Chemical one AND legendary for TWO WINNERS!

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  1. Cool Chemical one AND legendary for TWO WINNERS!

    We are at it again with a simple giveaway!
    2 chemical one
    2 legendary
    Epicat + laxo+1-dhea = win, not much more to be said.

    If you need more, Some great reading to be done about the products over at
    Got some hot pix for you as well.

    Chemical one facts panel
    Name:  chem1.png
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Size:  124.8 KB

    Legendary facts panel
    Name:  legweb.png
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Size:  81.0 KB

    This 8 week stack will be sure to get your blood and gains flowing.

    Simply post below for a chance to win. We would love a log done but it's not required.
    Sign up to our newsletter (which is here: to get the latest info on EVERYTHING Chaos and Pain including secret SALES, AND throw us a follow on our instagram and facebook if you want.
    Online community manager/lead rep of Chaos and Pain,LLC and Fundamental Nutrition.Check us out! Follow me on instagram:@pyrobatt

  2. Who wouldn't want 8 weeks of awesomeness!!!
    AgeForce Rep

  3. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhh !!!! Back to back giveaways
    Alpha20 - Chaos and Pain 20% off your order today.
    PM with any questions bros!

  4. Like those profiles

  5. ~~Posting!!~~ I would love to win either of those products!

  6. In for sure - c1 has @thorsdad31 glowing recommendation

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Tank999 View Post
    In for sure - c1 has @Thorsdad glowing recommendation
    Yes sir legitness anyone who wins this should be thrilled!!!
    I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength

  8. Good luck everyone!
    Use WES15 for 15% off at

  9. @hazard12 ooooohhh boy here we go again.. it's Christmas!!!!! .. if you win that is lol I'm Dying to try a C&P product... fingers crossed 🤞 will definitely log this and give it the best run.. already got PCT and everything just need the Andros which is pretty funny that I stumbled upon this post

  10. C&P all up in the generous promos grill... 👏👊

  11. Chaos and Pain started small but whoa man are they making a Bang in the game now! Wayne did one heck of a job!
    Current Log:

  12. Love the stack. Great looking stuff! I may try the legendary and suma together to bring up the laxo dose a bit. Nonetheless good sh1t. Props!

  13. That's some great but simple innovation right there

  14. This stack looks insane! I've been wanting to try out c&p and if I didn't just buy tickets to Cabo, I would've splurged on some legendary. Been looking for a badass epi/laxo product lately and that certainly caught my attention.

  15. Nice !

    Use Code 'Rocket5' for 5% off at

  16. Super easy promo. Wow.

    Throwing my ticket into the draw. Good luck everyone.
    @pyrobatt what is the ingredient capsorb for? I have never seen that included in a supplement before.
    Chemical Engineer and Canfitpro Certified personal trainer

  17. Holy moly what a give away
    Chaos and Pain goes hard

  18. @ALX393 Ey, this looks awesome! This is a a sick stack by itself forsure! Although If id win it, I might throw it at the beginning or end of my cycle to give it a nice push. I agree on the trying a C&P product. Their stuff looks A+ quality and ive yet to try a 1-andro product actually haha. By they way, yall are the real MVP for hooking new people up with a safe and effective cycle! I just hope everyone signing up knows how to do a proper PCT, other than that this is great!

  19. Im in for sure! Can't pass up this opportunity!
  20. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    The Solution's Avatar

    How much GAINZ could one expect off this stack?
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  21. In! I've yet to try 1 andro or any epicat product. I'd be willing to log as well. Gotta love chaos and pains generosity. Not to mention the labeling always looks sick!

  22. Down for this fo sho!!!

  23. This is going to attract a lot of people!
    Love how you guys are putting up back to backs to support this forum!

    Good luck to whomever wins this stack.
    I think you should log it.

    - I'm not in this contest, already won the last one.
    I am an ambassador of being healthy; fit, and smart.
    15% code: MARK15

  24. In ;-)

  25. C&P is killing it with these giveaways! Already on the newsletter and instagram feed.

    I've got three months left of a slow recomp/cut for Summer and training for a obstacle race. I'd love to log (I know not required, but still the least I could do...) how well ChemOne and Legendary prepares me for both those goals!

    Thanks for the great opportunity!
    I <3 Carbs


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