Log the NEW AS-GT Fruit Punch - Giving away 5 FREE tubs!

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  1. Log the NEW AS-GT Fruit Punch - Giving away 5 FREE tubs!

    ASGT is now in Fruit Punch Flavor! If anyone wants to log it (and not stack it with everything under the sun!) let me know your qualifications and we will get you out a tub!

  2. Nice interested to see what loggers think. I didnt mind the flavor, but I know some did.

  3. yum

    my qualifications are i did a great review over on the bb forum ya also i am not logging anything at this time and i am looking for a good pre workout and from the ones i tried this one is my fav those are my quals

  4. I would love the opportunity to log this, as I have not been on ANYTHING since mid August. I had shoulder surgery (shaved the spurs) @ the end of August. I am now ready to get back in the gym. Before I went out, I was on the original ASGT & loved the focus it gave me!! Pumps & stamina were awesome as well.

    I'm ready to get back into the gym & could use a little pick me up..

    I can make it to teh gym 4+ times a week and can log every day..

    WOuld love to get on this to get me back into the gym & get my swole back on!!!


  5. I would like to log.
    I like energy.
    I like supplement.
    I like aggression.
    I like fruit punch.
    I like powder made up of ingredients.
    I like Ford GT
    I like heavy lifting 5 days a week.
    I like the female race.
    I like LG.

  6. 1.) How old are you? I am 18

    2.) Male or Female? I am a male!

    3.) Have you used LG Sciences products before? Yes I have used ASGT and BC+EAA which were both great products. They did what they were supposed to and ASGT is a good preworkout because it has ingredients to actually help build muscle and not just over stimulate your body which is good the only thing I did not like was the taste so I am excited to see a new flavor. Also I am currently using AP, BC+EAAs and Sub Sterone. Also, when I originally used ASGT I was not able to workout as hard as I would have liked so I am not sure what it is fully capable of in helping my workouts.

    4.) Would you be willing to post the log on other boards also?Yes I would love to post the log on other boards and write reviews on it as well. Also I would be putting this product into my current log which is on here as well as bodybuilding.com anyways

    5.) Would you be willing to update your log at least 4 times a week? At least that. I would most likely be updating it every day or close to and comment back to anyone that has questions. I will also write A full initial review a well as a final. Along with this everything would be detailed.

    6.) What are your current Supplements? Multivitamins, BCAA's, Creatine, Whey) I currently am only using the staples anyways plus the Sub sterone the reformulated flavors for anadrulic pump and Bc+EAAs which is why I think this could be a nice addition because the products are basically about new flavors and also added synergistic performance

    7.) Do you agree to give a fair product evaluation weekly and at the end of the log? I agree and will be as fair as can be as well as honest and detailed.

    8.) Please state your training style. I am currently training in a split that is Hypertrophy style. This meaning that I am training each body part twice a week I am training in reps of 10 to 12 for every set and about 3-4 different exercises per muscle group. This is an example of my split:

    Chest, Biceps and Triceps Day
    Back, Traps and Delts
    Rest and Cardio if needed

    Sample workouts:


    Quads: Barbell Squats 3 sets of 10
    Leg Extensions 4 sets of 12
    Sissy Squats 4 sets of 15
    Last Was barbell hack squats 3 sets of 12
    Hamstrings: Stiff Legged Dead lifts and Jeffersons 4 sets of 10
    Leg Curls 4 sets of 12
    Calves: I did Calf raises with 4 sets of 20-30 then a movement for the Tibia dorsi with 4 sets of 20-30! My calves were on fire

    Chest, Biceps and Triceps Day:

    Dumbell Bench 4 sets of 12
    Incline Barbell 4 sets of 10
    Incline chest flys 4 sets of 12
    Hammer Curls superset with rope push down 3-5 sets of 10-12
    Barbellcurls superset with close grip bench 4 sets of 10
    Preacher Curls superset with tricep dips or kickbacks 3-5 sets 10-12

    Back, Traps and Delts:

    Start off with some shoulder stretches!

    Reverse Lat pulldowns 4 sets of 12
    Barbell Rows 4 sets 0f 10
    Seated Rows 4 sets of 10
    Shoulders: I start with Rotator Cuff exercises 4 sets of each shoulder for 20 reps.
    Reverse Flyes: 4 sets of 12.
    Side Laterals supersetted with modified front raises 4 sets of 12
    Military Press 3 sets of 10
    Dumbell Shrugs for 5 sets of 15
    Reverse Barbell shrugs for 3 sets of 12


    20 min of high intensity cardio!

    So far with this split I have been getting better size gains which is exactly what I am looking for. Then as you can see the Fourth day is off and if I want I will do cardio but most times I just rest. Then the cycle starts over. If I ever need I throw in an extra day of rest.

    9.) Can you post before/after photos? I can post before and after photos for sure. Along with this I will post progress pictures.

    10.) List previous logs or reviews you have done if any. Well I am currently doing a log that I would like to add this product to. Therefore I would not let them down. I will give great effort into putting out a great detailed log as well as staying strict to my diet and training regimen so there are no skewed results within this log. Sub Sterone, New Anadrualic Pump and Strawberry Kiwi BC+EAAS log!!(Sponsored)

    11) What are any goals and lifestyle? My current goals are to rebuild my size that I lost after my injury and be even bigger soon. Being a bodybuilder I have more desire in building a nice physique and less desire being a powerlifter. Therefore I want to build my size back up, lean back out and continue to train as a bodybuilder. My lifestyle is an extremely dedicated one. By this I mean I do not drink, smoke, or anything of that sort. I love lifting weights and continually progressing. So in all i'm very driven and will not quit! I know dedication is key!

