Green MAGnitude Acclaim Thread

  1. Green MAGnitude Acclaim Thread

    This thread will be devoted to the many positive reviews/acclaim surrounding Green MAGnitude. Feel free to post your own positive experiences with it as well.

    Here's a product description:

    From the company that brought you Green Bulge capsules...

    Green MAGnitude is the most advanced powder creatine matrix ever to reach the market and one of the first creatine products on the market to combine Magnesium Creatine Chelate (a patented form of creatine), with Dicreatine Malate (creatine bound with Malic Acid) to deliver synergistic benefits you can actually FEEL working during your workout.

    Magnesium Creatine Chelate and Dicreatine Malate are important during both anaerobic and aerobic workouts and are involved in the efficient production and utilization of ATP. This KEY COMBINATION also has oxygen-sparing effects and helps optimize mitochonddrial function to directly and indirectly "boost energy" during your workout or cardio session. As a bonus, when combined with Betaine Anhydrous, this potent combination may also help neutralize lactic acid build-up indirectly, and signal the body to use oxygen to burn fat as fuel.

    Taurine, Betaine Anhydrous, and Tyrosine have a wide variety of physiological and metabolic functions and were added to Green MAGnitude for potent volumizing, antioxidant, ergogenic, and cognitive benefits.
    Here's the first review:

    Overall rating
    Muscle gain
    Low side effects
    Recovery ability
    Mixes well
    Value for money
    This is my favorite creatine product, bar none. It has the best taste, mixes very well, and has a great ingredient profile. The forms of creatine used are advanced and dosed in adequate amounts, as is the Taurine and Tyrosine, both of which help with recovery and stamina in the gym.

    As far as creatine products go, this one does not contain any carbs, which I think are unnecessary in a creatine supplement such as Cell Tech. In addition, the price of Green Mag is very good and you get 80 servings, enough to last a long time whether you take it every day or only on workout days.

    Some people have had bad side effects based on the magnesium content, I am not one of those people but keep it in mind when considering this product. Other than that concern I can think of nothing that would keep someone from using this product day in and day out.
    That was from Supplement Reviews and Supplement Price Comparisons - More are on their way, and be sure to post your own benefits when using Green MAGnitude.

    By the way, as for people having stomach problems with the magnesium, Controlled Labs has since fixed that problem by altering the ratio. So now you have nothing to lose!!!

  2. So i recieved the samples for joining the CL forums, luv'd the green mag so much, that i went out and bought the 80serving tub, did get a sweet deal on it ..35$shipped to my door. I needed some good creatine, i was debating between green mag or cell mass ..and i went with green mag and do not regret it a bit.

    Lemonade - 10/10
    Apple - 9.5/10
    Lemonade taste a lil better then apple to me .. but i still got the apple flavored ..bc my preworkout creatine is lemonade flavor, plus i mix my bcaa's in crystal light lemonade also .. and wanted to change things up so i got the apple flavor.

    3 ways, i have used Green Mag
    I keep trying different ways to use green mag ...
    1Morning straight mixed in water .. i work everyday from 6-3 sometimes 4 i do need that kick start in the morning .. and i was using green mag to give me that extra strength through out the day
    2Pre workout drink .. i mixed in 3grams of [AEE, CREATINE GLUOCANITE, CITRULLINE MALATE] ofcourse the taste wasnt that same, but still it was decent tasting ..and gave me crazy strength through out the workout .. i stopped doing this, bc i have 3 prework out tubs stacked ..but this is a great and cheap and effective
    3During Workouts .. well i usually take watermelon Xtend .. and one day i mixed in Green Mag with unflavored bcaa's ..4g of leu, 2g of iso & val. although it gave me a great endurance .. i only did this once .. it just didn't taste that good when i mixed it in with bcaa complex .. but had to try it out once lol

    NEW4Great Pre Workout mix .. I tried this and it worked really well .. i mixed in 3G of Beta Alanine & 3-4MG of Yohimbine HCL into one scoop of Green Mag ..and had a great chest/tri workout day yesterday ..taste was still good even while mixing BA & YohimbineHCL

    OVERALL : i give this product a 10/10, for its taste, easy mixing, affordable price for the ingredients that is in it. I hear White Flood stacks well with green mag, might give it a try sometimes. Keep up the good work CL, just picked me up some OT at the sale u guys had

    That was from GQNemesis. More to come.

