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  1. Also, Potassium helps carry oxygen to the brain. This nutrient is very essentential for healthy brain function, due to it playing a role in supplying the neurotransmitters with the sparks in the brain to send signals to our nerves. This mineral is also vital when it comes to having healthy nerve function. As for the brain it has been noted that potassium is good for relieving headache inflicting allergies.

  2. I thought ingredient in #6 was epimedium. Didnt read previous answers. My bad. Anyways.. #7 or 8) reduces oxygen cost of exercise.
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  3. Bump
    "Dynamic Trio's Superior Third"

  4. Already got my straps.. Thanks guys !

  5. Who did you send your shipping info to?
    "Dynamic Trio's Superior Third"

  6. I didn't know they asked for winner addy's yet?

  7. Vaughn are you waiting for all 10 winners first before you ship product? Just curious

  8. I just sent my info to Vaughn he took care of getting them to me extremely fast

  9. haven't got mine yet but i just pm'd vaughn my stuff when i was picked

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post
    haven't got mine yet but i just pm'd vaughn my stuff when i was picked
    I live like 2 hrs from where they ship. I get mine fast

  11. Are we supposed to send shipping info?

  12. if i said you were a winner, yes send me your shipping info
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  13. got my tropinol today....log starts tomorrow

  14. Iforce and Vaughn thanks again got the straps today and man they are quality!!!!


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