NEW CONTROLLED LABS Product: Golden Gains

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  1. NEW CONTROLLED LABS Product: Golden Gains

    What is Golden GAINS™ ?

    Golden GAINS™: Premium Nutrient Delivery

    15 Servings (1324 grams) Homemade Apple Pie

    Key Attributes:

    - Premium ingredients
    - Postworkout or any time nutrition
    - Real Meal with Protein, Carbs, Healthy Fats and Fruits & Vegetables
    - 98% sugar free
    - Prevent catabolism and achieve fitness goals
    - Support muscle glycogen and recovery
    - Convenient all in one formula
    - Great taste

    Now that you've made fitness a part of your lifestyle, treat yourself to Golden GAINS™ after every workout. Formulated with precise amounts of protein, amino acids, healthy fats, and designer carbohydrates, we enhanced Golden GAINS™ further by adding exclusive “super-nutrients” to help support the athletic lifestyle.

    The GoldPro protein complex delivers essential and branched chain amino acids so crucial for lean muscle tissue and recovery between workouts. Featuring both immediate and sustained proteins for constant assimilation, now you no longer need to choose between great taste, mixability, and value... get everything you need with Golden GAINS™.

    The GoldCarb Complex, our exclusive carbohydrate blend, offers the best of both worlds with efficient premium highly processed waxy maize and natural oats for a CONTROLLED insulin response and great taste and a good dose of fiber. As a bonus, this formula may help optimize hormone ratios and combat toxins, post-workout crash and adrenal fatigue.

    The HealthyFat Complex is a blend of healthful fats that athletes consume to optimize performance. It has the potential to help optimize blood sugar levels, enhance cardiovascular health and scavenge free radicals.

    The Fruit & Veggie Complex relies on 5,000mg of the best organic fruit and vegetables available. Other formulas rely almost strictly on macro nutrients and ignore the importance of micronutrients in a post workout setting (as well as all day), which is not the case with Golden GAINS™. Micronutrients are plentiful in fruits and vegetables and help form a solid nutritional foundation that is essential for muscle growth. This complex also helps to convert the body from the “acidic environment” of most bodybuilding diets, to a more basic one that is needed for optimal lean muscle mass GAINS™ and overall health.

    For optimal post-workout cellular anabolism, look no further than our GFH Complex. We included crucial Electrolytes and Taurine to work in synergy, keeping your muscles in an anabolic state at the cellular level and for as long as possible. As a bonus, it appears that this complex may even help reduce muscle cramping and unnecessary soreness.

    With your health and performance in mind, Golden GAINS™ delivers!
    When will Golden GAINS™ be available in stores ?

    May, 2009 at GNC locations nationwide

    Why is Golden GAINS™ only available at GNC right now?

    We have an exclusive with them for the time being, but it will be available at other stores/websites in the near future

    Will Golden GAINS™ be available anywhere else from launch?

    Yes, we will have a special price direct from for members of our forum, so be sure to join asap at

    What flavor is Golden GAINS™ ?

    "Homemade Apple Pie"

    How many servings per bottle ?


    When should I consume Golden GAINS™ ?

    Post-workout or any time

    How should I consume Golden GAINS™ ?

    Once mixed, how long should I let Golden GAINS™ sit before drinking it ?

    0 - 15 minutes

    Does Golden GAINS™ replace proper nutrition, training, and cardio ?


    Is Golden GAINS™ for men or women ?


    Is Golden GAINS™ designed for cutting, bulking, or recomping ?

    Yes, all of the above

    Can Golden GAINS™ be consumed first thing in the morning ?


    Can Golden GAINS™ be used as both a pre-workout meal and a post-workout meal ?


    I workout in the evening / before bedtime, is there anything I should know ?

    Golden GAINS™ is stimulant free, and can be consumed pre-bed

    Why isn't there any creatine in Golden GAINS™?

    Creatine supplements, like Green MAGnitude or Green BULGE are best taken pre-workout and supply a full days worth of creatine

    Is Golden GAINS™ sugar free?

    98% SUGAR FREE

    Why is there 1 gram of sugar?

    It's naturally occurring from the fruit/veggie complex

    How much water / milk should be used with Golden GAINS™?

    20-32oz ounces of water / milk is typical

    I have allergies, should I avoid this product?

    People with food allergies should not consume Golden GAINS™

    Can I take this if I am lactose intolerant?

