Halo/Tren Lean Dry Recomp Cycle - Check Please!

  1. Halo/Tren Lean Dry Recomp Cycle - Check Please!

    Hey everyone,

    This is my first post, but I have a little bit of cycle experience. Right now I am about 6'5 238lbs, trying to get some strength back and hopefully lean super dry gains with a little bit of body fat loss as well. I would like to ideally gain about 8-12lbs of muscle and lose around 2-5% body fat. I box around three times a week so I will have pretty intense cardio during the cycle and hopefully a pretty clean diet.

    Around last September I started an Epistane and XtremeTren cycle. I ran a 5 to 6 week cycle and with a huge diet got massive gains. I think I started the cycle at 235 and at my highest weighed 255lbs with significant body fat loss and strength gains out of this world, maybe I reacted well with one of the two I'm not sure but I was really impressed. Unfortunately I neglected to continue my gym schedule after 3 weeks of Inhibit-E and Reduce XT and would miss days of taking pills etc and developed a little bit of gyno. It has been over a year since my last cycle and I'm taking this serious. My training regiment should be pretty serious although I will be doing less volume and shorter workouts in order to give my body time to recover so I'm not overtraining.

    As of right now I think I have my cycle pretty set, my main question revolves around when to run my Clen/ECA. Before, during the cycle or after my PCT. I have heard differing opinions.

    My cycle lined up so far:

    Hdrol 50/75/75/75/75/75
    PP Tren 100/100/100/100/125/125
    Cycle Assist 4/4/4/4/6/6 (will be preloading two weeks prior to cycle)
    Clen/Alb 20/40/0/0/20/40/0/0/20/40 (continue into first two weeks of PCT)
    Animal Cuts 0/0/1/1/0/0/1/1/0/0
    Vitex (dosage?)
    P5P (dosage?)
    Fish Oil
    Cabergoline ?
    L-Dopa (dosage?)

    Then for PCT

    EDIT: Think I am gonng go with Tore instead of Clomi
    Toremiphene 120mg first 4 days then 90/60/30/30
    PCT Assist
    Some kind of Cortisol Blocker ?
    Formestane ?
    Tadalafil maybe

    I am really unsure about the Clen dosages. Where I can get it, I have heard it is fairly underdosed so I might up the dose, I will see how I react to it. I have also heard that some prefer Albuterol to Clen.

    Any and all comments are appreciated. Thanks.


  2. After some further research and discussion I have been told not to run Clen/ECA while on my PH cycle due to raised blood pressure levels. So now I am thinking of running Clen or Albuterol/ECA:

    Weeks 3-4 of PH:
    ECA daily
    Weeks 5-6 of PH:
    Clen or Albuterol
    Weeks 1-2 of PCT:
    Weeks 3-4 of PCT
    Clen or Albuterol

    And then continue this cycle for 2-3 more weeks after my PCT is complete. Do you guys think running a Clen or Albuterol/ECA stack tapered into my PCT will effect any of my hormonal recovery or gains?

  3. Anybody have any input at all?

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