    12) Current stats:
    Arms: About 16 inches except the arm on my injured size and smaller and is catching back up.
    Legs: 26 inches, They need work but they are coming along. Now that I can squat again they will be gettin hit harder and growing bigger!
    Chest: Not really sure, this needs to come up the most because that is where my injury was.
    Weight and height: 5' 7" 183 lbs and my abs are visible but body fat percent could come down.

    Note: I would like to thank LG Sciences for such a great offer and new flavor of this product it is exciting! Keep up the good work. I bet this is gonna be a good flavor and again thank you for this opportunity. Good luck to everyone!

    More info of interest and summing up all my thoughts: I would honestly love to try this flavor I have had 3 tubs of ASGT and loved the results but the flavor was kind of weird to me by the third tub I was sick of the flavor. Also since I was not able to workout very hard during my three tubs I do not know the full potential of it so using it this time would give me a better perspective. I have not used it now for a month and this new flavor thing has got me excited. Adding ASGT fruit punch to my log could be another great addition I am logging it on bodybuilding.com as well. Also I think that its a great addition and This is because the Anadrualic Pump and BC+EAA's are reformulated flavors so the new flavor of ASGT would fit into that mix not to mention the synergy of those products. Which other than those two supplements and Sub Sterone I am only taking the basics like vitamins, protein, Bcaas, and creatine This would be so sick! SO all in all I would love to log it! It would be a great addition. Also I am 100% committed to making this log great and detailed so this would make it even more detailed. I am currently trying to come back after an injury too, so this log is finally some motivation to get me back and going strong. I am driven to make this log count!Sub Sterone, New Anadrualic Pump and Strawberry Kiwi BC+EAAS log!!(Sponsored) Im very detailed and working on becoming even more detailed so people can know what to expect if they chose to buy the products

  7. Quote Originally Posted by LG Sciences View Post
    ASGT is now in Fruit Punch Flavor! If anyone wants to log it (and not stack it with everything under the sun!) let me know your qualifications and we will get you out a tub!
    I am in for a new change. I know I gave hell for this in the past but I am willing to log it with videos etc. I won't take every thing under the sun and just take this product pre workout. I will even cut out my mid workout bcaa's for few weeks to see how I go with out any thing mid workout. Also I am preping for my next contest in 4 months and I need to start now as in Monday. I took my week off and now it is time to hit it hard.

  8. I have been useing maximize v2 for the last 4 months, but I would be willing to try it and post a review, I have been wanting to give it a shot, but I like maximize so much other pwo's seem pretty risky.
    for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come 1 Tim 4:8

  9. This is a good opportunity!

  10. I would like to log. I know I'm new here but I've been at BB for a while and currently I've been using the natadrol from natabolic stack for the past 5 days. And other than protein, im not supplementing anything else.
    P-Mag + P-Stanz Log

  11. doing a keto + IF log on BB
    -EC stack with Lean Xtreme (current) + jack3D + NO
    -EC + Lean Xtreme + Xtend + ON whey/casein
    -Clean energy AND boost in strength

  12. Worth a shot! I'd love to test it, I'm currently taking nothing for about a week now, ran out of white flood. I've tried AS-GT strawberry lemonade, I surprisingly didn't mind the flavor, it wasn't the best thing ever, but I could actually drink it, unlike some products.

    I'd love to take this product because I've leaning out and not really too worried about my PRs and muscle gains, but now that I've hit a decent weight I've been trying to actually work on gaining muscle but sitting at the same weight. Plus I've been benching the same thing for way too long, its time for a change >:]

  13. Its like a prayer has been answered......

    If the new flavor of AS-GT is ANYTHING like the goodness of the new Anadroulic Pump or the BC+EAA's then I will be buying it up!!!!!

    Below you will find a very lonely log for the new AP and BC+EAAs with the "old" AS-GT in the mix as it is a staple.

    LG Pre - N.O. - Intra goodies (Sponsored)

  14. right now all i take is whey waxy maize, multi, fishoil, glucosamine, and bcaas, so i would love to see how it helps my strength especially but also my endurance, and i love the pump and i havent been gettin that so much from the pre workout im usin now ( napalm) which also doesnt ahve creatine in it, so im really lookin forward to see what asgt could do for me! thanks guys hope to ehar from you soon

  15. no winners yet?
    for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come 1 Tim 4:8

  16. hopefully the winners are chosen soon. I really want to log this

  17. I'd like to log this product. Currently i'm 21 and am dieting down. The only products i'm taking currently are Erase and AT2 along with whey. I'm a really good logger with plenty of details DAILY. Don't believe me? Check out my current log: h t t p://anabolicminds.com/forum/pes/163140-erase-alpha-t2.html

  18. Maybe this one will taste better than the previous..

  19. ^Hopefully! it would be sick if it was as good tasting as Anadraulic Pump or on its way to being that good!

  20. Awesome news on the new flavor guys!
    Looking forward to seeing what you all think of the new fruit punch!

  21. Im excited to hopefully try it and add it to my log! If I don't get chosen i will try to buy it as soon as I get a little extra cash! CraigMatthew have you tried it?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by naturalgainer View Post
    Im excited to hopefully try it and add it to my log! If I don't get chosen i will try to buy it as soon as I get a little extra cash! CraigMatthew have you tried it?
    I have not been lucky enough yet...

  23. ^I see! I dont know if anyone here has tried I doubt it haha i bet it tastes good though fruit punch was hopefully a good choice

  24. Wicked awesome here! 5 tubs for 5 awesome/lucky AM brothers!

  25. Quote Originally Posted by james122 View Post
    no winners yet?
    I'll be picking 5 this week!, or once the boss tells me


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