Candle25's Test E/Dbol Buking Cyle #2

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  1. Candle25's Test E/Dbol Buking Cyle #2

    Gain maximum LBM while minimizing fat gain.
    *I am going to alternate powerlifting one week and bodybuilding the next for the entire cycle.

    Squats 4set
    Hack Squats 3set
    Leg Ext 2set
    Leg Curls 3set
    SLDL 3set
    Crunches 6set

    Flat Bench Press 4set
    Incline Bench Press 3set
    Flat Flys 3set

    Dead Lifts 3set
    Bent Rows 3set
    Pullups 3set
    Seated Rows 3set
    Crunches 6set

    Military Press 3set
    Front Raise 3set
    Side Lats 3set
    Rear Lats 3set
    Shrugs 3set
    Upright Rows 3set
    Calf Raise Standing 3set
    Calf Raise Hack 3set

    Curls 3set
    Rev Curls 3set
    Forearm Curls 3set
    Rev Forearm 3set
    Close Grip Bench 3set
    Skullcrushers 3 set
    Crunches 6set


    The plan right now is as follows:
    Calorie breakdown: 35P/35C/30F training days & 40P/30C/30F off days.
    Week 1-2 3500cal
    Week 3-4 4000cal
    Week 5-10 4300cal
    * I might go up to 4500 depending on how things are looking with fat gain.

    Carbs will be eaten mostly before 2PM and around wo. The rest will be protein & fat.

    ON Whey protein (post wo)
    Dextrose (post wo)
    EAA's (post wo)
    Vit C (throughout day, pre, & post wo)
    B complex (lunch)
    Multi Vit (breakfast)
    Creatine (post wo)

    AAS Stack
    1-12 500mg enan
    1-4 30mg dbol ed
    8-12 40mg dbol ed
    6-14 500iu HCG 2x a week
    16 PCT
    Day1 300mg Clomid + 20mg Nolvadex
    Day 2-11 100mg Clomid + 20mg Nolvadex
    Day12-21 50mg Clomid + 20mg Nolvadex
    13-16 Clen 40,40,40,60,60,60,80,80,80,100 ,100,100,80,80,80,60,60,60,40, 40,40
    6' 1"
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  2. I am 6'1" 195lb's and I still feel relatively small. Just curious what you did the first time around to end up at 180lbs. I am not criticizing at all just wondering what the situation is as I plan on running my first cycle next winter. Thanks!

  3. My first bulk was the Anabol/Megabol stack from Big Cat. There were better things around but I was new to this then. I went from 164lbs 13%BF to 200lbs 18%BF. Then I cut using a 1T/4AD & M5-aa stack that I made. There is a thread on that in the cycles forum. That got me to where I am now.

  4. Best of luck on this cycle Candle. You should see some good results with this being your first aas cycle.

  5. Thanks bro. I will be starting Sun. I set this thread up early so I'd know what the plan I think it will go well too. My body seems to react well with chemicals and such.

  6. Day 2

    Weight: 174

    Here is a link to my diet to start off with:

    Nothing is really going on yet. It was hard at the gym today since I took off all last week. I had to really push myself. I had a good wo though. My first inject went well. It was painless and quite easy. I used the 5/8" in the It was just my luck that I nicked a vein. When I pulled the pin out a few drops of blood came out. Now I have a bruise the size of a quarter around the injection sight. It's slightly sore but I can live with it.

  7. Day 4

    Weight: 178.75

    Today's Diet:

    It is still very early but I think I'm seeing some chage from the dbol already. I seem to be "thickening up". I guess this is the begining of the bloat that I hear so much about. I cycled back on creatine as well so that is prob having its effect too. I'm almost out of creatine so I'll need to buy some more soon. I just use plain old micronized creatine. It's cheap and effective.

    I feel great mentaly. I haven't seen any noticable difference in libido. Unfortunatly I have caught whatever my girl had recently. My throat is getting sore. I hate getting sick during a cycle. If it gets worse I'll go to the doc and get a few shots.

  8. Day 9

    Weight: 181

    Today's Diet:

    Things are going great. My strength is way up and I feel great. I read in a dbol profile that users report a feeling of well being. I totally agree with that! My weight has really been shooting up too. I've gained 2.5lbs in 9 days. I'm still looking lean and cut as well.

  9. How do you like the dbol pumps, I personally didn't care for em too much. Plus dbol made me tired as hell all the time, much worse than m1t

  10. I love it. I read that one of the anabolic properties is increased red blood cell production. That would explain the pumps. I haven't noticed any lethargy. I'm pretty laid back most of the time anyhow.

  11. Day 11

    Weight: 182.75

    Today's Diet:

    Another great wo today. I'm really sore this week because I'm in the powerlifting week. I got 410 for 3 reps on dead lifts today. Not too bad I suppose. I think I'm starting to feel the lethargy that Jarconis mentioned. It could also be due to me pushing myself so hard as well. All this grape fruit I'm eating is giving me heart burn I'ts worth it for the life extension of the dbol though.

