MST's weekly weigh in #3 - Win a FREE bottle of MycoGreen!!!

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  1. just like female table tennis. each competition always seems to be packed with spectators!

  2. i'd rather watch her play REAL tennis
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  3. my second vote goes to rugby
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  4. I thought Tennis was already popular?

    well Im in canada, and all they show is tennis this tennis that, on sports news, its always tennis!

    female tenniss, isnt it already popular in the us lol?

    I choose tennis

  5. Quote Originally Posted by CTDeuce View Post
    Category - Sports

    Question - “Which sport do you think will become the next sport that is adopted into the hearts of Americans that hasn't already become HUGE in the US (and state your case as to why)??”
    1. Rugby
    5. Cricket
    Has to be a split between cricket and rugby.

    There is nothing so satisfying as being from a colony and beating the motherland in a sport that they themselves invented. Now, being former colonists yourselves, what could be more delightful than smashing England bowlers over the fence or trampling the English scrum into the dirt? (Answer: nothing)

    I'll even break it down for you. You have some basic athletic templates already well established.
    Rugby Union
    Step 1: recruit the biggest, baddest linebackers from the NFL. they are now known as props.
    Step 2: recruit the best running backs from the NFL. they are now known as wingers.
    Step 3: ???????
    Step 4: profit.

    Step 1: recruit the tallest, meanest pitchers in baseball. they are now known as bowlers.
    Step 2: recruit the mightiest and most consistent home run sloggers in baseballs. they are now known as batters.
    Step 3: ???????
    Step 4: profit.

    So really it's a simple answer. Let the American public see what they really, desperately want to see: their countrymen (and women) smashing the Poms on the rugby field and the cricket oval!

  6. No dodgeball?
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  7. I'm gonna have to say that Lacrosse will be the next sport to tear across America. Lacrosse already has a minor foothold in some areas of the country, and there are a lot of things that can contribute to its expansion. First, Lacrosse was developed by Native Americans, so in this way it is a historically American pastime, and I think a lot of people will take pride in that. There's something about knowing people in your area have been playing a sport for hundreds of years that makes it more enjoyable.

    Secondly, Lacrosse is very reflective of life in America - fast-paced and exciting. As opposed to a slower sport such as baseball, Lacrosse will keep your pulse pounding non-stop, whether you are playing or just watching. Lacrosse features a lot of scoring and dazzling plays, most of which would make SportCenter's Top 10 on a daily basis. This is also a contact sport, which makes it ideal for the American Alpha Male to play and exciting for anyone else to watch.

    Lacrosse combines the finesse play and toughness that you see in hockey, except it can be played almost anywhere, in pretty much any type of conditions, which should help it gain a larger following. The rules of the game are also pretty easy to understand, so there isn't a big learning curve or a lot of complex conditions that will leave people wondering what is going on. All Lacrosse really needs at this point is some good marketing, a few big names and a couple of major markets, and it will be the next big American sport.

  8. thanks for the entries everyone....we'll be announcing this week's winner (as well as posting a new "weigh in") very soon!!
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  9. Thanks for your patience everyone and please remember to toss your submissions in for next week's thread being posted tomorrow to win a FREE bottle of Athlytes (our new electrolyte product) AND AND AND a FREE bottle of Spirit by Bellezza Botanicals (our new completely 100% natural foaming soap and body wash).

    Sometimes you just have to choose an answer that you don't necessarily agree with...and with what I feel was the best description as to WHY they chose their sport, this week's winner is = CapnSavem

    Its true that lacrosse has really begun to gain popularity amongst ALL types of people as opposed to just the kids looking for something semi physical to compliment their golf careers. Lacrosse could potentially open up to a large market if made professional and broadcasted like other major sports.

    Send me a PM with your info bud.
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  10. congrats man!

  11. Congrats, I agree, lacrosse is poised to be big.

  12. Good pick, congrats!

  13. awesome!!!!

    thanks MST and CTDuece!!

    i can't wait to try MycoGreen, and the Spirit by Bellezza Botanicals wash!!!!

    and i'd be happy to log and/or review the products as well!

    pm being sent

  14. Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    and the Spirit by Bellezza Botanicals wash!!!!
    the soap is actually a promo for next week...please re-read the post, haha. do still get your greens!
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  15. LOL my bad! i cant wait to try the Mycogreens though fo sho!

  16. i think that if more people tried playing tennis and realized how much skill and athleticism are involved that they would appreciate it more. seeing tennis played live is also something that would increase the respect for what it takes to play tennis on the professional level. a close 5 set match is probably equal to running a marathon, with cameras watching your every move for 5 hours.

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