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  1. Final Review:

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    Final Review:

    I want to start out by saying thanks again to EV52 for picking me to log Vidatest. I want to start out by stating I firmly believe this product does exactly what they say it will do. I started logging this product with hopes that it will aid in recovery of my body after my workouts 4-5 days per week and give me more energy throughout the day. My main goal wasn't to make huge strength gains but I did see some nice results that I am happy with.

    The one major change I noticed was the increase in libido. I started seeing the increase about a week or so in after I started taking it and I did feel a lot more stimulated to my environment, which almost got me in trouble a few times. My g/f loved the extra lovin' she was getting. :-) I enjoyed the libido boost a lot.

    I also noticed I slept a lot deeper while taking VT. I woke up feeling energized and positive; like I wasn't worn out from the previous days workout session. I didn't feel tired all the time either which was a very nice change for me; some mornings it is almost euphoric. I still got sore from the workouts but it seemed to be for a shorter period of time. Before the soreness would last 3-4 days but with VT it was lasting only 2-3 days tops. This allowed me to hit the major muscle groups more often while feeling fully recovered.

    For strength I did make some gains but overall it wasn't anything huge like a true PH / steroids would offer but that wasnt an option for me and strength gains were not my primary focus. I am up roughly 15-20 pounds on bench, 20 pounds on back / lat exercises, 5 pounds on biceps, and 25-30 on legs. I also saw decent triceps strength gains; up about 2 plates (roughly 16-20 pounds). Legs recently started working out so it is easier to gain there for me whereas biceps I didn't gain much but kept size. Overall I am up roughly 4 pounds of which most is muscle mass; I actually went from 16.5% bf to 15.3% bf per my last caliper test. I am right at 172 pounds which is 4 pounds heavier than I started.

    In the gym I did seem to have more focus and energy. I also didn't need to take the pre-workouts to get that pumped / amped state and had that "I am going to kill it" attitude. Not buying all of these pre-workouts saved me some good money; you figure 90 days is roughly $60-$80 worth of savings which is more than this product even costs with even less benefits.

    All I can say is give it a try; it worked very well for me and all the other folks who were chosen to log it. I am open to any questions that might come up so if I missed something please let me know.

  2. Anyone got any new reviews?

  3. Ill have one very soon almost through my bottle

  4. Quote Originally Posted by standon23 View Post
    Ill have one very soon almost through my bottle
    Thanks man!

  5. No contest pick me and that is the end of it.

    Honestly would love to log it the label seems unappealing like you know the products but together they might offer a powerful synergy.



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