1-test/4ad+methyl 1-test cycle

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  1. 1-test/4ad+methyl 1-test cycle

    lean mass
    Monday - Chest/Back/Shoulders/Traps
    Tuesday - Legs/Arms
    Wednesday - Off
    Thursday - Chest/Back/Shoulders/Traps
    Friday - Legs/Arms
    Saturday & Sunday - Off
    Workout days approx. 4000 calories
    Non-workout days approx. 2700-3000
    Calorie differential will be from higher oatmeal consumption on workout days, and workout shake/ICE consumption.
    approx 11
    On Monday I begin my next cycle, which I am thinking will be a 6 week bulker. The most time I've ever bulked with anabolic assistance was two weeks, and it's time to get some mass on my frame! The cycle will consist of the following:
    Weeks 1-2
    5mg methyl 1-test
    6-7 squirts superone+ 2x per day
    Weeks 3-4
    2 Squirts T1 Pro 2x per day
    Weeks 5-6
    5 mg methyl 1-test
    8 squirts superone+ 2x per day

    I've decided to start and finish the cycle with the methyl 1-test to finish up a bottle which I purchased awhile ago, while giving my body a two week rest from the methylated compound mid cycle. The added potency of the T1 Pro should keep me gaining nicely for those two weeks before switching back to the superone+ and methyl 1-test combo to end the cycle.

    I don't know whether I'll be able to finish the entire 6 weeks or not, as the last time I used methyl 1-test I encountered some prostate difficulties on cycle. This was during a cut however combined with ephedrine, and I don't experience prostate problems either on ephedrine by itself or androgens on their own. I'll be staying the hell away from ephedrine while on this cycle, as well as supplementing with a high quality saw palmetto extract for prostate protection. Hopefully I can avoid flareups that'll cut things short on me.

    Other supplements I'm on include milk thistle, NAC and r-ala for liver protection and other anti-oxidants such as vitamin c and vitamin e. I'll throw in hawthorn berries and perhaps CoQ10 if blood pressure becomes an issue. Workout related supps include swole v2 and ICE. For sleep purposes I take melatonin and taurine, and joint related supps include msm and gluc/chon. For preworkout energy I have some powertrain on the way. (awesome stuff btw) High dose vitamin b-5 will hopefully keep acne at bay, although I tend to suffer from chest/back/shoulder acne while on. I have benzoyl peroxide cleaner and topical cream, but don't know if I'll be using that while running transdermals due to that drying out my skin excessively.

    I'll likely be running nolvadex at 10mg/day for the duration of the cycle, to avoid excess bloating problems, and 4-ad has made my nipples a little puffier than I'd care for in past usage. Post cycle therapy I'll be running nolvadex for two weeks at 40mg/day, and then tapering down to 20mg a day or so for the final two weeks. I have phosphatidyl serine for post-cycle to keep cortisol at bay, and hope to obtain some avant labs FL-7 by then as well, possibly running a little bit on cycle as well for added protein synthesis, and post cycle for the anti-cortisol properties. The first two weeks post-cycle I may run clenbuterol to keep excess fat gain at bay, as well as utilizing nicotine gum/caffeine for the combined nutrient partitioning qualities.

    I lift four days a week, on the split as outlined in the info section above. The first two workouts of the week are on a 4-6 rep range per working set, while the thursday and friday workouts fall into an 8-10 rep range, with a 20 rep squat set performed on friday. All sets are finished shy of failure, to avoid cns overtraining with the twice weekly workout for all bodyparts. If bodyfat accumulation seems to be a concern on cycle I may throw in the odd cardio session from time to time, but my job tends to have me walking a ton, so that shouldn't be too much of a concern. Post cycle I will cut back to training bodyparts once a week, on a 3 or 4 day split with lowered volume.

    Diet consists of tons of oatmeal as my main carb source, and mainly whey and no fat cottage cheese as my main protein sources, with the odd can of tuna, chicken breast, steak, etc. for some variety from time to time. EFA's come in the form of fish oil and flax. I'll be eating about 1 or two spinach salads a day to get in some green veggies as well, all clean eating for 6 weeks hopefully.

