!!!!Everyone Please Help Save Another B6 From Being Banned by the FDA!!!!

  1. !!!!Everyone Please Help Save Another B6 From Being Banned by the FDA!!!!

    As most of you know, the FDA recently banned the version of vitamin B6 known as pyridoxamine. The ONLY reason this was done is so that pharmaceutical companies could have exclusive access to the vitamin to sell it as a drug. The FDA is clearly only looking to protect the financial interest of pharmaceutical companies and not about ensuring the safety of the food supply.

    In fact, from the drug's company's own petition tothe FDA, they admit "Pharmaceutical companies developing new drugs must be protected from companies that may seek to market the ingredients in those drugs as dietary supplements. The marketing of such products has the potential to undermine the incentive for the development of new drugs, because many people may choose to purchase the supplements rather than the drugs".

    And now, another form of Vitamin B6, P5P, is on the chopping lock for the exact same reason.

    P5P is a superior form of vitamin B6 found in many supplements.

    Please take 30 seconds and sign this petition and send a letter to your representative and senators.

    If we dont take a stand, the FDA in cooperation with the drug companies are going to keep on doing this, right down the list of active they want just for themselves until we are left with absolutely nothing. Some of you may have thought this was an overzelous scare tactic in the past, but as you can see now, the stuff is indeed for real and hitting the fan.


  2. Done

  3. thats BS! Done and done!

  4. Thursday bump

  5. rediculous...done!

  6. Already

  7. doneski!

  8. did dat

  9. Yea, I signed that one and every other issue they had on the right side. About 6 or 7 issues total. We the people need to take our government back.

  10. wow.. greedy sons of b*tches...... signed

  11. AHOLES!!! Done

  12. That was quick - already got a reply from one my congressmen.

  13. Wow here we go again. Thanks for posting this Custom. And also done.

  14. New here. Signed.

  15. Christ, thats unbeleivale.. I knew pharmacuetical compaines had their hand in 90% of daily life here in the US, but to remove such simple and beneficial supps like the B vitamins should be illegal.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Mach .78 View Post
    We the people need to take our government back.

    I will nominate you in 2012.

  17. DOne...thanks for the information.

  18. done..those ****in bastards

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Mach .78 View Post
    Yea, I signed that one and every other issue they had on the right side. About 6 or 7 issues total. We the people need to take our government back.
    i BEG YOU ALL...


    http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplements/173797-one-small-step.html Getting my ass beat and logging it.

  20. DONE!

    We need I hate the FDA T-shirts!!!!

  21. Done
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  22. Done. Has this been posted on other forums? Word needs to spread.
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  23. Done. Grrrrrr this crap pisses me off!

  24. Anyone an idea on how long till this ban takes effect? also Im not sure about american law but will obama not need to sign this? I hope he does as that should inleast delay it somewhat

  25. OMG FDA BS ..
    Thx for posting the link.
    What a nice little e-reply in response..
    S, thank you for standing up to the FDA. Any ban on P5P, a natural form of Vitamin B-6, is entirely in the interest of pharmaceutical companies, and in complete opposition to the best interests of the consumer. By taking action, you have told the FDA that this is not acceptable.

    So thank you S for standing up to the FDA, and reminding them that vitamins are not drugs!

  26. done! everyone should read up on the other issues in question on that link as well... This crap has gone on for too long.

  27. Did anyone change the message content or just leave it as is?


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