  3. 1 Week Green Magnitude Review


    The moment my lips touched the liquid emerald it felt as if i had kissed an angel. As it traveled down my throught it felt as if it had come from the ancient Aztec floating gardens and i began to get excited. If this had a legitimate orifice I may have already been a married man.

    Shook it up for 10 seconds and absolutely no clumps. YAY.


    Its only been a week, so no significant strength increases, but what i can say is this. I have never responded to any other creatine product(mono, Cee,etc.) however after only one week i have gained about 5 lbs of water weight, which i have never gotten with any other product! That means im responding!

    Ingredient Profile10/10

    Like I said before MCC and DCM is the first creatine I have ever responded to and that enough is for a 10 out of 10.Then CL decided to be generous and threw in betaine anhydrous, L taurine,magnesium, and L-tyrosine. I don't really know which ingredient does it but after taking it i feel awake and ready to hit the weights, WITHOUT A STIM! Once again ZERO calories, what else do i need to say?


    2 Words.....EIGHTY SERVINGS!!!! its such a good price for so many servings I mean come on the only way it could be better is if CL shipped it to you for free.(Hint, hint)


    A great product especially for those creatine non responders. Im sure that after running it for about a month many noticeable increases in strength will occur and you won't be dissapointed!

    Oh yeah, and it TASTES LIKE orgasm...Yes, orgasm.

    from clownbaby1.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Rudolph
    Woke up this morning, put 1 full scoop of GMAG, and 2 scoops PW in my shaker bottle, shook well, then 2 scoops GG in mouth then slammed. Green Apple and Grape tastes pretty good! Kinda like a fruit punch flavor.

    I ingested 2 more scoops GG, and 2 more scoops PW immediately prior to lift, then 2 more scoops PW immediately post. I'll post in detail my results and effects later on this evening after work. Workout was very very good! And it was not placebo effects.

    Thanks again Tank, PU, and crew, for the opportunity to test this highly anticipated product, that I've been wishing for, for a long time!


    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Rudolph
    Apologies for the delay, fell asleep shortly after dinner.

    Like I was saying, my workout went very well. The initial dose of GMAG to my present GG/PW regimen has already made an improved difference. First off, let me just say I've long past placebo effects, and I only get excited if a BB product works as described if not better. This is what I've experienced thus far:

    1) Increased strength, by at least 1 extra rep per muscle group.
    2) Increased endurance, by taking a bit longer to get fatigued, and a bit quicker to recover between sets.
    3) Increased fullness, by looking in the mirror, and worked muscle groups feeling heavier.
    4) Increased pumps, by being more constricted, a bit more painful, and lasting a little longer.
    5) Increased response, by faster acting, compared to capsules.

    Green Magnitude has exceeded my expectations on the very first dose. The next 79 servings are going to be very exciting! Once again CL, I believe you gotta another home run here! Step aside No-Xplode!

    One more thing. When choosing a powdered BB supplement, results to me are more important than flavor. I couldn't care less about taste. However, this Green Apple flavor is very good! Are you sure it has creatine in it?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Rudolph
    Well Day 2 Already,
    Dosing the same this morning. 1 GMAG/2 GG/ 2 PW, 30 min. pre, then 2 more GG, 2 more PW immediately pre, then finally 2 PW immediately post. Just like yesterday my results were;

    1) Increased strength, with additional reps.
    2) Increased endurance, longer to reach fatigue, and quicker recovery between sets.
    3)Increased fullness, my wife even noticed a difference, and worked muscles continue to feel heavy.
    4) Increased, more constricted, longer lasting pumps.
    5) Increased response, I'd say for me about 10 minutes quicker than capsules.
    6) Increased fondness of product.

    I knew bulk creatine by you guys would be effective! Day 2 and I'm already lovin' this stuff! Another thing that's great is this tubs' gonna last me over 2 1/2 months! SSSSWWWWEEEETTTT!!!!


