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  1. M1t And 4ad/ M5aa

    OK, I said I was going to keep a log and here it is. Despite what I've heard, I'm starting at 20mg ed of M1T and 1000 mg of transdermal 4AD ed for 2 weeks and on the 3rd and 4th week, I'll be dropping these two and taking 20mg of M5AA ed. PCT will include 40mg Nolva and 600mg 6oxo. I started last night and I took some measurements and stats beforehand.

    Weight: 246
    Height: 74"
    Neck: 19.5"
    Waist: 40" (yeah, i know, but it was 42" 3 weeks ago)
    Arms: 19"
    Chest: 49"
    Calves: 16.5" (lacking due to past leg injuries)
    Thighs (6" above the knee): 25"

    My basic split is:
    Tuesday-Legs #1
    Wednesday-Back and Biceps
    Thursday--Day off
    Friday-- Shoulders and Triceps
    Saturday--Legs #2

    For obvious measurement reasons, I do 2 leg days per week. It's been working great so far. I should be able to post everyday.

    Today was legs. Exercises include Squat, Deadlift, Leg extensions, and Calves. And I went up 3 reps on squat and deadlift since last week. Haven't really felt any lethargy or anything. However, my temper seems to have escalated overnight. Won't blame it on the stack yet though.
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  2. Legs twice a week? Ouch!! Would never work for me
    The way i work my legs i can only work them once a week.
    What if your bf?

  3. Good idea on the M5aa on the last two weeks. It might serve to dry you out and overcome any leftover M1T lethargy blahs.

  4. Yeah, my leg workouts are a killer also. I don't follow a certain number of sets. I just keep going up until I can't get any more than 6 reps. On leg day 2, I do leg press, hack squat, staight leg deadlifts, extensions, curls, standing calves, seated calves, and the 3-point sets with toes at different angles.

    As for bodyfat, it's @ 14-15%. My current schedule is:
    (preworkout)0400-12oz milk, 1 scoop of whey protein, 3 egg whites, 1 poptart
    (post)0730--MRP shake, 5 grams creatine, 1 poptart, 4 oz chicken breast
    1000--4oz chicken breast, protein bar
    1200--5-6oz chopped chicken with white rice
    1500--MRP shake
    1630--8 oz chicken breast
    1800--30-45 minutes cardio
    1900--4oz lean beef with rice
    2100--16oz skim milk and 5 egg whites blended

    M1T--taken after cardio usually around 1830
    4AD trans--0415 and 1900ish. not the desired time, but schedule is hectic.

    Total [email protected] grams
    [email protected]
    Fat--50-70 grams

    Other supplements taken throughout the day are:
    20 grams glutamine ed
    10 grams creatine ed
    3 multivitamins
    3000 mg flax oil
    3000 mg fish oil
    3000 mg Vitamin C

    and a partridge in a pear tree...............

  5. Diet hasn't changed, but I gained 3 lbs since yesterday. Did back and bi's this morning. Got an extra 2 reps on wide grip pullups and 10 more lbs. on close grip cable rows. Gained an extra rep or two on everything else to include bi's. Still no bad side effects. Feel great, better than usual.

  6. awesome keep the updates coming.

  7. F*ck, I feel f*cking great. Feels like I'm on some real stuff. Gained another 3 lbs since yesterday. That's 6 lbs so far in 3 days, and I checked my waist to make sure and it's the same, no loss. So, I measured my other parts. Chest and arms are up almost 1/4". Calves a slight increase.

    Did shoulders and tri's this morning. No change in shoulder strength but endurance was up. I didn't have to take as long between sets to recover. Tri's went up about 10-20 lbs on each exercise.
    I'm still doing my 30 minutes of cardio every night and it feels easier than normal. I'm going a little faster and I'm less out of breath. Like I said, this sh*t is great. May never do AS again.

  8. Ok, one negative effect now. I'm starting to break out a little on my forehead. Nothing crazy, but being only day 3, it could easily get worse.

    On a further note, I'll be dropping this in about 11 days and moving on to M5AA. I'm not considering doing this currently but I'm still curious, would stacking M5AA with clenbuterol be a good cutter without sh*tting out my liver?

  9. Up another 2 lbs for a grand total of 8 lbs in 4 days. Still no noticable lethargy, no more than usual anyway. Appetite is down, but I'm pushing through it. Did leg workout #2 today, went great. Everything went up considerably. No more news.

  10. No gym today, so I took some measurements. Arms are close to 19.5" now. Waist is the same. Chest is 49.25. I'll measure legs tommorrow. The measurments are off right now because of the killer workout yesterday. Weight gain is slowing down, I might consider stopping at the week mark depending on if gains are still going. No need continuing and risk shutting down harder if the gains aren't up to par. Might take a week off after that and then start the M5AA. We'll see though.......