    My goal is to hit the 175 mark on this cycle, I haven't yet been over 165 pounds since an initial 40+ pound fat loss when I started lifting, going from a chunky 175 pounds to a crazy thin 130 pounds after dieting. If I can hit 175 that's more or less 40 pounds of fat replaced with 40 pounds lean mass in two years, hopefully I can obtain my goals on cycle. Being a former fatass has probably hindered my progress as I can't stand the added water weight that bulking brings, and subsequently always want to cut sooner than I should. I may decide to update this log regularly to outline my progress, let me know any questions and/or suggestions that you have as pertains to any aspect of my plan.

  2. Taking a transdermal with 1-test along with m1t will cause some intense lethargy. I tried t1-pro with 10mg m1t for a week & it is unbearable. I actually was weaker in the gym because I was so tired & felt like complete crap. I switched to a 4ad/OHT dermal with the m1t & I felt better & started to make good gains.

    I'd get a 4ad transdermal & save the S1+ for a future cycle. Ideally, you could use m1t/4ad for the first 2 weeks & last 2 weeks. The use the S1+ in the middle 2 weeks when you're off M1t.

  3. I am well aware of the intense lethargy that M1T is responsible for, as I've experienced it firsthand. That's why I'm going with such a low dose, of only 5mg per day. And as superone+ is very heavy on 4ad (in the neighbourhood of 9 grams per 240ml) I feel that should be enough to counter the lethargy from the methyl 1-test. I'll be running the T1 Pro by itself without any added M1T for the middle two weeks, as I've heard about lethargy from T1 Pro all on it's own being a problem, and definitely wouldn't want to take it with M1T to make the lethargy even worse.

  4. Just to explain things further I work shift work where my days are 12 hours long, and therefore after I get home and finish my workout and shower that leaves in the neighbourhood of 15 hours or so in between applications. That has led me to dose the methyl 1-test approx. 1.5 hours before my workout, as I can take the oral steroid while at work but can't apply the transdermal product. And I'm basically using up stuff that I already have on hand, so would like to avoid purchasing a 4ad transdermal unless absolutely necessary.

    Anyhow, today is day 1 of my cycle, and preworkout I weighed in at 158 pounds. Diet was pretty decent except for a bit of cheating as an outside contractor brought a box of donuts into the office. Oh well, no biggie, just gotta keep things clean most of the time and I'll be fine.

    Energy was a tad low today as I'm coming down with a bit of a cold, hopefully I'll brush it aside quickly as usually seems to be the case. Despite the somewhat rundown feeling a quick dose of powertrain and tyrosine had me good to go for the evening workout, my low rep chest/back/shoulder/trap workout. Had a good workout, and look forward to seeing the reps pile on as the weeks go on.

  5. IMHO at 5mg you could run the M1T for 6 weeks straight.

  6. Hmm, I hadn't really thought of the possibility of running the M1T for the full 6 weeks, but I do have enough left to do so. However, that would leave me needing to either buy more transdermal 4ad, or something other than T1 Pro as I don't really want to combine M1T with T1 Pro, as I'm trying to avoid excessive lethargy on this cycle. Six weeks of dragging my ass is more than I think I could stand.

  7. Max, Check your Pm's brutha.... I sent ya one a few days ago about how i was about to start the same cycle except for im switching off and going to the T1pro during wks's 3-4. Good luck bru... I start tommmorwow..... :P

  8. Today didn't start out very promising, as the cold I am suffering from seemed to be settling in worse. Thankfully I was able to take advantage of a slack day at work and sneak in a few naps, which combined with one of those all in one cold remedys worked wonders. Preworkout weighin was at 161 pounds, seems like I might already be piling on the water weight, although I'm not looking particularly bloated just yet.

    The pseudoephedrine in the cold pill combined with my usual powertrain and l-tyrosine really had me cranked up for my evening workout, and I was able to add weight and/or reps to all of my exercises. I've noticed some added vascularity in places I'm not accustomed to, such as my inner biceps, which is cool to see so soon. And it seems as though I've finally almost got the hang of squatting with proper form after a few years of performing the damn exercise. The weight I'm moving is only a little more than half what I was squatting with poorly performed partial reps, but the drop along with better form is allowing my wonky left knee to slowly heal up. The partial reps were adding to a nagging injury that I picked up in the summertime, good to see that getting better finally.

