Help Name the New AX preworkout.

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  1. Help Name the New AX preworkout.

    Hey fellas,

    Anabolic Xtreme has been working hard on a little Pre-Workout Energy Drink Mix Supplement. It's gonna come in pre-measured packets. Mix, enjoy, and kick some ass!

    Unfortunately, we used up every last drop of creativity into formulating it.

    Bad news for us, GREAT news for you

    We're looking some ideas for a sick name. Something that lets everyone know, this supplement is gonna J"AX" you up for your workout.

    This contest is gonna be on a couple of other boards.

    Your Incentive: Best name idea gets $300 worth of AX supplements.

    So let's hear what you guys can come up with.
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  2. Forbidden Matrix
    Plasma Rage?

    It's kinda hard trying to think of a kick ass name

  3. renegade - defying the laws of pre-workout supplementation!

    You can tell that I really want that 300 dollar AX supp stack cant you? Ive been meaning to give Hyperdrol,Mass FX and Retain 2 a try. Nows the perfect chance....

  4. tantrum

  5. Iron Destroyer-Power,Focus and YOU!
    True Intesity-The only way to bring it all out!
    Insane Edge-You'll be crazy for lifting.
    Xtreme Ignitor-You have it all now!
    Mental Twitch-(after your truely) haha

  6. Mass Focus-You'll only be thinking about gettin' HUGE!
    Annihilator (Annihilate)-The weights will feel your pain!
    Enforce-Become the enforcer!

  7. XVA-Xtreme Volume Anarchy!!
    Plasma Induced Carnage

  8. Xtreme Annihilation

  9. AX to Grind
    Recent log:

  10. cryo-anabolic growth-inducing overload! Lol.
    Recent log:

  11. AX=mc˛
    Recent log:

  12. these comin in the crystal light type packets???

    in in the irvine, ca area right now theres a small company out doing a similar thing with energy drink packets and theyve named it BLOW.... coolest ad campaign item they are using are stickers that say blow on the front, on the back of the peel off are the instructions to place the sticker in som rare, unusual or entertaing spot take a snap shot of it or with it and send it in to their site with chances of the pic getting posted and a reward of a free packet of blow.... btw it also comes with a card and the pwder is solid and you have to break up the powder with the card first and then pour the powder pile into your drink LMAO i was dying when my bro showed me it.

    ANYWHO cool ad idea i say you guys snag

    and for my name ideas:

    crAX energy drink

    powderbolic xtreme energy

    Alpha Male extreme energy drink (unleash the beast)

  13. pour the roar

    Roar (like this one kinda sounds like rampage but still diff enough)

    LMAO make a effervesent and call it

    Alphaseltzer Extreme

  14. Depth Charge
    Silver Back Gorilla Semen
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  15. Xtreme DrinX (if it comes in multiple flavors)

  16. Drinxabolic

  17. Insta stimX

  18. snAX PACK(s)

    haha...this is actually pretty sick...simple...but effective.

    <---Marketing Major

  19. AXDrenaline

  20. AdrenalineX

  21. Hustle

    Inner FX

    Inner Fury

    and last but not least...


  22. Quote Originally Posted by manifesto View Post
    snAX PACK(s)

    haha...this is actually pretty sick...simple...but effective.

    <---Marketing Major
    wow i hate to BUT i def have to agree... pure genuis sir.

  23. Stim pAX

    sorry gotta play on a good idea

  24. NO Axplode LOL....jk


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