super one + and m1,4diol cycle log 5/10/04

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  1. super one + and m1,4diol cycle log updated

    hello everyone
    This will be my first time posting a log of my cycle, i hope its good for all of you. been a lurker for a while and its time to give info so that others may learn from my cycle as i have with theirs,
    age - 23 (24 in 8 weeks)
    height 5'6"
    weight 153
    bodybuilding experience - seriously 5 years
    ph/ps experience - 1ad 2years ago, dermal 1test/4ad twice last year, m1t/4ad past january
    compounds used:
    super one+
    absolved/lypoderm y (to control any belly bloat)

    Goal: bulking. hoping to get past the ever-so-distant 160lb. mark and keep it.
    cycle length and info:
    approximately 6-8 weeks
    week 1 - 6-8 squirts super1+/2x per day 20/40mg's m1,4diol
    week2 - 8-10 squirts 60mg's m1,4
    week 3 - 10 squirts 60mg's
    week 4 - 10 60
    week 5 - 10 60
    week 6 10 60
    week 7 and 8 (only if body seems to be able to tolerate a bit more)

    nolva, formestane powder and caplets on hand
    pct - 6oxo 600/week one 500/week2 400/week3 300/week4
    nolva 40mg week 2 weeks, 20 mg's 2 weeks
    milk thistle, vitex
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  2. 1st day on cycle up 8 pounds!!!!!! no just kidding lol actually had a great workout, although i do not attribute that in any way to being on cycle for a day. i will keep everyone posted periodically as things progress.

  3. sounds like a nice cycle.. keep us updated! not to change yer stuff up.. but maybe bump the m1,4add up right away.. remember original thoughts on the dosing of it were low.. start at 50 =P BLOW THAT GYM UP!!!!!

  4. yeah man 20mg of m1,4add will do nothing 50mg+ like these guys said

  5. only reason i had initially planned at starting at 20 was just to see how it reacts to my body the first week. maybe i'll just do that for 3 days and then bump up. u guys think its ok to go to 60mg even though i am stacking it with something else?

  6. absolutely, run it 60+ (at least). You are not stacking it with another methyl, so don't worry. Just take NAC and/or R-ALA follow the cycle up with Milk Thistle.

  7. yep that setup should be nice.. so up the dosage and keep us updated =P

    I had great gains with the S1+ /w m1,4add should be badass.

  8. ok then bumpin up the dosage according to ur suggestions. gonna go 40 mg's this first week and then 60 mg's all the rest , maybe higher if needed. wow, may need to buy a third bottle then. damn, i bhought the first 2 bottles back when it was the higher price. if i woulda known he was gonna lower it i defnitely woulda waited till now. o well, at least the 3rd bottle will be a lil cheaper. sledge, ur welcome for that extra dough!!!!!! lol

  9. day 2 - great workout, but too early to base any gains on my stack. will post more in detail as interedting results progress. just too early. actually, iu know it has nothing to do with being on two days but i am up a pound lol. o also wanted to add that i am prepping my skin with dmso approx. 5 miniutes before applying super1+, as this will increase absorbtion. and here are some pix to use as a reference to get a better idea of my body composition old pics though. me last year off a one+ cycle
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  10. Just wanted to reitterate what these guys have been saying about the M1,4ADD. I'd definately bump the dosage up. I got to around 60mgs before I started noticing anything, went up to 80 and felt a little more. LeanOne got up to 110mgs a day and loved it. Either way, it'll probably take a week or two to notice anything dramatic.

  11. yep, defnitely gonna bump the m1,4up by next week i plan on hittin 60mg's and maybe higher if needed as the cycle progress. as long as no one feels that it will have a negative effect taking such a high dose along with the high dose of my super one+.

  12. nope.. just make sure you got nolva on hand just in case gyno starts forming .. but that you gotta do with every cycle so..

