!!!!Everyone Please Help Save Another B6 From Being Banned by the FDA!!!!

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  1. DONE!

    We need I hate the FDA T-shirts!!!!


  2. Done
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  3. Done. Has this been posted on other forums? Word needs to spread.
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  4. Done. Grrrrrr this crap pisses me off!

  5. Anyone an idea on how long till this ban takes effect? also Im not sure about american law but will obama not need to sign this? I hope he does as that should inleast delay it somewhat

  6. OMG FDA BS ..
    Thx for posting the link.
    What a nice little e-reply in response..
    S, thank you for standing up to the FDA. Any ban on P5P, a natural form of Vitamin B-6, is entirely in the interest of pharmaceutical companies, and in complete opposition to the best interests of the consumer. By taking action, you have told the FDA that this is not acceptable.

    So thank you S for standing up to the FDA, and reminding them that vitamins are not drugs!

  7. done! everyone should read up on the other issues in question on that link as well... This crap has gone on for too long.

  8. Did anyone change the message content or just leave it as is?


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