You wanna get L.I.T up? I need to give away 30 tubs to youse guise.........

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  1. You wanna get L.I.T up? I need to give away 30 tubs to youse guise.........

    SO who wants to get F%^KING LIT UP?

    Light the Fuse™ with LIT-UP™!

    Sure there are a boatload of pre-workout products out there that promise to get you all jacked up. All of them share pretty much the same theme: Intense energy, vasodilation, pump and short-lived increases in strength. Most draw from the same pool of ingredients and lack any actual lasting anabolic effects. The result? They crank you all up only to let you down and leave you right back where they started a few hours earlier – except now you’re 1) strung out from being over-stimulated; 2) hungry because you can’t eat, and 3) in a catabolic state because you lack the necessary elements for recovery and growth.

    That sucks, huh? All that work for nothing?

    Don’t stress - check this out: What if your pre-workout drink could still deliver the perfect amount of energy, focus, pump, etc….but without the strung-out feeling and the loss of appetite for hours and hours after your workout? Then to take it further, what if it contained clinical doses of ingredients that are PROVEN to increase testosterone and build muscle? On top of it all, what if it was so effective at increasing strength IMMEDIATELY that you’ll hit a new PR the very first time you use it? That’s what we’re talking about here…

    Lit-Up™ represents the future of pre-workout supplementation because it does so much more than all the others. It triggers dramatic increases in testosterone levels, greater neuromuscular strength, mind-muscle connection enhancement and increased libido; all of which lead to improved well-being and lasting muscular growth. Lit-Up™ focuses on yielding cumulative results, which is very different from any product in the current pre-workout product segment - in that it does not solely rely on powerful and often dangerous stimulants to deliver better workouts.


    * Precision energy delivery for greater neuromuscular strength, muscular endurance and increased focus; no mind-bending over-stimulation that leaves your stomach in knots!
    * Strong mood-enhancing effect
    * Positive effects on libido and sexual drive
    * Exerts positive effects on joint health
    * Dramatically increases testosterone to foster an environment favorable for substantial, long-term increases in lean body mass and fat reduction.

    How Lit-Up™ Differs From Other Pre-Workout Products

    * No Harsh Stimulants: Most of the popular products contain the stimulant 1,3 dimethylpentylamine*. Some shady companies try to hide it by calling it Geranium Oil or Geranium Stem, but in the end it’s all the same synthetic stimulant. The over-utilization of this and other chemical stimulants can negate any growth potential brought on from a workout due to appetite suppression during the post-workout nutrient re-uptake window; plus they also often cause the user to “burn out” too quickly during a workout even though they’re still “wired”. This is a situation in which a large amount of energy is utilized during the first 20-30 minutes of a workout, leaving the user tired and lethargic for the rest of the training session. This lack of productivity can de-rail even the best training programs, and ultimately de-motivate even the most hardcore trainers.
    * NO/H²S Pathway: Lit-Up™ takes the latest scientific research available to a whole new level by utilizing the synergism of the Hydrogen Sulfide (H²S) Nitric Oxide (NO) pathways: allowing for a huge increase in nutrient flow to target muscle tissue. The product also uses a unique nootropic/stimulant blend that allows for more targeted enhancement of the mind-muscle connection and greater neuromuscular strength.
    * Precise Energy Timing: Ever finish up your workout with your stomach in knots; unable to eat because your pre-workout product has you so cranked up? Then by the time you settle down, you’ve missed the most important nutrient window of the day. LIT-Up™ has a potent, natural stimulant profile that delivers crisp clean focus and energy when you need it - but doesn’t over saturate adrenal glands or shut down hunger.
    * RESULTS!: Research involving blood testing of free and serum testosterone levels in humans indicates heightened levels of testosterone within 6 days of the first dosage, with increases occurring up to 2 weeks before stabilizing at elevated levels. NO OTHER PRE-WORKOUT GIVES YOU ALL THIS!

    Here’s the bottom line. You can train like you’re on crack and get nowhere, or you can train hard, train smart and grow like a weed. Umm…

    Here's what I need.

    15 reviewers and 15 loggers Reviewers just review it let us know thoughts improvements, likes dislikes. Loggers we get to follow along and watch your progress. SO I need youse guise to make it happen
    As always 18 or older and only Continental US only

  2. Sounds like an awesome opportunity. I'd welcome the opportunity to log it. I've been using Mesomorph for a few months, but always willing to try new products as well. I'm currently training for a 5k obstacle course happening towards the end of the month, and this product might fit in perfectly with my conditioning program. Would definitely log/review the product in detail. Good luck to those who are chosen.