    I'll be megadosing vitamin c over the next few days to see if that helps me to get rid of this cold. Figures right when a guy has a cycle planned that he gets sick! Damnit!

  9. Here's a quick question for those of you in the know, what is a good starting point to run T1 Pro at, ml wise? I haven't run this particular 1-test transdermal before, but have used superone+ a few times, as well as methyl 1-test, so I know what to expect as far as sides, etc. from the substance.

  10. Time for a quick update, no workout today as it's an off day, weighin was 160 pounds. Most likely due to today being a lower carb day than lifting days I figure. I've noticed that my libido is starting to increase, and my face is already a little oilier than normal, so there must be something already starting to kick in.

    As far as other sides I've noticed a very slight bit of lower back discomfort, but it's very minor at this point. Also my wrists have been a bit sore lately, I've purchased some wrist wraps to help alleviate that during workouts. Hmm, sore wrists and likely to be horny as hell, not a great combo when you have no girlfriend....

    I received a shipment from bb.com, which contained glutamine peptides. I figured I'd throw this into my post cycle arsenal to help maintain lean mass, I'm sure as hell to be shut down after six weeks on if I go that long.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by max silver
    Hmm, I hadn't really thought of the possibility of running the M1T for the full 6 weeks, but I do have enough left to do so. However, that would leave me needing to either buy more transdermal 4ad, or something other than T1 Pro as I don't really want to combine M1T with T1 Pro, as I'm trying to avoid excessive lethargy on this cycle. Six weeks of dragging my ass is more than I think I could stand.
    It's not recommended to take any methylated substance for 6 weeks, regardless of how low the dose is. It is still liver toxic, even at 5mg. Even most AAS users keep methyl cycles short. I think 4 weeks should be about the limit for m1t.

  12. That's exactly my thinking as well Longdog, hence the reason for me switching things up mid-cycle with the 2 week break in between methyl usage. I am kinda waffling on running a full six weeks at this point though, and may end up going for a total of four weeks on cycle. How well things are progressing after 3.5-4 weeks will likely sway my decision on whether or not to extend things.

    In a cycle of 6 weeks would it be advisable for me to consider sourcing out some HCG? I haven't used the stuff previously, as the longest I've been on was four weeks at a time. But perhaps with HCG I would be better able to keep my gains from such a lengthy cycle. Which brings me to the reason I'm still using transdermal products instead of injectables, I'm just not quite ready to inject myself yet. I suppose HCG injects would be quick and easy to do however.

  13. Time for another update. Weighed in at 162.5 pounds pre-workout, not bad, 4.5 pounds in 4 days, I'll take that. I noticed this morning that my nipples are already starting to puff up a bit, so I've decided to bump up the nolvadex to 20mg/day for the duration of the cycle. I'm starting to bloat up a bit, so the 4ad must already be starting to kick in. (Not to mention that I seem to be walking around semi-erect half the time)

    Thankfully I seem to be completely over the cold I had earlier this week, and also a bothersome urinary tract infection that was bugging me for awhile. Just have a few more days on antibiotics, hopefully that clears things up completely for me.

    Tonights workout was a very good one, I bumped up the weight on most of my working sets and more or less made the same number of reps as my thursday workout last week, so strength is starting to progress nicely. I'm really liking my preworkout combo of powertrain/caffeine/l-tyrosine, as it has me able to finish my workouts strong, as they have been in the range of 1hr10 minutes or so on my bulking phase. That along with ICE pre and during workout along with swole V2 pre-workout was garnering me nice results pre-cycle, and should continue to do so for the duration of my androgen cycle. I'm only four days in but thusfar I'm loving this combo. I tried methyl 1-test by itself and won't to that route again, as the lethargy was killer at only 10mg per day. I'm feeling great thusfar on this combo, and am considering shortening my cycle to 4 weeks with the same dosages of superone+ and methyl 1-test throughout, perhaps bumping up the transdermal dose as the cycle progresses.

