(PROMO) Shut Up and Sleep: Animal PM is Here!

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  1. Exclamation (PROMO) Shut Up and Sleep: Animal PM is Here!

    Animal PM is R&R in a Can

    The "x factor". This is how recovery has long been viewed. Beyond the great uncontrollable variable that is the genetics you landed from your Mamma and Pappy, the rest of the growth equation is within your control. That said there are no real secrets. The "gurus" that make a few grand a pop writing up workouts and diets here and there may not be so pleased to hear that, but at the most advanced level of the game, the playing field is pretty level. Training, eating, drugs, and supplements? There are no new ideas under the sun. There are precious few means to get that elusive "edge". Read more...

    So who wants to get their grow on? Anyone who has been living the bodybuilder's lifestyle for any amount of time now knows that we do the most of our growing and recovering while we sleep.

    Animal has stepped up to the plate with their latest product in the family of Animal Training packs. This one is dedicated to recovery, WHILE YOU SLEEP!

    There has been a lot of buzz going on over this latest addition to the Animal family. You can read more about it from the testers who ran "Project Z", the code name for the Animal PM project. Check it out here...

    Now here is another chance to get in on the action and this time with the final product. Animal PM.

    We are giving away 5 cans to those who are randomly selected to run a log here on AM. Tell us why you want to use Animal PM and how Animal PM will fit into your goals, training and supplementation regimen.

    Standard restrictions apply:

    You must be 18 or older...
    US Addresses only...

    So, who is ready to Shut Up and Sleep?


  2. Well, I'm 18 and trying to get bigger. With my diet changes I've gone from 135 on Jan. 1 of this year to 152 as of this morning. I want to continue to grow in size and in strength and have trouble sleeping. A full night's sleep is tough for me and has been for some time now. I've never tried any Animal products before, but have heard amazing things about them. Currently I am obviously taking my whey- about 100g/day along with a high carb high protein diet. I also am bout 15 days into a bottle of P-Slin and have experienced great things from it. Unfortunately being a student, it's not easy to buy many supplements when ytou're on a bulking diet. Having a chance to run a product from an extremely reputable company for FREE would be amazing. Again, I'm looking to get bigger and further my training that I've already started to accomplish this year. My goal is to be a SHREDDED 175 by the end of the year, and with your help, you guys make it all the more possible.

    Thanks for the opportunity Animal and HG!
    Built By Metal www.BuiltByMetal.com/forum

  3. This is a GREAT opportunity. Solid promo HG.

  4. Nice. This is a great chance to get on one of the best new products to come out.

    I am glad I have PM in my arsenal.

  5. I'm a full time college student and I work full time. Im 18 years old, just had a baby so you guys must know how hard it is. Back in highschool, I had every supplement under the sun, and now of course im cash strapped.

    I'm currently 185-190 pounds
    My usual diet:
    Wake up(5-6am): Oatmeal, 2 eggs, Bagel (No Cream cheese/butter), Protein Shake.
    When i get to work(6-7am): I eat some whole grain cereal, one of those special K bars.
    Lunch(11am): Either a whole rotissery chicken from Publix, or a salad and fruit bowl. If i get subway, usual turkey or some fresh fit sub on whole grain.
    Snack(1:30-2pm): Protein shake, handful of mixed nuts
    Pre-workout(3-4pm): Apple, Jack3d, Hawaiin punch, 1 scoop protein/1 scoop Glycomaize
    Post-workout(6-6:30): Two scoops of protein, 1 scoop of Glycomaize
    Dinner(7:00pm): Either a steak, chicken breast, some sort of whole grain pasta, Salmon on Wed.'s, Tuna sandwhich, Lean ground beef burgers ect.
    Bedtime(9-9:30pm) 2 scoops casein, 6mg Melatonin

    I take Jack3d as a pre workout, i take L-Arginine & L-Citrulline every 2-3 hours, I used to take Animal Pump and loved that. Of course i have some difficulty sleeping due to the baby and all, thats why i live off Melatonin, and im really looking for a great post workout supplement, I even created a post earlier asking about it. If you need to know my work out routines and all that let me know. Thank you and I hope I win!

