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  1. Help spread the Taurus Facebook page and win


    Then this is the promo for you!

    It is simple:
    First go to the Taurus Nutrition Facebook page here:

    Taurus Nutrition | Facebook

    Click the "Like" button

    Then just simply click the "suggest page to friends" link and send to as many friends as you can

    The member who gets the most people to "like" the page wins!

    It is that simple!

    Now you may be asking how are we going to tell who got the most people to "like" the page.

    Well I am glad you asked that! In order for it to count you need the person to post on the Taurus Facebook page saying who referred them. The can say your name or your AM username.


    Now for what you all been waiting for....


    The winner will get their choice of which ever 3 Taurus Nutrition products they want

    Our product lineup can be found here

    Taurus Nutrition
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  2. Here is a list of the current logs and some reviews on some products




    Taste: Wow! Actually tastes like lemonade. No sharpness or bite, just smooth.

    Mixablity: Mixes pretty instantly with no grain, so goes down easy.

    Energy: I finished working out today, but energy from it feels smooth so far, good focus and tunnel vision. This is on one scoop :-D

    Flavor: In a word, WOW! I know most people are sick of being hyped on supplements being the best flavor yet, but I think there is something special about this.

    It actually tastes of lemonade , not like when a supplement flavor is named after a fruit because it 'kind of tastes something like it'. It almost like there's a delay on tasting it, the flavor slowly easing in, no sharpness or bite at all. Goes down real smooth.

    Mixing: Mixed one scoop with 300ml of water. It mixed pretty instantly, there's a couple of tiny small black things floating, but that's it. Regardless of the that, again, smooth to drink, no graininess. Dissolves perfectly!

    Energy: Took it about 20 minutes ago, so can't comment on long term effects yet, but feeling a clean energy. Feeling more focused, kind of a tunnel vision, but in a good way. And this is on one scoop

    Conclusion: So far, I'm impressed with Wyked and this gives me a ton a faith towards buying other powders from them.

    I'm a heavy stim users and 1 scoop is all I need for a hour long cardio session.

    Well ill tell you guys, I got my Wyked yesterday and gave it the first go today. The kids on the corner of the street now hate Taurus Nutrition cause I no longer have to buy lemonade! LOL You guys werent kidding about the taste, absolutely amazing! The energy I got from it as well was awesome! No jittery sides just pure clean energy! Keep up the awesome job!!!

    Wyked is unbelievable! It is BY FAR the best tasting "lemon" flavored mix I ever had. Straight up country time lemonade flavor

    "Nothing taste better then Wyked! bottom line"

    3 scoops of wyked and did 30 minutes on treadmil and more abs-really burned a huge amount of cals today!!! wyked is good stuff-people are going to really like it!!

    used wyked before workout today, the stim effect was better than yesterday-most noteable was improved endurance-started getting somewhat lethargic from the 1-andro so that was a big help.

    i took 3 scoops of wyked and got in a decent workout even after working a long shift-very happy about that!!!

    was very tired after work, but took 3 scoops of wyked and headed downtown for weighted stairclimbing. made 4 trips, all things considered a very decent workout.

    really liking the wyked at 3 scoops-nice kick in the ass.

    the taste is all that!!! the focus is definitely there...endurance is where it shines, imo. i used it at 3 scoops after working a 14 hour shift in a box factory and was able to get a very decent workout in, i was impressed by this since i had to drag my ass to the gym!!!!!!
    "You're not jokin bro, this stuff is no joke! 2 scoops had me feelin good for a good 4+ hours!"
    "Energy -very steady and not jittery

    Focus- I feel I am beasting more since using this. I experience a sense of tunnel vision while using similar to what I got from C4

    Taste- Awesome nuff said

    Effectiveness-I would rate this as tops in performance at this time and rivals with Jak3d and C4 and white flood (my top three). It gives my a hybrid response as in the energy i get from jak3d and the focus i got from C4."
    enhanced: "Friggin loved it!!! Took two scoops yesterday. 30 min later, i was ready to tear the gym up. This was my first week back after a 3 week layoff (sick & working boat-load of OT). Anyway, went in yesterday morning for a fairly light lwg routine. I did my extensions, curls, & then squats. The Wyked had me soaking wet!! Loved it. Flavor friggin rocks!!! Especially ice cold in this 87 degree weather!!!

    Great focus, strength, stamina, and of course flavor."
    JeffJohnston: "I love the taste of Wyked. Its the best tasting Pre on the market and for $20!!! I have tried jacked,Hemo,Lit up,1MR,Pre-Surge. This is the best taste period. Just like some of the other posts it taste like Country Time Pink Lemonade.You have to grab this ASAP."

    Rosie Chee Scott

    Dosage: The recommended dosage is 12 sprays once (or twice) daily, ideally post-shower - ~6 sprays is 25mg of 7-keto DHEA, so the recommended daily dosage is 50-100mg per day. I was using a lot MORE than 12 sprays, right from the start - DOUBLING the "per dose" initially, and then a little more, until I was using 100-150mg 1-2 times daily. From 15 December (i.e. the first two weeks), I used 24 (i.e. 100mg) pumps of the 7-keto DHEA topical applied post-post-training/morning shower. From 25 December (i.e. the last two weeks), I used 24-36 pumps (i.e. 100-150mg) of the 7-keto DHEA topical applied post-post-training/morning shower and 24-36 pumps (i.e. 100-150mg) pre-bed.

