My coworker bought some Blue Gene last week.

  1. My coworker bought some Blue Gene last week.

    Being the resident supplement guru at my place of business, my coworker asked me what test booster he should try. He's approx. 40 years old, in great shape. He told me "Tribulus products make me angry and give me strange dreams."

    I suggested he use Blue Gene, and gave him the link to purchase a box on the internet.

    This was (verbatim) what he said 4 days after using Blue Gene:
    "That stuff is awesome. I felt it working right away. It gives me lots of energy, and makes me feel like I'm 10 years younger."

    Blue Gene needs more love...

  2. I'm getting everybody in my gym hooked on Blue up I got like 10 people that want me to pick there supplements and to help them out!
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  3. I used this stuff a while back and loved it, the GNC where i was stationed at carried it while the one where im at now doesnt.. Very good product though i enjoyed it.
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