  11. Just finished a chest workout. Had to change it up today, because on the first couple of sets of flat bench, I started feeling an uncomfortable pull in my left pec where I had slight tear back in July. So, I went to isolation movements for the rest of the workout and got a better than average workout out of it. My chest is definately dead and the pump was crazy. Anywayz, up another 3 lbs since 2 days ago for a total of 11 lbs in 6 days. Still feeling good, no lethargy. Still breaking out a little on my forehead but it's not getting any worse so screw it. Waist still hasn't gone up so that's a relief as to where the weight is going. Haven't got any replies as to my last post so "like a blind man at a urinal, I'm gonna have to feel my way around."

  12. The weight gain is great, I am amazed at th eamount you are puting on without any noticable sides other then acne. What was you question from the last post? Shold you stop after the end of this week and switch to the m5aa?

  13. Perfect timing as usual Sldge. Yeah, I weighed in today with no change. I think I'll drop the M1T and 4AD and call it a success before things go awry. No need pushing my natural test over the edge for any longer than necessary. I'm already getting funny looks at work. 11 lbs in 6 days can do that to you. I'll start the M5AA tommorrow and call it quits at no more than 2 weeks from now. So far, so good.....

  14. don't be content with 11lbs. Keep pushing yourself, for all you know half of that could be water.
    Keep the cycle going, i am amazed at your gains so far

  15. it's tempting bro, but at the same time, i'd freak out if i get off and lose a lot. now you've got me thinking though. damn, i'm gullible.

  16. don't stop..you've only just begun

  17. i'll stick with it for one more day. if i weigh in tommorrow the same as the previous two days, then i'm off and on to M5AA.

  18. Your gains seem great and like most people they are tapering off at around the 7-10 mark. Personally, I've been stopping my cycles when the gains stop at 7-10 days. I've done 14 day cycles with no difference in amount of weight gained or retained. I just look at it as saving product for future cycles, saving one's self from worse shut down and being liver friendly.

    With M1T more and longer doesn't seem to be better...although we haven't seen too many really long cycles yet.

  19. that's cool. it's just weird how abrupt it stops. almost makes me think i did something different. but like you said, bioman, it seems to be the norm.

  20. Thought:

    I wonder if you ran m-1-t alone until you stopped seeing gains and once that occurred add int he 4-ad?

    Kinda a little kick start to the cycle mid way through? Any thoughts on this?

    Just a theory running around my head


  21. not a bad idea, but it's too late for that with me. i've been taking 4 pumps a day (2 every 12 hours or so) since the start. mostly the 4AD is relied on to combat the sides of M1T anyway.

  22. Yeah I know it's too late for you but not for me LOL.

    I just started m-1-t today. I will be running 10mg (will up to max 20 if I don't see results) for 4 weeks.

    This is my first time with the product and I just want to assess it's effectiveness alone.

    If sides get to a point where I can't tolerate them... does ANYONE have any input about adding 4-ad half way through?


  23. You'd probably be fine doing that. I've run 2 M1T stand alone cycles and am finishing a M1T/4AD/1,4AD cycle.

    The addition of 4AD halfway through shouldn't impact your cycle negatively although the 4AD might take a while to kick in and alleviate the sides.

    The addition of the 4Ad/1,4AD to my cycle did not seem to add much LBM although it did give me additional energy and really kept my appetite going strong. M1T really kills my appetite.

    All in all I think adding 4AD just makes the M1T cycle more "comfortable" and a bit more productive, lol.

  24. Well, I gained 1 lb so I figure I'll stick it out for a little more. Checked in this morning at 258 for a 12 lb total gain so far. Did leg #1 today. Squats went good, gained an extra 10lbs plus 1 rep. But another side effect is my lower back is getting too pumped, to the point where it's difficult to walk. Feels very similar to a dbol pump. Couldn't finish deadlifts but I did what I could. Still no other sides, and the acne is starting to go away. Looking kinda forward to being done with this and moving on to M5AA but for now I won't ditch it until it ditches me.

  25. Ok, nevermind, it ditched me. Today I weighed in the exact same. Did back and bi's. Went good, gained about 10 lbs on each lift. So, the strength is still going up but I can get that out of M5AA and I'm looking forward to changing it up and stop rubbing this **** on twice a day. Look like a friggin pervert rubbing my chest, wife is laughing at me all the damn time. Anyway, I'm more than happy with the M1T and trans 4AD cycle, but the time has come to seek gains elsewhere. I'll be starting the M5AA tommorrow morning preworkout at 20mg.


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