    Smell: 10/10. The 7-keto DHEA topical smelt like alcohol - it was not strong, and the scent faded and disappeared within minutes of spraying, so no lingering smell after application or during the day, or when sweated, etc.

    Feel: 10/10. A quick cool touch, like that you get when you get water sprayed on you. The 7-keto DHEA topical is not greasy or sticky after application.

    Spreadability/Application: 10/10. The 7-keto DHEA topical is not a lotion, but a spray. When I was only using 100mg of the 7-keto DHEA, if I tried and spread it immediately after application to anywhere but the place where the spray hit my skin, it would NOT spread there, but with more sprays it would if I wanted to, but I had to do it fast, because the 7-keto DHEA topical was dry in mere seconds after spraying it on my skin.

    Body Composition: 9/10. Pre-7-keto DHEA topical I was 118 pounds at 10% bodyfat. Currently I am 115.2 pounds at 9.8% bodyfat. Overall, I lost three pounds (although, weight is irrelevant because it fluctuates so much, and only last week I was 111 pounds) and 0.2% bodyfat. However, I am NOT going to look at the overall (which doesn't look that impressive), and instead are going to look at the first two weeks of use and last two weeks of use (and you can see the difference in the dosage used). After two weeks of use at using 100-150mg daily (one application), I had actually gone up to 123 pounds at 11% bodyfat. The last two weeks, using 200-300mg a day (two applications), I dropped back to 9.8% bodyfat (this is the BIGGEST decrease in bodyfat that I have EVER had in a single week!) - actually did this in the third week - and maintained it (weight fluctuating between 111-115 pounds). Also to note that the last two weeks I have not had much of an appetite (which caused the dramatic weight loss down to 111 pounds), but have been forcing down meals this last week. The higher dosage definitely makes a NOTICEABLE difference!

    Cortisol Levels: N/A. Although I would have liked to see what my cortisol levels were like pre and post the 7-keto DHEA topical, unfortunately I did not have any bloods done. I can say however, that the last two weeks of using the higher dosage (200-300mg o a day)of the 7-keto DHEA topical have been the LEAST stressed I have felt in YEARS (even though circumstances would say that my stress should be off the charts!), which is quite something!

    Sides: 9/10. The only "effect" that could possibly have occurred was that my joints started playing up. In fairness, I don't think this can be attributed to the 7-keto DHEA topical, even though it decreases cortisol, because I was also lifting heavier AND was NOT using Erase during my use of the topical (and Erase is usually what saves my joints).

    Other Effects: 10/10. No water retention - in fact, the first week I started using 200-300mg of 7-keto DHEA a day, I started DRYING out, and it was especially noticeable in my upper body and midsection.

    Pros: This was the most enjoyable topical I have ever used. No lingering smell. No burning sensation. Dries fast - non-sticky and non-greasy. I don't have to rub it on - just spray, and nothing went wrong with the spray nozzle. No stains left by the topical on or to get on my clothes even if I got wet or sweated. No water retention - like you get with most topicals. The bottle lasted a LONG time - and would have lasted a whole lot longer than it will if the recommended dosage was followed.

    Cons: The only issue I had was that I used so much re sprays daily. I got the best results when I was using 200-300mg of 7-keto DHEA daily, which was 8-12 times MORE than was recommended.

    Overall: 9.7/10. Once I was using 200-300mg of 7-keto a day, my body composition started to change dramatically, and I made the BIGGEST DEcrease in body composition over a 7-day period, with of a loss of 1.2% bodyfat in my third week of use. The last week (i.e. the fourth week), I cut my training back from 2-3 hours a day to only 60-90 minutes a day, started eating again (even though I had to force the food down), and traveling, and maintained 9.8% bodyfat!

    Would I use again? Definitely! This product seems like it was literally "made for me" - a perpetually highly stressed individual, the 7-keto DHEA topical is perfect for me, and I actually want to make this a STAPLE in my supplement arsenal!

    Would I recommend? Absolutely! No hesitation
    FINAL REVIEW: Product- 7-Keto spray

    Smell- alcohol smell not bad, no stink and no stain your clothes

    Absorption- absorbs very and dry very fast WOW!!!!

    Application- super easy to spray the desired areas

    Sides- maintain the dose in 12-24 pumps 2 times a day preferably eight hours apart and you will be set this is in my case people with cortisol spikes problems tweak the dose. Large doses cause dramatically down in cortisol and tremendous lethargy

    Effects- tightening and leaning effects and I think has a diuretic effect

    Dosage- I start with 12 pumps on wake up and before bed applied to abs sides then I bump to 24 and 36
    *see the sides note

    Pros/Cons on everything: Outstanding product is simply and very effective

    Final Review:

    Okay, well my run has come to an end and let me just say that this product lived past my initial expectations.