  14. It has begun!

    Preworkout weighin at 163 pounds, so 5 pounds in 5 days thusfar. I can tell this **** is kickin into overdrive, as my leg/arm workout tonight was insane. I decided to bump my 20 rep squat weight up by 15 pounds, and blasted through the set like the weights were my beeeeootch. I think I'll throw on another 20 pounds next week and see how that goes. I'm starting to get the perma-pumped feeling all the time, and loving it, and feeling much stronger as well. I bumped up the weights on all my exercises from last week and still pretty much made the same number of reps, so another weight increase is in store for everything next time out. I'm really liking my current workout split, and think I'll continue working everything twice a week as long as my joints hold out ok.

    I had one small nosebleed today, so I'll have to check my blood pressure out as soon as I can. I work all weekend, so it'll have to wait until monday when I finally have a day off. The way things are going so far I'm kicking myself for having run methyl 1-test on it's own, as 10 mg of the stuff kicked my ass in the lethargy department. So far I have absolutely no lethargy problems, except right after my large carb meals, which is understandable as they are in the neighbourhood of 100 grams of carbs.

    My nipples are still looking pretty puffy, which I absolutely despise, but there is no pain or itching or anything of that sort, and I believe it to be water retention related. I'll continue with nolvadex at 20mg/day for the immediate future. I'm starting to smooth out very noticably, but not so much that it's uncomfortable at all. If water becomes too much of a problem I might start low dosing on femara or liquidex, but I don't plan on it at this point.

  15. Time for another update. On weekends I take two consecutive rest days, but had a very hectic day at work today with a ton of running around. But I was still somewhat astounded to step on the scale and see 166.5 starting back at me, that's the most I've weighed since I started lifting seriously, so everything I gain from here on out is uncharted territory for myself.

    I've taken in about 33-3400 calories the last few off days, and about 4000 calories on lifting days, so diet has been spot on most of the week save for a little bit of junk food. I was gaining at a rate of 1.5-2 pounds per week before starting the cycle, and the gains so far have been pleasantly surprising. I'm super stoked about my workout tomorrow to see what kind of strength gains might accompany the increase in scale weight I've seen so far.

    I stopped by the supermarket tonight and checked my blood pressure while I was at it, 136/66, not bad at all really. My blood pressure probably skyrocketed when I saw my grocery bill of 102 dollars though. That's a higher than normal bp for myself, but nothing alarming in the least. No new sides to report as of yet, in fact I've been feeling more and more energized as the week goes on.

    I've officially decided to hold the cycle length to 4 weeks total. Things are going great so far, and I really see no reason in tacking on the extra two weeks at this point. Besides, the sooner I come off and finish pct, the sooner I can think about my next cycle

  16. Weight sitting at 167 pounds today, took measurement after my workout today instead of before, as I'm off from work for the next few days. I figured that would provide a better indication than a pre-workout weigh-in, as I lifted morning instead of evening today. With my work schedule all over the place it's hard to gauge weight gain that well at any rate.

    I had yet another great workout today. I bumped up my incline dumbbell press weight up by 5 pounds, but I was at least a week early in doing so. I was struggling under the weight the whole time, and it was a battle to get in 6, 4 and 3 reps, just barely didn't make my target of 4-6 reps in each set. I threw on another 5 pounds for weighted dips and was able to make 6 reps each set, so with that extra weight plus the added bodyweight strength is coming along nicely. Same deal with dumbbell shoulder presses, I was able to increase by 5 pounds and make 6 reps on all 3 sets. Perhaps at some point in the log I'll start outlining the weights I'm using for a better representation of gains along the way, but as I'm not pushing very heavy weights I don't know if I'll be comfortable enough to do so.

    I've started to incorporate fascia stretching into the end of my workout. I found that on the dumbbell pec stretch I performed that my left shoulder was aching after 20 seconds or so, so I cut things short at that point. Also did a weighted hanging lat stretch for 30 seconds as well. I'll likely do some sort of fascia stretching after my leg workout tomorrow as well. It's quite a turnarnound for me to say that I'm looking forward to a leg workout, but that is indeed the case. My form and flexibility is improving each successive time out, and my legs are gaining rapidly as a result.

