Upped dose of epi to 40 mgs
    Upped Dose of 11 oxo to 450 mgs

    Effects- Libido went through the roof some minor mood issues....was a little shorter nothing bad though....And I COULDNT WAIT TO DESTROY THE GYM! And destroy it I did had an amazing back/bi workout with some HIIT afterwords made some gains on my curls and dbell rows so its comin along good!

    Diet was clean today....I had a Whataburger on wheat bread around 6 they use real meat and **** so I felt comfortable with it....only thing is sodium in it...O well one aint gunna hut me

    Carbs- 330
    Total Calories- 3150
    I have NO clue what my maintence cals are- but I am eating a little lower then what I eat on my regular bulks( without anabolics) I need to tighten my carbs up to 300....So I will be doing that
    All in all great day!
    Sides- None none at all
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

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