Need to shred some fat? 10 people WILL when they log Dexaprine XR

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  1. Yea buddy! Email sent! Can't wait to try it!!

  2. Would love to try. I was a chubby kid and now people can't believe how far I've come. Still have that lower belly pouch and trying to get rid if it.

  3. Done. Thank you. Love iForce!

  4. Thank you!! Sent!

  5. Currently winding down another Thermo log and would like to hop onto something new. If this is anything like some of the old Iforce products like Bold/Methadrol as it relates to their quality and efficacy, this stuff will be great.

    Just started tracking my calories (intake/expenditure) and really trying to shed for my beach thong......JK about the thong thing. keyword SuppTalk Radio

    Muscle Research Code AM10

  6. Quote Originally Posted by HRTthensome View Post
    I would love to log your fat burner I'm 46 yrs old 222 pounds 21 percent bf. tried many fat burners and they worked to get me down 24 pounds but now I've hit a plateau. Can this be the product to help me get to 200 pounds whataya say we find out !!! thanks for your consideration
    Matt Schafer

  7. Quote Originally Posted by HRTthensome
    Winners have already been selected

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  8. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    Winners have already been selected Mike
    Bummer missed it
    I will work for supplements!

  9. I got mine yesterday, took the first dose today begone breakfast. First I just felt kinda giddy, really good mood and all. Next thing I know, I'm goin 150mph!! It's gonna be a fun day!

  10. Got mine 2 days ago!! Here's my log! Dexaprine XR!! Shred fat!!


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