  5. Quote Originally Posted by malky
    Green MAGnitude is the most advanced powder creatine matrix ever to reach the market and one of the first creatine products on the market to combine Magnesium Creatine Chelate (a patented form of creatine), with Dicreatine Malate (creatine bound with Malic Acid) to deliver synergistic benefits you can actually FEEL working during your workout.

    Now there are hundreds of reviews out there proving that this is indeed a solid product and one of the best creatine products on the market. As a result, no I am not going to bloat Green magnitude's already high reputation . This review is on their new flavour, Electric Lemonade.

    I can honesly say that this is the most delicious creatine product I have ever tasted. It tastes like cool-aid and I feel like I am treating myself to a dessert when drinking this thing. I am one of the very few that isn't too fond of the sour green apple flavour and if you are too, I suggest you give this flavour a try. I don't think there is anyone on the face of this earth who will not enjoy this product.

    So I give the new flavour a 10/10. It is absolutely delicious.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by warriors
    Thanx to tank and the CL crew for sending out the samples. I got them fairly quick as well. Good job on the design of the packets also

    Taste: I've been hearing all the rave about how good Green Mag. taste and since I'm a pretty big green apple fan I was excited about trying it. After trying it now I see why everyone raves about it b/c it taste's awesome. It doesn't even taste like a supplement to be honest. Very nice apple flavor with a hint of tartness. Good job CL on the flavoring. Overall Rating: 10/10

    Mixability: Mixed up fine in a shaker cup. Overall Rating: 10/10

    Even though I havent tried a full bottle to judge it's effectiveness, I can tell by the ingredients and using products with MCC and Di-Creatine Malate that it's pretty solid. For the servings, price, and ingredients you can't really go wrong with Green Mag IMO.

  7. That's what I'm talking about.

  8. Overall rating
    Muscle gain
    Mixes well
    Value for money
    Green MAGnitude I recently got to try some Controlled Labs Green Magnitude and personally loved it. I only took it for a few days but I could really recognize what it did to my body. With the first serving all I could tell was that the taste of Sour Apple was amazing and I felt kind of pumped up to go to the gym. After a couple days my lifts started to slowly climb and I knew that my strength was going up a little which is great after just a short period of time. This product mixes well and is the best tasting product I have ever tried. Controlled Labs is an amazing company and coming from them I knew this product wouldn't let me down and it didn't.

  9. Green MAGnitude Review

    * 0

    I've tried almost every Controlled Labs product, and this creatine matrix is my favorite. I think I owe it to myself, this product and the company to give a detailed and honest review for interested parties.

    Taste: 8.5/10

    The taste is Sour Green Apple and it does not disappoint. It tastes pretty much like candy! Think of a green Jolly Rancher in water. This product is a treat to drink. Best used with a good amount of cold water (otherwise it will be slightly sour.) It also tastes extremely well when mixed with Purple WRAATH, Xtend and Excell.

    Mixibility: 10/10

    I don't usually give out 10's but this mixes very well. It is a fine powder that has no problems or clumping, and stays mixed.

    Value: 9/10

    At 80 servings for around $33, it's hard to beat. You may even get more than that out of this product if you use the 2/3 scoop to make up for the settling issue. I've been on the same tub for months now, it's the never ending creatine. It's great when your trying to save money, which everyone always is!

    Effectiveness: 8.5/10

    I can't say much about creatine's effectiveness. We all know it's working on some level but when you've used things like superdrol and pheraplex etc, it's hard to say something gives you superhuman strength and stamina. But after a couple days using Green MAG and only Green MAG, I could definately tell a difference. My strength and endurance was higher. I was pushing more reps and I was fatiguing less.

    Overall: 9/10

    Overall this product was a terrific buy for me. I was looking for an "All-in-One" product for pre workout. After trying and being unsatisfied other products, I picked this one. The formula is complete - I've elaborated on it below. I also found the taste to be a treat for me. This is a creatine I will always use, I'm no longer "in the market" for a new product.