  6. Hey HG or naturalguy is there still a promo code for either the red or yellow Iconic t? I just joined my local ABC and need a t!
    Built By Metal www.BuiltByMetal.com/forum

  7. what's up Hoom?
    cool promo

  8. Quote Originally Posted by farrellzach View Post
    Hey HG or naturalguy is there still a promo code for either the red or yellow Iconic t? I just joined my local ABC and need a t!
    I'm pretty sure those codes are long gone now bro but you can snap up a shirt at the shop or at some of the other online resellers.


    Quote Originally Posted by joeyamma View Post
    what's up Hoom?
    cool promo
    Hey bro! How you been? Good to see you around these parts man.


  9. Quote Originally Posted by Hoomgar View Post
    I'm pretty sure those codes are long gone now bro but you can snap up a shirt at the shop or at some of the other online resellers.


    Thanks for the link my man, I'll pick one up ASAP
    Built By Metal www.BuiltByMetal.com/forum

  10. HELL YEAH MAN! Great oppurtunity. I think Ive said my whole story once or twice on here before but I'll repeat it so Hopefully I can get my hands on a can of PM and try it out.

    Im a 21 year old college student whose been seriously lifting for 6-7 years and have worked my way up from 145 (start) to 250 (now) over those 6-7 years. Im trying to add as much lean mass as my frame can handle and my BIGGEST problem is REST. i am always looking for a good recovery supp because since i am in college i have alot of stresses as it is my senior year and im in a crunch from transfering from my community college. I dont drink or smoke and my diet is on point. If you want a good/accurate/honest log of the product then im your man...seriously
  11. Talking I'd Love to take a Stab at this!

    Hello and Good afternoon,

    My Name is David a.k.a Aaelael and I'm currently new to the bodybuilding scene. I have tried a whole array of supplements and i'm currently training for the mr. minnesota all natural. This will be my first contest and I have a great team working with me. I have a PL coach and nutritionist that are helping me with my diet. I have been using animal paks for quite some time and i love the animal pak vitamins are not jsut vitamins. . . they are mini paks of hahah Any ways. . let me break down the stats.

    Name: David
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 216.8
    BF% 8.0-8.4 Currently Cutting right know for May 22nd Comp.
    Supplements Used:
    MST -Cordygen05
    -Ultra RagnoRok
    -RAN CRE02 + Carnage (Sponsored Log)

    Diesel Nutrition
    -Diesel Test Pro Cycle

    LG Sciences

    -PCT ASSIST (Sponsored)

    -Jack3d (Updated Formula)

    Sponsored Logs

    -CEL"S PCT is Helping Me For Contest Prep (Sponsored)


    Work Out Routines:
    Currently I'm doing 3 on 1 off and my powerlifting coach is having me start with the basic powerlifting movements first and than we stem out!

    Standing PRess
    Deads - fridays all deads thats it
    Dorian Yate Rows

    Than we break down to ISo MOvements for me! If you'd like a detailed break down let me know! but for spacing i'll let the logs and hopefully my App do the rest

    All my logs are high intensity and I give them 110%. . . I'm very busy with my work schedule and lifting and i'm very dedicated to what i do!! I'm training to win the Novice section of this competition and anything that can help me get a leg up is always appreciated!!! I have a lot of great guys on my side in this forum and I do believe i would not only promote your product well but I will allow individuals to see what your product can do to a natural athlete and ultimate help you sell your product by taking it to the next level!
    Your Competitive Advantage
    Lift Smart, Lift Hard, Lift For a Lifetime

  12. Just wondering, how long is this contest running for?

  13. I would love to add this stuff to my next stack. I will be running LG Science's PSarm, "A n a d r a u l i c S t a t e G T Sponsored "and Anabolic Innovations HGH Pro For my cutting cycle. I will be logging it. Feel free to check out the log I'm running now. I'm going to be starting the trifecta stack
    I will work for supplements!

  14. Sounds solid. I currently take Animal Pak and Animal Pump (Pictures available on request). I have a pretty decent build after recovering from surgery a few months ago. My numbers on squat/bench have gone up and I can take a recent pic if necessary. I definitely could add some more mass, but I am bigger than most individuals where I live.

    Age 23
    Weight: Roughly 185
    Height: 5'11
    Bodyfat: Around 12 or 13%, so not great..
    GOAL: Roughly 185 at around 8% bodyfat.