  17. Weighed in at 168.5 pounds today, so the weight continues to pour on at an astonishing rate. It's readily apparent that a huge portion of this is water weight though, as I'm bloating up like a dead cow at the moment (any of you who've seen this particular natural phenomenon can relate to what I'm referring to). I'm feeling a bit out of sorts today, but it could be a direct result of the amount of bud I've smoked with my brother the last few days as he's come to visit.

    Diet has been almost exclusively clean this week, save for one slice of pizza monday night, calories holding at around 4000 on lifting days. With the amount of water I'm holding onto right now I just can't gauge how much of the weight gain would be fat at the moment, but I can always lose that easily enough the next time I cut, so calories are going to remain very high, especially as I continue to hit all bodyparts twice per week.

    I had another good workout yesterday, which was my heavy legs and arms day, with reps falling in the 4-6 rep range. I increased squats by 10 pounds from the previous workout, and didn't have too much difficulty finishing my target reps, but form wasn't perfect, and had a little too much forward lean. That led to an intense lower back pump, but after a few minutes and properly warming up for sldl it subsided, enough so that I was able to add on 15 extra pounds to my last set of stiff-legged deads, very satisfied there. Threw in standing calf raises, some heavy skullcrushers and supinated dumbbell curls and called it a day. My left elbow is bothering me lately, seems like I could have an inflamed bicep tendon, so may have to avoid heavy db curls for the duration of the cycle to avoid making things even worse. Damn I need to take some time off soon to rest my aching joints, and tend to do so after pct is finished up.

  18. Weight holding steady at 168.5, that's the first time in awhile I didn't see a daily weight increase. Part of that is likely the physically demanding day at work pulling wrenches servicing air compressors, so I would have burned a ton of calories. Hopefully I'm holding all the excess water I'm going to, as my face is starting to look very bloated. I'm already starting to think about my spring/early summer cut, and ordered myself some methy-dien to try out for just that purpose. I found that M1T made me hold a ton of water while cutting, and with the blood pressure issues I couldn't really combine it with most cutting supplements without suffering from blood pressure related symtpoms.

    With the weekend coming up I might just stick around at home to concentrate on getting proper calories and keeping out of trouble. I know if I hang with my buddies I'm likely going to end up drinking or worse, I usually go in with good intentions but as soon as everyone else starts getting worked up I feel the need to join in.

    Energy levels seem very good the last while. I seem to need a little more sleep than normal though, right now requiring 8-9 hours instead of my usual 7 or so. Lower back pumps are becoming more frequent, both at work today and during my workout performing bent over EZ bar rows. Tomorrow's 20 rep squat could be torturous if my lower back gets too pumped up on me, but I'm excited about it nonetheless.

  19. Still holding at 168.5 pounds. I worked legs and arms today, with the focus being on a 20 rep squat set. I threw on 15 pounds again from last week, and still don't feel as if I've placed enough weight on the bar as of yet. I was able to blast through the first 10 reps or so, and then more or less performed 3 reps at at time, with 3 breath pauses after the 3rd rep to finish up. I'll throw on another 15 pounds again next time out, sooner or later at this rate I'll find the proper weight to really push myself with.

    I performed some burnout sets of ez bar curls and ez bar close grip bench presses after my regular exercise selection of db preacher curls and skullcrushers was complete. The pump was insane, especially in my tri's. I'm getting a very good feel of how to properly work this muscle group, and it's starting to show as I feel my triceps are starting to overpower my biceps somewhat. Oh well, that's no problem as it used to be the other way around.

    I'll be away from home for the weekend, I'm going to hang out with friends for a few days. A buddy just bought himself an early 90's 240sx, and I definitely gotta go check it out. We plan on doing some heavy cruising with me in my 2003 maxima se, another friend in his 92 talon and this guy in his 240sx. The streets aren't going to be safe!

  20. Weight gain has slowed immensely, holding in at 169.0 pounds. I do appear a bit leaner than a few days ago, even if I'm still holding a pile of extra water weight. Managed to stay reasonably well behaved over the weekend on the party front, staying away from alcohol and other detrimental substance intake. While away from home diet wasn't quite as clean as normal, but protein and calorie intake was not too shabby.