    Not recommended

    Doesn't Purple WRAATH also include BCAA / EAA ?

    Yes, ideally the serious athlete will take 1-2 scoops Purple WRAATH pre-workout or during training and 1 serving of Golden GAINS™ immediately post-workout.

    What "basic" supplements do you recommend while taking Golden GAINS™ ?

    Orange TRIAD Multivitamin/Joint Support/Digestion & Immune Aid
    Creatine, such as Green BULGE / Green MAGnitude
    PLENTY of water
    Fishoil / EFA

    Besides the "basic" supplements listed above, what other supplements do you recommend to maximize my results while on Golden GAINS™ ?

    GlycerGrow (pre / during training)
    White FLOOD (pre-workout) / White BLOOD (pre-workout or before bed)
    REDuction (pre-workout) during a fatloss / cutting phase
    Blue GENE for the serious athlete

    I'm on medication or I have a health condition, should I take Golden GAINS™ ?

    Ask your doctor before taking Golden GAINS™

    Is it necessary to cycle Golden GAINS™ ?


    What are some good indications that I'm losing fat or gaining lean mass while on Golden GAINS™ ?

    Mirror / Appearance
    Measurements / Bodyfat caliper
    Bodyweight / Strength

    I heard that all of your products are "Real World" tested and 105% Guaranteed ?

    Correct. See our main website for details

  2. looks like a solid product bro

  3. So this is strictly a GNC product?
    When do you foresee this being at other E-Merchants?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Lungz View Post
    So this is strictly a GNC product?
    When do you foresee this being at other E-Merchants?
    GNC has the exclusives for "a while" , but we'll be offering it at a special price via our website.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet View Post
    looks like a solid product bro
    Thank you! The taste is pretty bomb too. The apple pie should be well received

  6. This looks good!
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  7. Ill definitely give it a try....but only from other stores...not the evil one! Looks pretty good. Hope it mixes well.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by BabyHulk View Post
    Ill definitely give it a try....but only from other stores...not the evil one! Looks pretty good. Hope it mixes well.
    Mixibility is about the same as Golden Finish which is excellent, considering the amount of ingredients the darn thing has

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BabyHulk View Post
    Ill definitely give it a try....but only from other stores...not the evil one! Looks pretty good. Hope it mixes well.
    You could always just get it from the Company themselves…...

  10. Nice innovation; curses to GNC and their exclusives lol.

  11. looks good man, looking forward to giving this a go
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  12. Whats the major difference between this and Golden Finish.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by JOHNJESSICA20 View Post
    Whats the major difference between this and Golden Finish.
    Short answer:
    The healthy fat complex
    Fruits and veggies added in
    Carb source revealed
    More carbs & cals
  14. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    looks great! I love GF, so the addition of more carbs is very welcomed, especially for me being an ecto.

  15. I like.....
    Gause institute member

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  16. This would rock post-workout - the fruit complex mixed in with Oat flour and WMS is a great idea. It's simple, but should more than get the job done!
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    ***NOW @ NP***
  17. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    any idea on what price point this will be at??

  18. Looks good, I just wish it didn't have the artificial flavors...

  19. Looks great except for the artificial flavors and colors (especially the colors - it's a freakin protein powder!). Such a shame because otherwise I would load up on this stuff. Very solid ingredient profile (love the inclusion of veggie complex, whole oat powder, etc) and I'm a big fan of CL products! Any chance of a "natural" version? If so put me down for a few tubs!

  20. looks delicious . Im going to have to get me some of that homemade apple pie =)
    ( no pun intended to those who seen the old American Pie movies [when i was in high school] man nadia was hot in that movie) APR50 50 % off
    Mind and Muscle Code AM10
    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online coaching

  21. looks awesome! the flavor looks to be even better IMO!!!!!!

    i particularly like the addition of the fruit and veggies complex.

    i would have liked creatine in it, but it makes perfect sense why it is not included. For the reason that you can use this more than once in a day and you wouldn't want too much creatine. Looks like a solid product. I would love to try it, but I won't buy it at GNC. I will hold off on that.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    looks great! I love GF, so the addition of more carbs is very welcomed, especially for me being an ecto.
    I love GF and actually have 2 tubs im working on now, but i always wished for more protein and carbs with it. ecto

  23. This is replacing GF by the way. The taste is way better and the profile has improved significantly.

  24. Looks pretty awesome. Currently using dark matter, have to give this a shot.


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