*** SUPPLEMENT GIVEAWAY!! *** Details inside

  1. *** SUPPLEMENT GIVEAWAY!! *** Details inside

    Supplement Giveaway!! - YouTube

    Follow the simple rules for a very good chance (cuz it seems like people are just passing on this) to win a 2kg jug of vanilla whey protein, 180 tablets of universals natural sterol complex, 18 protein bars with 23 grams of protein in each and last but certainly not least a bottle of ES3 Triple Phase Anabolic Agent (anti aromotise natural testosterone crap) !!!!

    I do not take supplements anymore as i feel they give me acne, and i have no problem paying shipping costs as they wont cost that much and it is worth the subscribers. This isnt a lame scam as I feel this is a great way to gain more subscribers and activity on my youtube page to gain more popularity. You dont however gain popularity by screwing people over. So dont worry If your name is pulled you will be sure to get your prizes . All name pulling will be done on film also. If all steps are done (sub, comment, like) then your name will be in the "hat" 3 times, making your chance of winning greater.


    If i get alot of subscribers I will buy more prizes so that chances of winning are even greater.

    Thanks guys and gals (although i doubt gals would want a natural sterol complex or anti aramotise LOL)

    Don't forget to sub, comment and like !!

    Work hard and enjoy life peace!

  2. Take what you got! ;-)

  3. sub'd

  4. Sub!
    I pick things up... and i put em down...

  5. ...but i'll pass

  6. Quote Originally Posted by _mArs_ View Post

    ...but i'll pass

    suit yourself..


  7. If you guys have done everything needed to enter, make sure you post on my channels wall saying what forum you are from and what your username on it is.

  8. are you a sponsor here?

  9. I'm pretty sure he's not... but... he's giving away free stuff for watching his YouTube channel.... not a bad deal imo lol.
    RecoverBro ELITE


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