NTBM brand new protein bar flavors are in.. Who wants to test them out..

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  1. Can I haz some?
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by BarbellBeast View Post
    can't wait to try the sour apple & the choc banana. oh wait and the butterscotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    will you let your ketogenic bro SC know how the choc banana is??

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    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  3. Id like to try some of these bars

  4. I LOVE apple flavors, just won the pre work out give away and would love to do a review on these as well =)

  5. Im down for some beef aminos. Count me in.

  6. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Just wanted to give a quick update - got the package last week (thanks, Nate!) and picked up the peanut butter and honey last night. I won't be able to use these til at least the end of the week (keto diet), but I'll try to get them made up for then and maybe get a friend or two to try them as well. I'll have a review up as soon as I do.
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  7. Thanks again NtBm....greatness....here's my review in case you hadn't seen it...

    Butterscotch Better Protein Bars

  8. dude i know im late-but if theres any left to give out im down for the cause the cause of KILLING THAT SH!T
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  9. I am interested! Still have not found protien bars that apeal to me but butterscotch definetly sounds delicouse HOOK ME UP

  10. Delicious! Can I get in on this?

  11. I only saw one of the people that got a bar post a review??? What happen guys??

  12. Quote Originally Posted by needtogetmuscle View Post
    I only saw one of the people that got a bar post a review??? What happen guys??
    Thats cause I didnt get any bars lol. Is it too late to sign up??? I just ran out of Universal protein bars, and Detour protein bars. I would love to try some of NTBM protein bars.

  13. i will do a review for some bars, not like those slackers lol

  14. Im game to try these!!!!!

  15. Lets get all the reviews up

  16. Chocolate Banana sounds the best. But im down to try any of them.


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