    Elaboration on Green MAGnitude

    One of the most advanced creatines on the market today is Controlled Lab's Green MAGnitude. Personally, it is one of the best pre-workout volumizers I have ever used. The taste, cost efficiency and overall benefits of this product speak for themselves. But what makes this product stand out above the rest? We'll research the ingredients, dosage and synergestic effects in the following essay in hopes to find out!

    The backbone of this product, as advertised in the name, is Magnesium Creatine Chelate (MCC). There also is a second type of creatine called dicreatine-malate. Both types of creatines are dosed @ 2.5g/serving. MCC is absorbed through the ligand-gated cation channel, wherein regular creatine monohydrate is absorbed through a sodium carrier. Whether or not this pathway is more effective than tradtional creatine has yet to be determined; however we know that it is essentially as effective (1), but anectodal evidence has been very positive for this compound. Meanwhile, dicreatine-malate is essentially creatine bonded with malic acid. The purpose of this marriage is that malic acid plays a vital role in ATP production. Healthcare professionals will recommend malic acid supplementation for muscle soreness and fatigue with little to no reported side effects up to dosages of 1600mg twice per day (2). This is the synergy that makes this product so great. You have dual-pathway creatine uptake along with malic acid bonded to the creatine for increased ATP production. Users report not only strength output increase, endurance and muscle fullness, but also recovery of muscular energy and a reduction of delayed-onset muscle soreness.

    On top of the advanced creatine matrix this product contains, it has some more ergogenic additions. Containing 2000mg of Betaine Anhydrous, a vitamin derived from choline, is shown to cause fat loss by the oxidation of lipids, lowering homocysteine levels, promoting lean mass gains and appetite, and supporting general digestive function (3).

    The next compound we explore is the widely used L-Taurine, dosed 2000mg. Taurine has been shown in studies to lower blood pressure (4). It is one of the most abundant amino acids found in muscles and the central nervous system, and is thought to regulate muscle contractions, water balance and energy levels. There is also various feedback on Taurine alleviating depression. It is safe and has little to no side effects for most users. Taurine has shown the ability to lower muscle damage from intense exercise, and improve performance. (5)

    The final ingredient in Green MAGnitude is L-Tyrosine. Tyrosine is a precursor of Dopamine, which can promote mental alertness, focus and energy. There is also evidence to show it will help alleviate mental fatigue and depression. (6)

    This product is a complete pre-workout formula to improve strength, decrease recovery time, and promote muscle stamina and pumps. The compounds and ingredients are safe, effective, and studied in both the medical fields, and, anecdotally in the bodybuilding community. Between the synergenic effects of dual pathway creatine uptake, increased energy from taurine, mental alertness from Tyorsine and overall health benefits from Betaine anhydrous, you can know that when you take this product it will enhance your body safely and take your workouts to the next level.

    Note: Please consult your physician before starting any supplementation or exercise program.

    1. Treatment with Super Malic: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover pilot study. Russell IJ; Michalek JE; Flechas JD; Abraham GE; J Rheumatol, 22(5):953-8 1995 May]
    2 Selsby JT, DiSilvestro RA, Devor ST. Mg2+-creatine chelate and a low-dose creatine supplementation regimen improve exercise performance. J Strength Cond Res. 2004 May;18(2):311-5
    3 Schwab U, Torronen A, Toppinen L, Alfthan G, Saarinen M, Aro A, Uusitupa M. Betaine supplementation decreases plasma homocysteine concentrations but does not affect body weight, body composition, or resting energy expenditure in human subjects. Am J Clin Nutr. 2002 Nov;76(5):961-7.
    4 Nara Y, Yamori Y, Lovenberg W. Effects of dietary taurine on blood pressures in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Biochem Pharmacol 1978;27:2689-2692.
    5 Dawson Jr R, Biasetti M, Messina S, Dominy J. "The cytoprotective role of taurine in exercise-induced muscle injury." Amino Acids 2002;22(4):309-24
    6 Romanowski, W, and Grabiec S. The role of serotonin in the mechanism of central fatigue. Acta Physiol Pol 25: 127-134, 1974.

  10. [youtube]uCk0BydX1AQ&feature=related[/youtube]







    Email: pt [at]

  12. That picture is priceless!!!


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