Epi Spread

  1. Epi Spread

    Today I go from 20mg ed to 30mg ed with epistane. I was thinking of taking 10mg 4am, noon, and then 8pm as I have heard the half life is around 8 hours. My question however is whether it would be a decent idea to take 10mg 9 hours before workout and then 20mg an hour before workout. Would this cause too much hormonal flux throughout the 24 hour day, or is this a good idea? Everyone claims they see best results when taking 40mg ed with 20mg before workout...... any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

  2. im not sure, i would prob leave them spaced.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    im not sure, i would prob leave them spaced.
    Yea seems logical. Only reason I question this is because most everyone claims they see best results on 40mg ed when taking 20mg before workout. Trying to associate possibility of the cause being 20mg before workout... Any other ideas on this would be appreciated.

  4. Nvm, my questions have been answered.... Search function is great... lol

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