  12. Day 13

    Weight: 183.25

    Today's Diet:

    Damn things mare going great! My weight is going up nicely and my body compisition is canging for the better too. I'm still not seeing any bloat, but I am really thickening up. My strenght is going way up as well. I got 120lbs on BB curls today for 5 reps on my 3rd set. Vascularity is good too. I saved the best for last The Test E has started doing its thing. How do I know? libido is back through the roof again. I stay sprung more than the diving board at the public pool!

  13. Day 14

    Weight: 184

    Today's diet: . * The weekend ratio of macronutrients differ than the week days because I don't train on weekends. Also, if you want to see any other days diet just use the arrows beside the date to scroll.

    I got a new camera so I thought I'd post some pics I just took.
    Attached Images Attached Images    

  14. damn bro you are gaining mad weight.. keep up the great work.. i'm always stuck at 175.. and i'm a lil more than 6'1 my goal of 200 seems impossible =( but you got way less BF than me..

  15. I I love it. I was up to 200 on my last bulk but my BF was at 18+%. I don't think this is fat that I'm gaining. You can tell that in the picks I think. I'm sure alot is water, but I have gained alot of solid mass. I've gotten 1" on my quads, 0.5" on bis, and grerat gains everywhere since the 14th. My waist is still 32.5" too. (How do ya like that Bigpete?)

  16. Looking real good Candle! Making great progress. I would love to do a cycle like yours. I just need to hold off for a while, until I make my career change. Once that happens, look out!

  17. Thanks bro. I had a buddy that ran this same exact cycle that ended a few days ago. He didn't get much out of it. I think it was because he didn't put any effort into his diet. It's all about diet.

  18. Day 17

    Weight: 186

    Today'd diet:

    I'm in my bodybuilding program this week so I have no heavy lifts to report. Everything is still going great though. My libido has gone completly crazy! I get sprung very easily. My strength is still improving too. I feel much more motivated. Today was chest and I was able to push myself to get more reps than normal. I'm very happy so far. I am not seeing any of the androgenic sides, but the compounds I'm using aren't very androgenic anyhow.

    Yesterday something funny happened at the gym. I was doing some hack squats on a machine. All the weigh it has on it is 250lbs and I was pushing it on my 3rd set. All of the sudden I fly back in the sled and I hear BOOM! The damn cable had snapped & all 250lbs smashed down on the Everyone in the gym stoped what they were doing and looked at me for a few minutes. The people that work htere came running over and were asking if i were OK. I said I was and as long as they would have the thing fixed by next week I wouldn't sue...HA!

  19. Day 19

    Weight: 186.5

    Todat's Diet:

    Some of you might have already known this, but yesterday I droped a lid to a desicator jar and it shattered. My finger got cut open and a huge peice stabed in my leg. It isn't painful but it gets in the way when I wo. Today was shoulder day and I noticed that I'm getting great vascualrity in my delts and chest. The weight increases are still coming on strong too.

  20. How's the strength gains coming along bro?

  21. Very nicely. I'm only 3 weeks in so everything is kind of just kicking in. I'm just getting back to my prior Bulking lifts now. After I finished my last cut I lost some strength. I don't know if it is mental or what, but I'm able to push well past where I might normaly stop during sets. I know Test E & Dbol aren't very androgenic but I really feel motivated when I lift.

  22. Day 22

    Weight: 186.75

    Today's Diet:

    My weight seems to be slowing down. I'll have my fat checked in a week and if it hasn't went up much and my gains have slowed, I will increse my cals to 4600/day. Lifts are great. I did legs today and got 390 for 2 reps on my 4th set. I also curled 150 twice just to see if I could do it. I'm feeling great but the lethargy is getting worse. I feel kind of sleepy all the time. My libido is still freaking I feel like I can't have enough sex.

  23. Day 24

    Weight: 189.5

    Today's Diet:

    I am as happy as could be! First of all, I had an awesome wo today. I got 430lbs on my 4th set of dead lifts for 2 reps. That is a personal record for me. My weight is doing great as well. I am up a good bit from when I started. The most awesome thing is that I had my fat checked today.....and it is at 8.1%!!!!!! That means that I have lost 1.07lbs of fat and have gained 12lbs of lean mass since I started this cycle! My strength is still going up as well.

  24. Day 29

    Weight: 188

    Today's Diet:

    Things are still going well. I cycled off dbol yesterday. I can already tell a difference. The lethargy is subsiding and my strength is decreasing as well. I'm considering running dbol in weeks 9 & 10. I've seen others do it on other boards. I can't see a problem with it. Dbol has a short halflife and I will have been off it for 4 weeks if I run it again at that time. Here are some pics from my last day on dbol and a roll up in excell of the last 7 months of my diet. Just click on the different tabs to see the graphed weight trends and such.
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  25. Day 33

    Weight: 189

    I skiped the gym today. I'm super tired from seeing POD at Sloss Furnace last night. I'll wo tomorrow. I'm posting because I'm a little concerned. I can tell that I'm getting some bloat in my fingers. That happens when I drink alcohol but I haven't. I'm worried that there might be some estrogen issues going on. I'll give it a few days and if the bloat continues I'll treat it with Nolva. Anyone else have this happen on a test cycle?


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