1-test/4ad+methyl 1-test cycle

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  1. Add a tablespoon of flax oil every day for a while and watch joint problems disappear.......I swear that stuff is like butter for sore joints.

  2. I've taken flax oil regularly for the last few years, usually in the neighbourhood of 2 tablespoons per day, as well as fish oil as well, so I'm definitely getting ample omega 3's in my diet. I guess I could try upping the flax oil dosage some though to see if that helps out.

  3. Today's weighin at 166.0 pounds, looks like the scale might be starting to tick upwards, too early to tell if it's favorable weight or fat accumulation. Based on how good I've been feeling the last few days and the excellent leg workout I had a few days ago I won't be surprised if I've put on a bit of lean mass though. I'm still on clen so it's unlikely that I've started putting water weight back on.

    Today's workout was upper back and biceps. For weighted pullups I kept last weeks weight, and lost one rep in each of the last two sets. I also kept the same weight for ez bar rows, losing 2 reps in the final set. And finally for dumbbell preacher curls I kept the same weight as last time out, but for some reason I suffered a very drastic strength decrease, only managing around half the reps I pulled off last week. The numbers are even far less than what I was performing pre-cycle. I have no idea what to attribute this to, as my arm size is still up around 1/3-1/2 inch from pre-cycle, and my energy levels preworkout and during were very good. I can't even really blame my joints as they haven't been any sort of hindrance for performing db preacher curls. Hopefully this is just an isolated anomoly that will be better next week.

  4. Weighed in at 164.5 today, part of drop likely due to weighing myself earlier in the day than normal, so there's alot less food in my stomach than other weighins (only have 2 of 6 meals in me as opposed to 5 meals in digestive system like last weeks weighins).

    Worked chest/shoulders and triceps today. I performed 3 sets of incline db presses, 2 sets flat db presses, 3 sets of db shoulder presses and 2 sets skullcrushers. I lost 2 reps total on the first 3 exercises, and skulls remained the same as last week.

    As usual clen post-cycle has done jack for retaining strength gains, but I guess I can't be too surprised at this having dropped 6-7 pounds from peak on cycle weight. I don't have enough remaining in the bottle for a complete clen cycle so I'll likely extend clen usage to 3 weeks to use up what I have remaining.

    Mood/energy continue to be good, libido is a bit lower than normal still but slowly returning. I never really felt like I was totally shutdown though at any point thusfar during post-cycle.

    I suspect the added choline/inositol that's included in my phospatidyl serine capsules is adding to the effectiveness of the piractetum I've been using for 5-6 weeks, as lately I feel very mentally sharp, and loving it. I notice it most in the ability to crack jokes non-stop and improved vocal and speech patterns, and better problem solving skills at work. Good stuff.

  5. Weighed in at 167 today, I can tell I'm retaining quite a bit of extra water. This would be due to a higher than normal sodium intake yesterday than normal, as I ate some Subway and salty rice crisps as well. I've decided to up the dosage of nolvadex to 60mg/day for a week to see if this may help to shrink down a pre-existing lump I have in my left pec.

    Today I performed my leg workout, consisting of the usual 20 rep squat set, 3 sets of stiff legged deads and 3 sets of standing calf raises. I added on 5 pounds for the 20 repper of squats, and could tell by rep 8 I was going to be in for a struggle to complete the set. 12 rest paused reps later I was done. Lightheaded, vision slightly blurring, and no hearing in left ear, but finished the set nonetheless. It'd be damn interesting to measure my blood pressure after these sets, it'd no doubt be through the ceiling. I might purchase a home blood pressure testing unit before I cycle on again, with this being one of the purposes I'd have it for. I added on 5 pounds for sldl and was able to complete the target 6 reps on each set, and also added 5 pounds on for calf raises, making the target reps here as well.

    My elbows seem to be all but healed up fully now, as there is no noticable pain at most times of the day in either. Left wrist is still progressing nicely as well, but I'll still be wrapping it securely for any heavy lifting I perform for awhile yet, just to be safe. Once it feels fully healed I'm going to have to focus more properly on developing wrist strength to avoid future wrist injuries.

  6. I weighed in at 166.0 today. My wrist is somewhat bothersome after 12 hours of pulling wrenches at work yesterday, so that's kind of unavoidable. I'm continuing with 60mg of nolvadex for another week or so before upping it to 80mg, to hopefully shrink the lump in my left pec. So far at 60mg/day I haven't seen any changes, I'm not overly optimistic at the chances of shrinking this as it's been there for awhile, but it certainly can't hurt to try. Today is my last day on clen most likely, I just received my Avant Labs sesathin and will be incorporating this to stave off fat gain.

    Today's workout was back and biceps, and was pretty decent all things said. I lost one rep in weighted pullups, but gained one in ez bar rows, so that seemed to offset the lost rep in pullups. I seemed to regain the mysteriously disappearing strength from last weeks db preacher curls, as I was able to pull 5 more reps total in the 3 sets. As I was feeling especially good today I threw in 3 sets of close grip supinated pulldowns to fullly tax my upper back and biceps. It was still only 12 total working sets for the day, so no worries there.

    This is the last workout I'll be doing for the next little while, as starting now I'm on a break from lifting, most likely lasting 9 days, as I'll be resuming lifting a week from Monday, and starting my cut at that point. I hope the time off will allow my nagging injuries to heal up some more, as I've never taken more than 5 days off the entire time I've been lifting. I'll be dropping my calories somewhat this week, but still will aim for above maintenance calories. I really have no idea what my maintenance level actually is at this point, but will still be eating over 3000 calories per day for this time off. I may throw in a few quick HIIT sessions on the stationary bike for partitioning purposes and to avoid feeling like a lazy bastard.

  7. Inactivity was driving me nuts during my self imposed 9 day hiatus from lifting so I decided to do a sprint workout on the stationary bike at home and work my abdominals. I quickly discovered that the same spot I tweaked a few weeks ago in my lower abdominals is still sore though, leading me to think I likely have some sort of abdominal strain type injury. I don't think it's a hernia, but I'll be getting it checked out by my doctor as soon as I have some days off from work. The wrist injury is still progressing nicely, and feels a little better each day. I hope when I resume lifting next week it'll be completely pain free, but that might be wishing for too much.

    Bodyweight is holding steady, today I measure 164.0, which is right in line with my normal flucuations in scaleweight. I've held calories quite high for the week away from lifting to hold onto mass, and have been using Avant Labs sesathin for a little less than a week. So far it seems to be working as advertised, with little or no fat gain seen so far, even without working out and on 3000+calories daily. Once the streets are cleared of gravel I'll dust off the rollerblades for some extra cardio, as this is one of the few forms of cardio activity that I enjoy (damn I hate my stationary bike with a passion...)

    I'm still dosing nolvadex at 60mg/day in hopes of shrinking the lump under my left nipple, but haven't seen any results after a week of doing so. Starting tomorrow I'll bump up the nolvadex to 80mg/day for a week or so in a last ditch effort at shrinking this thing. It's pretty small, but slightly noticable most of the time. When I cut I'll be trying out some topical fat burners in this area to see if it's perhaps just estrogenic fat buildup, but I doubt it as the lump is only evident in one pec, and seems more nodular is shape than fatty tissue would likely feel.


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