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  1. Week three: day 7
    231lb up 7.5lb

    Sorry guys havenít posted in a couple days, but the weekend was pretty busy for me. Anyways, I have felt big strength gains lately and I can feel my arms and chest a little bigger, Ill be taking my measurements tomorrow. Have noticed lethargy lately but other than that, no other sides, so Ill post tomorrow and prob with a new weight gain too, cuz I feel bigger. Chow guys.

  2. Week four: day 1
    231lb up 7.5lb

    New stats (Still not much change)
    L arm=17.5in R arm=17.1in
    L forearm=13.5in R forearm=13.6
    Chest=44.5in Flexed=47
    Waist (belly button) =38.5in
    L quad 6Ē=21.5in R quad 6Ē=22in
    8Ē=24in 8Ē=24in
    L calve 4Ē=15in R calve 4Ē=15.5

    K took the stats today, not that much of a change, have noticed my muscles looking fuller and bigger. Had a good arm workout today, nothing major to report, felling pretty tired tho, so I'm going to keep this short. Ill post tomorrow, chow guys.

  3. keep it comin,
    im on the 4th day of my 1st week. hope im gonna like it.............

  4. Week four: day 3
    234lb up 10.5lb

    K I took my weight again this morning and saw that it was up to 10.5+, I feel a little bigger, but I think a lot of the weight is fat and not muscle. Anyways today was my day off so I donít have much to write, only have a few more days left on the first bottle, I'm really thinking about running it straight through with 4 quirts a day, but I'll prob just end up taking the 4 weeks off and running it again, plus I kind of want to get on some Nolva without feeling guilty I'm ruining my test levels. Ill have a good post tomorrow hopefully, chow guys.

    Hey guys sorry I havenít posted the last few days, I've had a **** load of school, anyways I've finished my first 4 weeks, it went pretty much as expected, Ill have the stats for you tomorrow, so we'll know how I did. My weight has definitely gone up, havenít noticed that much more fat, my arms have gotten a lot bigger, feel pumped all the time, chest workouts feel great, pushing up more weight each week. No gyno or symptoms thank god, nothing major to report on sides, no acne. Everything went smooth, my nuts might have gotten smaller, not to say I canít shoot a big load, sorry for the reference but I have to establish that one fact haha.

    I'll give you the run down on the PCT

    Liquid Nolva 40mg/day
    Bulgarian Tribulus 1500mg 45% some of you donít like trib and personally I could go either way but I figure why not
    Creatine 10g 5g before workout 5g after
    Plus all of the vitaminís I was on at the start:
    3 Glucosamine, Chondroitin 2700mg
    Milk Thistle 1500mg
    Multi vitamin
    I've also been shampooing with Nizoral 2%, damn that **** is expensive.

    Nolva 20mg/day
    Everything else the same

    Nolva 20mg/day
    Everything else the same

    Depending on how I feel I might run the nolva at 10mg but not if itís not needed I wonít run anything.

    Anyways, I'll give the measurement tomorrow, thanks for reading along with this. Ill be posting every week after tomorrow while I'm off the T-1 Pro so you can still come view the thread and ask questions, and once I start the other 4 week cycle Ill be back to everyday. Chow guys.

  6. Congrats on your gains!

  7. Did you ever finish your second 4 week run ???


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