Houston, We Have A Solution!

  1. Houston, We Have A Solution!

    Work With RXS This Labor Day Weekend!

    Most of you are aware of the devastating hurricane that hit the Houston, Texas area. I share a personal connection to this disaster. My father lives in an area that Harvey impacted dramatically. His town is essentially an island. Families are being rescued by boat and helicopter. Water facilities have been shut off. Lives have been significantly impacted.

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    Here at RXS, @TheMyth and I want to do our part to help all of those who have been impacted by this storm. Instead of doing the typical Labor Day sale like everyone else, we feel it is necessary to raise the bar and give back to those who are in need. We will donate the profits of this sale to the Hurricane Harvey relief fund. It's simple and goes like this.

    Use coupon code: "HarveyHelp" at rxssupplements.com/radiate to get Radiate for only $34.99** (That's over 40% OFF!!!) + Shipping.

    With this code, every jar purchased, RXS will donate $15 to the Hurricane Relief Fund.
    2 jars = $30 donated
    3 jars = $45 donated
    4 jars = $60 donated

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    You see where we are going with this! We have the opportunity to raise some LEGIT funds to help those who need it most. So don't miss out! This offer ends Monday 9/4/17 at 11:59pm CST.

    Lets all GET LIT and Help Houston!
    RXS Supplements
    [email protected]


  2. High class right there.

  3. I just saw this on Facebook a little while ago. This is awesome. I really like the fact that RXS is stepping up and contributing as much as they can.

  4. Between giving away 50 JUGS of Radiate and now donating the profits to Hurricane relief, really speaks to RXSSupplements as a company and their commitment to people. Hats off to you guys!!
    Twenty-Two Until None
    I Am My Brothers Keeper

  5. You guys are awesome !!!!!
    -Chaos and Pain Rep -

  6. This is awesome! I love it!

  7. This is awesome.
    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

  8. You guys are amazing

  9. amazing, wish i didn't just buy a car because i'm broke.....tried to do my part and donated like 20 pairs of shoes to a relief fund, maybe i should spend less money on shoes and i would have more money for supplements
    Muscle Research Board Rep

    AM10 for 10% off at Mrsupps.com

  10. big league!
    Pro God, Pro Gun, Pro Life.

  11. That's awesome that RXS is doing this!
    Official Strong Supplement Shop Board Rep
    Join Us In The Pursuit of Strength - Go Strong!

  12. Great stuff, guys!
    "At the water's edge, I bowed my head to drink, only to drown.
    Retrace, then return. Time won't take us back.""

  13. Awesome guys.. I will do what I can. Couple tubs order coming your way.

  14. Just scraped up enough funds to place an order.

    You guys are awesome.

  15. For those that have reached out to Monte and I personally, you know we didn't start this company to get rich quick and live like kings. We want to change the Industry for the better and do some good while we are on this planet. Some have questioned why we would not want to be filthy rich like many others and to those we've told that we are happy where we are in life and all we want is to have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and food on our plates. If we can do this without anyone else telling us what to do and when to do it then we will both me more than happy. While everyone else is using this weekend to profit, Monte and I didn't feel right profiting while others are suffering. Yes we are a business and this is typically a huge weekend for business to profit from, but we both talked about this in depth and it just didn't sit right with us. We decided to take all our profits from whatever sales we get this weekend to do something good, to do whatever small part we could to help out. So in hind-site, 1 weekend of lost profits is the least we could do for what will be years of rebuilding for many families. We have future plans to do more good on this planet if we make it to where we want to be, just gotta get there first!
  16. Houston, We Have A Solution!

    Our donation promotion has been extended through Friday. If you did not get a chance to hop on our deal and also contribute to the Hurricane Relief efforts, here is your chance!
    RXS Supplements
    [email protected]

  17. Today is the last day for our Donation Promo. Donít miss out!

    Best price on the market right now and the profits help Hurricane Harvey Victims!

    Thank you all for your support!
    RXS Supplements
    [email protected]

  18. Quote Originally Posted by MonteRXS View Post
    Today is the last day for our Donation Promo. Don’t miss out!

    Best price on the market right now and the profits help Hurricane Harvey Victims!

    Thank you all for your support!
    No! thank you
    Pro God, Pro Gun, Pro Life.

  19. This means a lot to us man! Houston really appreciates your efforts. Thank you
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  20. I don't remember saying it, but if I did (Old Guy Syndrome) Good on you! for doing this.
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    15% code: MARK15 Want to know more?

  21. Was going to buy a tub when I got paid Friday then we got hit with our own hurricane. Had to get my family out of the state which cost a good bit of money. Sorry i missed out guys... Love what y'all are doing though. Truely care more about people than anything which is refreshing.
    Anima Vestra
    Anima Vestra



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