third cycle: test e, deca, mast e.. along with peptides.. what's the verdict

  1. Arrow third cycle: test e, deca, mast e.. along with peptides.. what's the verdict

    age 30 weight 80kg height 180cm bf around 17%+-
    i have been out of the gym for over a year and a half bf% gone up with 6%

    now i'm back at it sindse a few months. i train 5days a week and give it all i have, i don't go on caunting calories but i make sure i have my daily intake of +-160g protein, just enough carbs and as little fat as i can. main food is meat, fish, chicken, egg's some pasta, rice low fat milk ect.. and protein shake's mixed with water 2-3 a day

    as stated this is my third cycle but will be the first one for me with added peptides.. (ghrp-2 and cjc 1295 w/o dac aka. modified grf-1)


    peptide protocol will be 100 mcg of each 3xday, every day of the week: morning 30 min before breakfast, pwo, and before bed.
    i will do so for 6 months minimum and we will see from there..

    i might use the pep's alone for a few weeks / a month before i throw the as in there

    as cycle:

    including test e, deca, dbol, masteron, winstrol oral tabs

    nolvadex 20mg when necessery

    1. 750 mg test e - 200 mg deca - 40mg dbol ed
    2. 750 mg test e - 200 mg deca - 40mg dbol ed
    3. 750 mg test e - 200 mg deca - 40mg dbol ed
    4. 750 mg test e - 200 mg deca - 40mg dbol ed
    5. 750 mg test e - 200 mg deca
    6. 750 mg test e - 400 mg masteron
    7. 750 mg test e - 400 mg masteron
    8. 750 mg test e - 400 mg masteron - 40 mg winny
    9. 750 mg test e - 400 mg masteron - 40 mg winny
    10. 500 mg test e - 400 mg masteron - 40 mg winny
    11. 250 mg test e - 40 mg winny


    • clomid: reducing dose graduatly

    wk 15 - 18:

    day 1: 300mg
    day 2-5: 150mg
    day 6-10: 100mg
    day 11-30: 50mg

    • nolvadex: 20 mg ed / wk 15 – 18

    • igf-1: 50 mcg ed (5d/week) week 13 – 16 =total: 1000 mcg

    • clenbuterol: 20-40-60 .. (until sides are to pronounced) wk 15 - 18


    I plan on starting this in less than a month if all goes well.
    i've been thinking a long time about how i was going to do it and this is what i came up with..

    what do you guys think?
    to me it looks like a solid mix of things wich will be very beneficial for adding some lean mass and on the long run (with the pep's) lowering my bf%

    any further advice is always welcome
    also, shoot if you have any questions

    i would love to hear from people who had protocol's similar to mine and hear how they experienced it!


  2. What are you trying to get out of the deca? 5 weeks at only 200mgs is pretty much a waste. It takes 5-6 weeks to actually kick in to get the anabolic effects from it, so only a 5 week run is almost pointless.

    Also, with IGF, dont run it ED. 3x per week, at about 40mcg done bilaterally is optimal. Running it ED will downregulate the receptors very quickly.

  3. thank you unc for the good advice.

    i had my doubts about the 5 weeks of 200mg deca as well. i still have 5 pieces of human grade deca 200mg each left from a previous cycle.. that's why.. i just wanted to finish them. although this cycle is allready pricey enough, maby i should just get 5 more and do 10wks of deca at 200mg/wk. that's food for thought

    so for igf-1 instead of 5d/wk you think it would be better do do only 3?
    i use my igf-1 in pct mostly for testicular atrophy. i find it really helps to make the peanuts bigger again

  4. the decca will still do good for your joints even at 200mg i say pick up more and run it the whole cycle. Clomid doses are way too high 50, 50, 25, 25 you can use 100 for the first 2 days. i would incorporate HCG into the cycle also 250iu every 4 days 2 weeks after start of your cycle. it will keep your natty test going and PCT will be a breeze. I did a cycle of test with primo, winny, turinibol, all spread out over 5 months along with the HCG protocol and 2 weeks after 50mg of clomid a day i felt back to normal you can recover very quickly by doing this.

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