P-Slin by USPLabs-USP naming contest-Big BIG big BIG winner!

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    P-Slin by USPLabs-USP naming contest-Big BIG big BIG winner!

    USP stands for Unique Selling Point which is often referred to as the tag line of a supplement.

    For example, Anabolic Pump?s USP is "Real Pump Real Muscle Real Lean Real Fast." I'm usually pretty good at creating our USP, but with P-Slin, I have writers block.

    I am launching "HELP USPlabs create a USP for P-Slin contest" and the winner receives a year supply of P-Slin, Anabolic Pump, PowerFULL, and Super Cissus Rx. I'm so lazy that I will send the year supply in one shipment. You will receive 48 bottles at once. If you chose to shower with them...well keep that between you and yourself.

    USP is powerful statement that reflects the nature of the product. The statement can be 1 or 20 words. If you have a brilliant 40 word USP...bring it on.

    P-Slin is a break-through supplement so the USP needs to shine bright to justify our innovation!

    P-Slin by Pure Supplements/USPlabs

    To widen the market appeal and to expand USPLabs past it's current horizons, we have decided to branch out the company to produce a new line of products called PURE SUPPLEMENTS. This line will be owned and operated by USPLabs with a different flair, and focus on several single and double ingredient products designed to maximize your efforts in and out of the gym environment. PURE SUPPLEMENTS will have it's own website, it's own marketing team, and it"s own line of products.

    To properly launch our premium new brand, we are proud to bring you PURE's brand new flagship product. We call it P-Slin. You will remember it as one of the best you've used.

    P-Slin represents the next big leap in pre-workout supplementation. We want you to see it, use it, and feel it first hand. I can go on and on about the endless benefits of using P-Slin, but in the end, talk is cheap. P-Slin will be on the market in 2 weeks, 3 weeks at the most, this much we know. At the same time, we at USPLabs would like to actively sponsor 5 testing threads for this supplement. What we are looking for are able-bodied, experienced weight lifters who have had extensive experience in supplementation usage. What we will supply is enough P-Slin for 1 month, all to be used prior to your training sessions or first thing in the morning.

    What Does P-Slin Do?

    A: P-slin is a unique pre-workout supplement designed to maximize carb uptake into the muscles. It?s main ingredient serves as the shuttle that preferentially delivers pre-workout carbs directly to where they matter the most: your muscles. With this preferential treatment of muscle cells as opposed to fat cells, the end user will experience a pump like no other. Along with the pumps comes incredible vascularity, the kind you will feel and see. All this is done without the usage of NO components used in other products. We are not against NO product usage by any means, but since none is in P-Slin, an additional NO product can be used in combination to produce even more mind-blowing pumps (if you so desire).

    For the end user, P-Slin is the next big weapon for your ever growing arsenal in this war against genetics. P-Slin, much like it?s cousin Anabolic Pump, helps your body process nutrients much more efficiently than it would on it's own. To grow, we must cover every single angle, whether it be cortisol, testosterone, gh, or insulin. The end goal is to help our bodies overcome as many genetic shortcomings as possible so it start to resemble the efficiency of someone with more advanced genetic traits. One such trait is a more positive nutrient partitioning effect, which dictates what goes to grow muscle and what goes to be stored as fat. P-Slin levels the playing field a little bit for those of us who doesn?t quite have the ability to partition nutrients the way we want to. After all, who cares if we eat 5k in calories and put on 10lbs in the process, if 7 of it is in the form of fat?

    What is in P-Slin?

    A: P-Slin is a very simple product. It uses few ingredients to deliver maximum benefits.. It is not a kitchen-sink product with dozens of minor ingredients thrown in. The active ingredients in P-Slin are engineered extracts of Lagerstroemia speciosa and Gymnestra sylvestre. This is the essence of Anabolic Pump without the other ingredients to slow down the fast-acting purpose of this product. P-Slin is designed to work fast, to work efficiently, and to work simply.

  2. P-Slin "The First and Last word in pre workout supplementation"

  3. P-Slin "In your war against genetics, meet your newest weapon"

  4. P-Slin - Loading your guns for the battle against the iron
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. "P-Slin, the SUPER SHUTTLE for all your pre-workout nutrition"

  6. P-SLIN
    -You wouldnt go to war with an empty cartridge, so why would you workout with one? Maximize your preworkout mix with the king of carb-loaders - P-SLIN!!!!

  7. P-Slin like pining "slin" without the need for a persciption!

    I don't know how good that is...But can I test it well using other products?

  8. Enjoy Carbs, Lift Hard
    Athletic Xtreme Rep
    [email protected]
    Ask me about the Athletic Xtreme Product Line

  9. "Dont waste your carbs. Make them work as hard as you do. Try P-SLIN, the next generation of preworkout supplementation!"

  10. I could add to my log of other products,

    Started AP with low carbs

    Uh, please?. I would be stacking it with AP!. Fun! Also a different point of view from that weird crazy insane guy t-bone on anabolicminds!. He is nuts!. I do things differently!. What do you want me to beg?. Have mercy on me!.

  11. P-Slin...Power where you need it, pumps where you feel it, muscle where you want it.

  12. P-Slin- The Metabolic Advantage

    P-Slin - Taming you insulin resistance for life!

    P-Slin - Your choice for the treatment of Syndrome X

  13. P-Slin - Maximizing The Effects of Endogenous Anabolic Hormones

  14. "Lean muscle catalyst, increased endurance, explosive strength, skin tearing pumps"

  15. "Eating carbs without P-slin is like doing a fatchick. It might feel good at first, but you'll regret it later"

  16. "Supercharge your carbs, turn average vascularity into rope-like striations, get bigger and leaner all at once. Its time to take the next step. Step into the world of P-Slin and transform yourself into the monster you always wanted to be"

  17. "get big, get lean, get P-slin"..ok...these sound cheesy..lol

  18. P-Slin - Your anabolic Sling Shot!.

  19. "P-Slin, If carbs are the peanutbutter, then this is the jelly. You just cant have one without the other"


  20. "Sure you CAN workout without Pslin. You can chose to be just AVERAGE or you can chose to be ELITE. The choice is yours!!"

  21. p-slin, "welcome to the 21st century,prepare the enviroment,pump the muscle and reap the benefits of p-slin"

  22. To be or not to be...with P-Slin you will be.

  23. Wow, everyones is so good. Hmm, don't think I can compete..


    "Delivering pre-workout nutrition efficiently and directly to the source, muscle. P-slin's unique profile differs from traditional NO products, yet delivers the same skin ripping pumps. P-slin is truly a weapon of mass construction."

  24. "Pump up your insulin sensitivity; Great workouts that explode your muscles not your heart"

    Focus on 2 things:

    1. Caffiene content of products like NO-Xplode (when moving into a greater market this is your key competitor)

    2. The growth of type 2 diabeties and its relation with the obesity epidemic

    - These are brief outlines because I think my Yellow gold is making me a bit hypo to think cleary, will expand this if you see potential.

  25. Some of these are friggin hilarious!!

    I just fell out of my chair...


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