  13. day 3 update. raised to 40 mg the m1,4 along with the super one+. creeping up to 60 mg's eventually. must say had an insane shoulder/back workout. Still too early to attribute anything to the compounds. however, i have to say this because i am excited. this past week i have bump up my protein intake as well as started my cycle. well, i stepped on the scale and, no lie, i am up 4 pounds since sunday! fellas, i have to tell u that it is very difficult for me to move that scale so i am defnitely exctited. this is gonna be a great cycle, i can tell already. can't wait to get back and report the good stuff in like a week or so. o yea, on a side note ym intensity in the gym has been great but i can attribute much of that to supplementing with "godsmack" good workout tunes. can't workout to hip hop that they play in the gym so i pop on my cd player max volume. its amazing what a difference music can make in your workout

  14. where do you find m1,4add

  15. look at our board sponsers designer has em along with mike at 1fast

  16. day 8 report. have bumped up the m1,4 to 60 mg's still too early to see report any major changes although i am up 4 pounds, will report back as things progress

  17. day 12 up 5 pounds. past couple of days i have had mammoth appetite. i can't get full. i hope this continues. workouts have been great, gone up in everyryything but nothing astronomical as of yet. yesterday i did my back workout and man, i must say the pumps are insane. almost unbearable but i can get through it. i noticed something about my thread and i wanterd to make a clarification. in the first post it states a certain number of squirts of super1+, for example 8-10. i messed up. that's 8-10 each application. so double that to know how much per day. and also for those who don't know i have bumped the dose of m1,4 to 60 mg's this week. will keep updated as things progress. assume that things will become more evident around week 3 or so

  18. update scratch what i wrote about the 5 pounds above the scale i had used turned out to stick a lil bit. turns out i am actually up 7 pounds baby! woo hoo! very happy. hit the 160 mark. didnt believe it at first so i went upstairs and used another newer scale and sure enough it is correct. pumps are crazy . worked out tri's and bo's today and busted past a very stubborn plateau by 10 pounds........and then pyramided back down! as someone on this board put it "i feel like a million bucks" will post back in a few days with progress o and macdad u can find m1,4 by lookin at the board sponsers

  19. wanted to check in and let you know of last nights findings. still up a steady 7 pounds. but i must say strength during my chest workout is through the roof. busted through plateaus and then went even higher!! i broke a few personbal records especially on butterflies and bench presses. increase in butterflies was 20 pounds as well as 28 pounds with presses. i think the strength increases may be starting to show, as i am on my 16th day. feel unstoppable in the gym by the way, anyone know a good supplement for joints, to lubricate them etc? they begin to hurt a lil before my muscles give out defnitely would like something for that

  20. checkin in. weight still holding steady, but strength is defnitely increasing - alot. killer shoulder/back werkout and i felt insane. kept adding on the weight. very happy. looking fuller as well. must say that the absolved is keeping my stomach in check. will be switching to lipoderm y next week. next week i may bump up the m1,4 a bit higher as some other fellows on the board keep saying higher doses are warranted. only complaint so far is achy joints. falx seed for that maybe? lil monster had same complaint. also, out of minute parannoia, i began taking 150 mgs orally of formastane about 4 days ago. just keeping nipples in check. nothing to be alarmed about, hence i didnt bust out the nolva. will stop the formastane at the end of the week and evaluate

  21. I wouldn't switch to lipoderm-y if I were you, as the product is generally only going to be effective while in a caloric defecit. It won't likely do much to stave off fat gain while hypercaloric. You'd be better off continuing with the absolved, or make yourself a systematic 7-keto dhea transdermal for it's partitioning qualities.

  22. the only real reason i am switching to lipoderm is cause my girl had an extra bottle and i am out of absolved already. however, ive read some posts from some people that it does the trick. i was just hoping to hit all angles when combatting different types of fat. even though i am not in a caloric deficit, as long as lipoderm will do ANYTHING , i will be happy. stomach always looks pretty good, just looking to keep a lil androgen bloat off, ya know. u dont think it will do anything at all?

  23. If anything the lipoderm may increase water retention around the stomach area, as that is one of the known effects in many individuals. It can often take a week or so to be able to see the effects of the product due as you have to wait for the water retention to subside. I just think you'd basically be wasting the stuff using it in this scenario. Any fat that is released into the bloodstream while in a calorie surplus will just be redeposited elsewhere in your body, most likely the places where you tend to store it the easiest.

  24. so basically your saying lipoderm y really has no place for those who are in the actual process of using a hormonal cycle? i should wait till after?

  25. Not quite what I'm saying, but close. I assume that this is a bulking cycle since you stated that you are hungry as a mofo and eating to match, but lipoderm y is really only going to be of use while cutting. So if you were on a cutting cycle using androgens it'd be a good addition, but in your case I'd say most likely not. Save it for when you're cutting to get the proper effects from the lipoderm.


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