Shyguy1 is back Epi/propadrol/tren250

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    Whassup all,

    Today will start my first day of my Epidrol/Propadrol/Tren-250 log.


    Strength and Fat loss, overall recomp.
    Not overly concerned with gaining overall mass as I am with gain strength and shedding fat.
    For those that may follow this log my diet will not be a true cutters diet but more like a lean bulkers.

    Main Cycle Supps

    Epidrol by hardcore formulations
    Propadrol by Est
    Tren 250 by GET

    My schedule will be
    30mgs of epi/60mgs of propadrol/75mgs of tren-250 week 1 and 2
    40mgs of epi/90mgs of propadrol/100mgs of tren-250 weeks 3-5
    90mgs of propadrol/100mgs of tren-250 week 6

    also may 11oxo bridge to pct but will decide around week 4.

    Other Supps

    NO Shotgun/NO Synthesize
    Amino 2222

    Workout will be a basic 5x5 style workout. On my last workout I did a modified 20rep squat program if you look up my name you can find the log. I was doing excellent until I was almost killed in a car accident where some dude wasn't paying attention. Anyway Let's see how this goes. This is the post before the workout, so i will post again after this workout and also give insight into diet and exact workout issues and weights.


    I would probably guess 25% bodyfat

    Also as i get closer to Pct time I will list the items and protocols. Alrighty let's get it.


  2. Well

    Let's see.

    Were at the end of week 2 and here are some pre-cycle poundages and then the current lifts.

    Flat Bench
    225x5 now 275x5 (have done 315x3, but with alot of help on the 3rd)

    Seated Military Press
    185x5 now 225x5

    275x5 above parallel now 315x5 deep

    Really no recent point of reference since I haven't done these in 8months but now I'm using 225x5

    Knowing the strength imbalances I have with legs and back, I figured a solid 5x5 program with 3x a week squats would help get my core strength up. And it has worked perfectly so far.

    Things I've noticed with the training:

    My bench seems like the lift where the most dramatic gains are coming in, I know the numbers may sound unbelieveable but these numbers are the gods honest truth. I wish that my squat and deadlift numbers would shoot up like that. Anyway I'll take it.

    What I've noticed about the cycle:

    Well not getting much side effect info on the tren-250 I didn't know it could effect blood pressure so much. Well the first week my pressure was so high that i almost quit the cycle. So I researched blood pressure supps and I've been taking about 3000mg of hawthorne berry and 300mgs of coq10 and believe it or not my blood pressure seems better than precycle and i have not had anymore issues.

    As far as body composition:

    I started with a lean bulk type diet where I cycled my carbs higher on my workout days and lighter on non workout days and I felt great at first, then I screwed up big time and ate junk the whole second week. I can tell that in that weeks time I'm holding on to some xtra fat. Now the first week with the cycled carbs my strength was still going up but I was down a pound or so. Now I'm up 8lbs (from 2weeks ago).

    So How do I remedy problem:

    I love to cook and when I prepare my own meals I tend to stay on track indefinitely, but the second I don't go grocery shopping and is kinda forced to eat out, all hell breaks loose. lol.

    I do notice increased fullness and prolonged pumped. Just started experiencing back pumps but only after squats.

  3. Current Stats:

    274lbs (+8)

    Here's how my workouts looked this week, actually this is the first week of the 5x5 program and the second of the cycle the first week I did alot of baseline stuff to get a idea where i was at.



    365x2 (too heavy to do correctly)
    315x5 (needed help to finish 5th so it was too heavy for this early in the program)

    Seated Military Press

    245x3 (again too heavy but i had to try it)

    Flat Bench

    315x3 (2 jumped off me like 225 and the last one felt like somebody put 4 more 45's on the bar at the top

    Tricep pressdown


    Now at the gym i attend 190 is the stack on the pressdown machine and it's hard but not hell, but on the lat pulldown machine 120 feels heavier than 190 on the pressdown machine so i'll note which machine a use to keep confusion down on the fluxation of poundages.

    Palms up tricep pressdown


    Hanging leg raises

    It's funny to watch peoples expressions when a damn near 300lb dude jumps up and does hanging leg raises. If only my damn abs were as ripped as my form on hanging leg raises, but that's my diet.

    Hammer strength ab machine


    Side crunches on hyperextention machine

    3x10-12 per side


    Went about the same except no millitary press Deadlifts and assistance work was some bicep work and more abs.Also flat bench was exchanged by inclines

    Workout similar to monday

    Incline Bench Press

    245x3 (felt i could have eeked out 2more but my form was breaking so it was too heavy to get benefit from)
    225x 5


    315x2 (got carried away)

    bicep curls


    I felt kinda tired this day but overall it still was a good day.


    Well today sucked two ways the first was i felt great and could get to the gym untill it was almost about to close and second, I was approaching new pr's with shortened rest periods. So if I could have gotten a little more rest in between sets, who knows but it's ok.

    Hell it's Midnight where i'm at and I'm exhausted so I'll finish more information on the log tommorrow.

    Thanks for all that are interested.

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