  15. Why I want to use Animal PM:
    I’ve been training for the past 6 years now (since age 16). I’ve managed to master my w.o.’s and my nutrition, but inadequate sleep and quality supplementation during that important window of time has always slowed my gains.
    I also have trouble sleeping most nights due to anxiety. Sounds irrelevant, but the racing thoughts and mental exhaustion cause my body to resist falling asleep. I feel the ingredients in Animal PM (particularly GABA) will help me to rest more peacefully at night when I need to get the much needed rest after grueling daily workouts.

    How I’ll Incorporate Animal PM:

    I would like to make the addition of this product to my Training/Supplementation as is, to see how this product will increase my rest and recovery. With the addition of Animal PM I feel I will be filling in the last piece to the puzzle which is keeping me from reaching my full potential. The quality ingredients in this product will prove to be most helpful to anyone who uses them I’m sure.
    Good luck everyone

  16. Age: 25
    Wt: 210
    Current Goal: I am recomping, Losing fat without LBM loss hoping to maintain close to same weight.

    I have been hitting the gym off and on for around 9 years now, really started to get into it serious about 2 years ago, had to take a small break, and got back into the scene around the beginning of Oct. 09, been going solid since and shall remain as long as all goes right.

    My Current Stack is Universal storm/shock therapy/animal pak, LG Natadrol/NO Infuse/Speed v2 (only have about 10 days left of the v2 though)

    I just started my recomp this week changing my diet to a keto based mostly on palumbo's diet, and changed my workout routine to full body mon/weds/fri, abs tues/thurs/sat, and low intensity cardio 3-4x per week.

    I believe animal PM would be a great addition to my current stack as many users have had problems with their sleep while using natadrol, including myself I often wake up throughout the night having odd dreams and such. I believe the animal PM would help place myself and other users of such products into a deeper sleep to help improve rest and recovery.

    I am able to log daily and though I am pretty new to the AM forums I am checking in often throughout the day and enjoy logging and helping other users of the forum whenever I am able to.

    Curent Log: Another Natadrol Log (unspon)
    Would love to add a log of Animal PM here soon!

  17. good luck guys, i beta tested this. awesome product.

  18. What date are the testers checked ?


  19. 22yrs old

    would help me take over the planet and of course conquer mount olympus

  20. Your info says your 24 and you just said your 22, not that it matters but which one is it bro???

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Ricky5145 View Post
    Your info says your 24 and you just said your 22, not that it matters but which one is it bro???
    good eye
    I will work for supplements!

  22. 26 year old Marine Corps veteran. In the Corps they were strict on weight limits, but now I'm looking to reach 275 at about 16% bodyfat, then cut to about 12% bf.
    Animal supplements fit into ANY training program, but I'd like to run them with Animal Test (thanks B
    Con), Animal Flex, and Shock Therapy (plus my multivitamins and protein). Having newborn twins, it's difficult to get 100% rest all the time, so I need all the R&R help I can get!
    I look forward to yet another great Animal product!

  23. I guess Ill throw my name in the hat.. I would love to try animal PM, i think i may actually pick up a tube next even if I am not chosen to log such.

    I will incorporate this product to try and help me get a deeper sleep quicker. I am starting a cycle of 'The One' from AN tomorrow and one of my biggest concerns is sleep since I am planning on trying out that german volume training while on cycle. I have started it for the past two weeks and have been sore as all hell. So I will be able to comment on the effectiveness of this, even while on cycle. Just a thought.

    I love to see a new Animal product come to fruition and am looking forward to checking out the new Cuts either during my PCT or once it is done!

    Thanks and good luck to whoever is chosen!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Ricky5145 View Post
    Your info says your 24 and you just said your 22, not that it matters but which one is it bro???
    22. back in 07 when i first joined this form i wanted to get ph help with "epistane" and ofcourse i would have gotten flamed with the "YOU'RE NOT OLD ENOUGH!!" bit. so i lied on my login info lol

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Behemoth1 View Post
    22. back in 07 when i first joined this form i wanted to get ph help with "epistane" and ofcourse i would have gotten flamed with the "YOU'RE NOT OLD ENOUGH!!" bit. so i lied on my login info lol
    haha nice. way to think ahead


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