    I ended up running this product at a little ways over a month and it was actually my first transdermal product. I was a little worried about having to deal with dry time, application, etc. For those reasons, I'd actually put off using transdermals because of that. It was simple to spray, didn't have a foul odor (didn't smell "good" but it smelled about the same as spraying aloe vera on after a sunburn), and it dried almost instantly. I actually kept it upstairs instead of with my other supplements and I'd just put it on as soon as I got out of the shower and it would be dry before I'd dress.

    I'd say its effectiveness is great, too. I didn't "feel" any mood changes like others reported, but I've made sure to limit stress and other factors that would increase cortisol release.

    As far as overall "fat loss" it's hard for me to weigh in. I've encountered some issues along the way here and I'm actually going to be getting some bloodwork done in the following days to hopefully pin point the culprit(s). I can say that I did feel tighter using this product, though.

    You can see in an earlier post how I rated some areas asked by LG33.

    Bottom line is I would recommend this to anyone, I hope it does in fact make it to market, and I will purchase it.
    Annnnnd Rev....

    Product- 7-Keto spray ‘big boy’ bottle.

    Smell- strong alcohol smell, esp when dosing at the 24 pump application, but only lasts for a few secs before it dissipates.

    Absorption- absorbs rapidly, within seconds of applying it, very nice!

    Application- very easy to spritz on, more convenient than rub-on formulas, which also have a longer dry time.

    Sides- none, that I experienced or noticed.

    Effects- I didn’t notice any overly obvious tightening/leaning effects, but I will put these caveats in, I have quite a bit of loose skin on my Abs/lower back that ‘covers’ any really visible leaning of the area (at least in my mind, but we’re all our own worst critic)...also, I had a week away from my normal routine and over ate a good deal of that time while not working out, then took another week of being home to really get back into the swing of things. So for 2 weeks out of the 4 weeks of using this, my diet and workouts were not on point. Another aside, is my lack of having used any cortisol control supps in the past to be able to gage how those levels were affected. Generally I don’t carry a whole lot of stress with me to begin with, so with that aspect, I really couldn’t comment on.

    Dosage- started out w/12-16 pumps 1x/day applied to Abs, sides, lower back....upped it to 24 sprays this last week, mostly 1x/day, on a couple occasions, I did an additional 12 sprays roughly 10 hours later.

    Pros/Cons on everything: I think overall a good supp that will work....perhaps not best for someone like me, who, as noted, has loose skin and carries most BF in the lower body...I did however manage to reduce my weight from 176 to 173 in the 4 weeks while being on this and my pants are fitting better. I think I’d like to run perhaps smolder for 4 solid weeks, then Topical 7-keto for 4 weeks (with consistency of diet/exercise) and compare which formula/compounds would better suit my situation/body type.



    Wyked / DA-HCG

    Progestin #1

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  3. I just did!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by raulob72 View Post
    I just did!!
    Awesome! Now get all your friend to like the page and post on your comment so we can keep track of how many you recruit!
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  5. Also once you are subscribed you will receive periodic updates on many exclusive things such:

    • Product updates
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    • & much much more
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  6. Nice promo!

  7. Oh hellz ya, I am so DOWN for this. You all have got a fan with this boy!

    BTW, facebook ID is Tony Greutman

  8. Hell yea!

  9. Come on guys share this page!

    Remember the winner for this isnt random it is the one who gets the most people to "like" the page
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  10. Any idea when you are stocked at ********nutrition?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by AtomicFox View Post
    Any idea when you are stocked at ********nutrition?
    Jake will know the answer to that.

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  12. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Come on guys share this page!

    Remember the winner for this isnt random it is the one who gets the most people to "like" the page
    Alllllright, I liked ya, ya big lug ...will see if I can get any of my lammmme friends to do the same...

  13. Quote Originally Posted by AtomicFox View Post
    Any idea when you are stocked at ********nutrition?
    At this time we do not have a timeline for when the product line will be available at other e-tailers.

    However, shipping to the UK is available via the Taurus-Nutrition website
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  14. done
    facebook name Nicholas Hartman

  15. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    At this time we do not have a timeline for when the product line will be available at other e-tailers.

    However, shipping to the UK is available via the Taurus-Nutrition website
    Yea ok.

    I'm living in Denmark, so I have to order from the UK or some other european country or else I will recieve a 25% customs fee

    Looking forward to seeing them in UK

  16. Great promo!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  17. great, im in
    Note Suwanchote

  18. Thanks for all the support, guys But, it is about time I had a shower and went to bed methinks, so I will leave Josh to man the fort and see you all tomorrow

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  19. Done #35!!!

  20. Come on everyone, get in on this, refer your friends, and get free product!!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  21. whats the person with the highest amount right now?

  22. cmon guys, this is your chance to get some might not be around that much longer!!! or you can choose a tub of wyked or daa-hcg, either way-it's free product.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  23. Free stuff!! Whooooooooooooooooooo


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