tren question

  1. tren question

    ive been running tren at 100mg a week, on monday the 19th ill be unable to work out for a week cause ill be in the field (military). Is it okay to run tren at 150mg for this last week and a half to finish the bottle before leaving so i can run my pct while im gone and afterwards or do you suggest i keep running the 100mg threw the week ill be gone. thanks for any help.

  2. I would personally run the tren at 100mg till the end!! if your getting good results with the tren right now stick with it!! Thats my opionin. . . what does your pct look like with tren. . .do you have Suppress-c and some foremstane included?? if not i would highly recommend you use that! Along with our PCT! keep it simple baby! Let me know
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  3. Semper fi, semperswole. You doing the tren every day or once a week? (Wish I could give some knowledge but I'm learning myself)

  4. We're talking the 19-nor pro-hormone right? Not injectable Trenbalone correct?

    If so, then stay at 100mg... most people notice a lot of sides if they pass the 100-120mg mark.
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  5. I always get duped myself when I see "tren" in the title, hoping for trenbolone not diendione. However, either there's a typo in the first post and it should say 100mg every day etc. (not every week) or your trenbolone dosing of 100mg a week is way too low.

    If in fact you're running the ph "tren" and 100mg a day is working well for you, stay there. Don't up the dosage just because you want to finish the bottle.



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