    Had a decent workout today, although intensity level wasn't the greatest. Kept the same weight as last week for db incline bench, and managed 3 more reps than last week. Still feels very heavy however, so will keep at that weight next time out. Threw another five pounds on for weighted dips, and made target reps. Kept same weight for weighted pullups, made same reps as last time out. No need to put more weight on for this exercise for awhile, the bodyweight increases have been sufficient to up the total resistance. Added five pounds on for bent over bb rows, made target reps here. DB shoulder presses seemed fairly light today, time for more weight next time out. At the end of this workout I perform some bb shrugs, more for grip strength than anything else, and did notice that my grip strength is slowly increasing. I hope to eventually improve grip to the point where I don't find my forearms giving out on my deadlifts before the targeted muscles.

    I was out of town all weekend and forgot to take my nolvadex with me, but notice no extra puffiness or water retention without having dosed it for a few days. Will try and avoid dosing any nolva until post cycle unless any abnormalities "pop up" over the next few weeks.

  21. Weighin once again 169.0 pounds. It seems like this cycle thusfar has been an all or nothing proposition as far as the scale is concerned. I'd consider upping the calories even more but I think I'm just about eating as much as I can handle for the time being. If nothing happens weight wise I'll likely throw in a few extra tablespoons of flax in my protein/fat meals. I can certainly see changes in the mirror though, as my entire upper body is filling out nicely.

    I worked legs and arms today, in my heavy low-rep scheme. Squats are up another 10 pounds, making all 6 reps on the 3 sets with a concerted effort. Standing calf raises and sldl each up by 10 pounds as well. I added 3 more reps on heavy skullcrushers, and threw on another 5 pounds for supinated dumbbell curls. This is by far my favorite bicep exercise, but I am going to deepsix this one for the time being as the rotation at the top of the exercise is aggravating my left wrist and elbow too much. I'll probably try out ez bar curls as I suspect these will place less stress on my wrists and elbows.

    I found an old bottle of androspray that I had laying around and decided to throw in a few sprays of it preworkout for a little extra boost, seems to have worked so far. I've found a new secret weapon for my hardest working sets, and that comes in the form of the death metal band Decapitated. Their latest album The Negation positively throws me into a rage, damn good lifting music!

  22. Hmm, weight is still stuck at 169.0 pounds. The lack of weight gain has me confused, I don't know what to blame on the lack of movement in the scale. It is possible that I am leaning out while adding muscle simulataneously, as I am still seeing decent strength gains. What has me most confused is the timing of the gains subsiding, as I'm in the portion of the cycle (3-4 weeks in) where most users really start to see their greatest gains. I imagine it is possible that I am training too much with the current split where all bodyparts are hit twice a week, but with the strength increases I doubt it. Besides, I'm only lifting four days a week, so there should be plenty of time for recovery. I know my nutrition is spot-on, both pre-workout, post-workout and the rest of the day. I'm literally eating so much that half the time I feel on the verge of throwing up, so calorie intake has to be enough. I'm sleeping 7 or so hours a night with naps added in as needed, so the rest is there.

    Today's workout was my lighter chest/shoulders/back/traps workout. I felt good today, and increased flat dumbbell presses 5 pounds, ez bar rows by 5 pounds, pulldowns by 5 pounds and shrugs by 5 pounds. I did some drop sets for lateral raises, and really concentrated on form for these, getting a nice pump during the sets. Incline flyes were up a few reps as well. All in all another very solid workout.

    I've started to notice a bit of testicular shrinkage already, damn this M1T is suppressive stuff, and I'm only at 5mg per day. With the scale being frozen as it is I've upped the transdermal dosage to 9 pumps twice per day for the rest of the week. I'd up the M1T but previously on 10mg per day I've felt like a reanimated corpse, the sides wouldn't be worth it imo. I've started to suffer a bit of irritation from the transdermal application, but it's relatively minor so far. I've been rotating between upper and lower body with each application, hopefully the irritation doesn't get any worse.

