how much methyl?

  1. how much methyl?

    did we ever arrive at any sort of consensus on how much methyl one should or should n't use, say per year? i seem to be different from some, the pain in my right back (i DON'T believe it's muscle cramping) just gets to be worrysome to say the least after several weeks. (i've only tried the m1t one cycle & ohn for one cycle, but get the same gut aches)tia

  2. have you gotten bloodwork done? also can you explain this pain more? where/when/how bad/is it dull, achy, stabby, comes in waves/what makes it worse/what makes it better/etc

  3. no bloodwork. not real painful. but an unpleasant ache in the lower right back. definitely associated with methyl use. unpredictable at times, comes & goes. probably best described as achy. i've always debated the reports of methyls just causing back muscle tensions.

  4. I do not know if we can ever decide a "quantity," since the various methylated compounds have different risks of hepatotoxicity--none of which have been defined with any accuracy IMO. Added to that is each individual's susceptibility, based on genetics, other compounds used (Tylenol, alcohol, and others that are hard on the liver), and general health.

    If you are having physical symptoms, you should definitely visit a doctor for an "annual exam" and have the full panel of blood tests. This would normally be covered by health insurance if you have it.

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