  3. I've been training for over 20yrs and have tried just about everything out there. I've been addicted to the high stim pre-work out supplements out there and would welcome the opportunity to try something that doesn't burn me out. With my experience I have alot to compare this to,so please consider me as a tester.

    Thank You,

  4. Would be happy to do either. Have never logged but it can't be harder than putting tech docs together...

    39 years old. 5'11, 185lbs. I work out 5-6 days a week and use a pre most of the time but alternate between 1,3 and non-1,3 containing products. Would follow whatever protocol given though.

  5. i want some! i will give you an honest review
    34 years young and a california resident

  6. I would give you an honest review. I'm logging a PH right now so I wouldn't want to log at the moment but I can certainly give you an honest review.

    I logged Mesomorph for APS last month. Here's a link to that.
    APS Mesomorph Review/LOG (Sponsored)


    35 Yrs old
    Training Exp: 20 years

  7. I'll log or review

    I'm in bed sick - sorry for the short app lol

  8. I would like to either. Already have a stripping log going in which I detail my workouts, will gladly sound off about any PR's set.

  9. Will definitely post up a review my brother. Hope you're doing well.

  10. Hmm I tried products from Primordial, CEL, IBE, AI, LG S, PES... so what gives guys where are my Applied Nutriceuticals. I love pre workouts and I would also like to test the waters of a company I have no experience with yet

  11. Haven't used any pre-workout supplements in about 6 months and looking to try some new one's out. I've tried numerous others, and would like the opportunity to review this one as well.

  12. I am looking for new pre workout and would like to try.
    Please respond asap before i buy something else,

  13. I would be happy to log this and update it weekly and give a closing overall review on it after a few weeks.
    only thing is im in canada (close to usa) so if you can make a consideration for that id be up to it! :-)

  14. I have been watching this one closely, as people have talked about it comeing out soon. It has really sparked my interest and would absolutly love to review this product! I have never tried any ApNut products and think this would be a great icebreaker. I have been stim free for 8 weeks now and ready to get back into them. Im 28 years old, 215 lbs., training for 12 yrs. Im ready for this product! Please consider me for the review opportunity. I will be able to post daily updates or just write a review...whichever one fits the protocal. If I am chosen, it will be the only supplement of its nature I will be takeing, aside from the essentials that is.

  15. I already bought mine, so I plan on giving a review anyway after I found out how much I love it. A free tub would be cool anyway.

  16. Lets get some more people in here!

  17. Sounds interesting, i'd like to give this a try out.

    where do I apply? or did I already? lets get lit up!

    JBRYAND101B starts playing "buck cherry" "LIT"

  18. I nominate drinkyboy...That young chap needs to be LIT-UP!

  19. id like to review it, i got a few logs n reviews around here. i think im somewhat respected around here

    i do westside
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  20. I would love to review or log, LIT Up. I have only reviewed two products from the same company and they were samples. Here is my link Motivate and Perform SAMPLE REVIEW

    Great opportunity for the community

  21. i would like to review it. im not very well known, just a average person who like cardio and weight lifting and pushing my self to the max. i also do running parkour, plyometrics, train mma etc

    i would be very willing to try the product on different events and write a detailed review on the motivation and mental sharpness it gives me during any kind of work out, mainly cause thats what i look for in a pwo supp.

    i'm 5'11 - 150lbs

  22. I am a 38 yo, 300lb piece of crap who is trying to get serious about changing my way of life, and after a week and a half of rebuilding my lifestyle, I can use any help in the gym that you are willing to offer.

    Let me know how I can contribute.
  23. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    MidwestBeast's Avatar

    If you'd want me to, I'd be happy to review it. I'm committed to some other logs at the moment (nothing conflicting, though), so I'd opt not to do that (though I could; if you didn't mind a lot of copy/pasting).

    I've tried a ton of pre-workouts. Off the top of my head:

    NO Xplode
    White Flood
    Animal Pump
    Epo Nox
    Epo Blast

    That's just what I'm coming up with without thinking too hard.
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
    EvoMuse Representative | [email protected] | Inspire to Evolve

  24. Quote Originally Posted by FW Friedel View Post
    Lets get some more people in here!
    Glad to see this kicked off George!... these guys in for a treat!


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