    At any rate I've decided that this will be my last week on cycle, and I'll promptly start post cycle on Monday. My left elbow and wrist continue to be bothersome, and I don't need to push my luck and risk serious injury by continuing with the cycle. Post cycle split will likely be a 3 day split, chest/shoulders/tri's monday, legs wednesday and back/biceps on friday. I'll likely keep a similar amount of working sets as I'm doing now, with 4 to 6 sets for larger bodyparts and 2 or 3 for smaller bodyparts. Rep range will likely be in the 6-8 rep range or possibly even 8-10 as the heavier sets are murdering my joints right now.

    Here's a quick query for those of you following the thread, what rep range would I be best in utilizing for my squat workouts? I really haven't found my optimal weight range for 20 rep squats yet, as I have felt each week that I could have gone just a little heavier than I did. I'm leaning towards keeping things heavy in the 4-6 rep range, but am open to 20 rep squats as well if general consensus leads me that way.
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  23. Weighed in at 170 pounds today. I've noticed an increase in facial acne since upping the dosage of the transdermal, I think I may pick up some oxy pads to clean my face at work as I work 12 hour shifts, and tend to sweat a fair amount as I work alot in hot areas. So far body acne has been kept in check by high dose b5 and 10% benzyl peroxide bodywash. I'll be intesting to see what happens post cycle as this is when I tend to break out worse than on cycle.

    Today's workout was high rep legs and arms day. I upped the weight for 20 rep squats by another 15 pounds, and it seems I've finally found the sweet spot loadwise for this exercise. The last 10 reps were rest paused, and the final 5 or so were a challenge to complete. I'll definitely be keeping these for post cycle instead of heavier low reps squats, as I find the 20 rep squats are much easier on the knees. Lower back pump was bothersome but I was able to fight through it to complete the set. I threw on 5 pounds for leg extensions, and made 3 more reps on leg curls. I threw on 10 more pounds for standing calf raises, and 5 pounds each to skullcrushers and db preacher curls. For my arm exercises I really concentrated on slowing down the negative and feeling each rep, and was able to toast my arms nicely with 3 sets of each. Another satisfying workout, I've only had one in the 3 weeks which was less than stellar, other than that I've had a great 3 weeks with the weights.

    Sometime over the weekend I'll see if I can layout the weight/rep increase for each of my core exercises. I've made some pretty nice gains in this regard, and would like to see for myself what the overall increases were.

  24. good job bro , looks like your makin some awesome gains. what brand m1t are you taking? i would be interested to see the numbers in your strength increases . keep it up . peace

  25. what brand m1t are you taking?
    I'm taking legalgear brand m1t.

    Weighed in at 171 pounds today. It looks like increasing the transdermal dosage has the scale moving again. I'm kinda suspicious that the potency of the transdermal may be somewhat weak as I've had it for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1.5 years or so. It still burns like a mofo though, so the 1-test portion of it certainly still works.

    I'm coming down with some sort of cold again or something of that nature. I woke up feeling run down, with a sore throat and a bit of nasal congestion. I'll once again slam vitamin c at an increased rate, and try to get a little more sleep after work, which I'll be able to do as the weekend days are my days away from lifting. I'll likely need some dayquil again to keep me functional at work, it worked like a charm at the start of the cycle. I just hope and pray that this doesn't get any worse as pct starts monday, the last thing I need is an illness to start things out.

    I think that starting next week I'll start icing my afflicted joints after corresponding workouts. I have a litany of nagging afflictions right now, some of which are improving, some of which are worsening. I've had a sore left knee since last summer, but it is improving over time, and is finally to the point where it isn't bothering me all the time. My left elbow is sore as well as my left wrist. I've been wearing a flex bandage on my left wrist during waking hours which seems to be helping out quite a bit, but the elbow is the one which is worsening.

    After my 3 weeks of pct is up I'll be taking a week off from lifting, perhaps throwing in a few sessions of hiit cardio just to keep my metabolism running decently. I have a prescribed anti-inflamatory cerebrex at my disposal, but have been wary of using it due to nsaids negative influence on protein synthesis. However, I think that the week off would be a perfect time to use the stuff, and work on getting my joints back in better condition.


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