Looking for ULTIMA Loggers

  1. Cool Looking for ULTIMA Loggers

    Looging for experienced loggers to use ULTIMA and post their feedback here on AM. Users should be over 18 years old and US residents.

    Users would preferably be free of heavy caffeine and/or stimulant usage for at least 2 weeks.

    Here is some feedback thus far. As you can see, it is a bit overwhelming.

    ULTIMA Feedback thread

  2. I would be interested in giving this a go. I have done several logs here, and based on the FAQ thread, I am interested in the profile on this.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. Thumbs up

    I would have loved to try/log this product as when it came out, it immediately intrigued me...but I have other committments..

    good luck to those that apply! Product looks amazing!

  4. i would love to try logging this stuff for you but your excluding canadians like everyone else does. i'll pay shipping if necessary. I only have done one log on here for Anadraulic State but would love to try this stuff out. Best of luck to all that get to log as i'm very intrigued to see the results. It would be awesome if omega chose a few guys over 220 so i could see the results in someone a bit larger. i only say this cause dosing can vary for people of different sizes.

  5. Smile

    I Am the Alpha, I Am the Omega

  6. I would like to give this product a try. I have experimented with a few types of creatine, including mono, cee, kre-alk. The best creatine product that i have tried thus far has been SAN V-12 Turbo. I could really feel the strength thruought the workout. Here are my stats:

    27%bf( was at 17% before my injury)
    Routine: Im currently using the Sheiko routine which is very high volume and am loving it. I train 3X/wk and do mild cardio on both workout days and non, except for the weekends.
    Diet: diet is below maintanence which for me is 2500, and im getting in 100-150g protein/day, which has been my magic number.
    Past Max lifts: Dead 475, Squat 435, bench 365.
    Current max(due to injury): squat 345, dead 225(will stay at this weight for next couple of months but will increase reps) bench 255.

    I am recently off an injury back in Sept. 08 and am looking for that extra kick to get back into my heavy weight. I would be a good logger because I have alot of time to log and am very sensitive to the efffects of supplements on my body and could articulate them to others. I gain muscle fairly eaisly, but strength always comes eaiser. Havent done creatine in over two years so my system will react very favorably i am hoping. The ingredient profile in your product looks very good and i would be honored to be choosen as a tester.

  7. I would definitely love the chance to try this one out. I've never had the chance to run a full pre workout product. This one definitely stands out to me in that it isn't a proprietary. So many these days are. I have some logging experience on another site. Aside from those two sponsered logs, I have a tub of the new Intra-Aid flavor, a ten day cycle of Adrenalean, and a sample of a new Assault flavor all in the mail right now from other sponsored logs. Those will be added under my logging belt very soon. I also have a lot of product reviews from the many samples I've used on that site. I think this product looks extremely solid compared to what's out there, and it would be awesome to be able to use this along side my Intra-Aid. My workouts would be brought to a completely new level. I'll also provide a completely detailed, and more importantly, honest log of my experience. Thanks for the chance.

    My training is a power/hypertrophy split. I also do HIIT sprinting for cardio three days a week:
    *Monday---Upper Power
    *Tuesday---Lower Power
    *Wednesday---Off/Cardio/Abs (depending on how I feel)
    *Thursday---Push Hypertrophy
    *Friday---Pull Hypertrophy
    *Sunday---Off/Cardio/Abs (depending on how I feel)

    My diet is 3000 calories. I make sure to get enough protein, EFAs, and fiber. From there I just fill in my calories with carbs and fat, keeping it clean.

    Current supplementation: Whey Isolate, ON Casein, Creatine Monohydrate, Multi-V, Joint-V, PEA

  8. Thanks for thr replies so far!

    im out of town right now but should be able to follow up on this on monday

  9. When will Ultima be on sale @ Nutra?

  10. Age : 18

    • Sex - M or F : Male

    • Height : 5' 10"

    • Weight : 188

    • Body type : Mesomorph

    • Training Experience (please be detailed) : Lifting for the last 5 years, 3 seriously. I have done strength and hypertrophy based programs (i.e., 5x5, D.C., etc.) D.C. has been my favorite so far and would be what i would be logging on

    • Current Training Schedule / Protocol (please be detailed) : D.C. Training
    Monday-Wide grip bench Warmup 2x 10
    195 1x8
    185 to failure
    185 1x13
    205 2 inch bottom reps 1x10
    Military Press: Warmup 2x10
    110 1x9
    110 to failure
    105 1x14
    115 20 second static
    Skull crushers: Warm up 2x10
    75 1x9
    75 to failure
    70 1x12
    75 23 second static
    Dumbell side raises20 each 5x 10
    Unassisted chinups 4x 10
    Lat pulldowns warmup 2x10
    125 1x10
    125 to failure
    120 1x 14
    130 static hold 28 seconds

    Tuesday-Preacher curls warmup 2x10
    85 1x10
    85 to failure
    80 1x 12
    85 28 sec static
    Hammer curls straight set of 38
    Squat(couldnt follow d.c. style today due to only one spotter)
    275 5x5
    Leg curls warm up 2x10
    100 1x9
    100 to failure
    90 1x13
    90 22 sec static

    Wednesday- Off

    Thursday- Repeat monday but with different iso lifts

    Friday- Repeat tuesday but with different iso lifts

    • Cardio Schedule/Protocol (please be detailed) :
    30 mns AM fasted cardio(with xtend), HIIT on MWF

    • Current Sport Played : Football, Baseball, and Powerlifting(Baseball and Powerlifting season now)

    • Current Supplements (please list all product names) : Sizeon, Xtend, ON Whey, Animal Pak, Fish oils, and Vitargo

    • Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs : None

    • Are you currently being treated for any known medical conditions? (please be detailed) : No

    • Current Diet & Macros (please be detailed) :
    Around 3300 calories. Typical diet consists of
    Breakfast: Oatmeal, low fat milk and whey shake, Tblspoon of olive oil
    Snack1:Handful of almonds, powerbar
    Lunch: Grilled chicken Breast or Turkey, Brown rice or sweet potato, Steamed vegetables(brocolli most often) Lowfat milk
    Snack 2: Colossal 100 bar, Handful of almonds or walnuts
    Dinner: Some form of lean meat( Chicken, Turkey) or something like salmon. Sweet potatoes or brown rice, more steamed veggies, Tblspoon olive oil.
    I also have a Protein shake along with cottage cheese before bed.

    • Current Daily Water Intake : 1.5-2 gallons

    • Links to Past Logs & Reviews (if any) :
    Panther's blowin up with the help of pSARM(SPONSORED)
    Cuttin up Panther style with Musclepharms Shred Matrix(sponsored)

    i really like all the good reviews on this stuff and would really like to try it. i will do a good log for you guys, hope to hear from you soon.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jdg487 View Post
    When will Ultima be on sale @ Nutra?
    Possibly soon, depending on how long the beta lasts.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by custom View Post
    Possibly soon, depending on how long the beta lasts.
    Appreciate it...

  13. 32
    Sex: Male
    Weight: 212 and hopefully less soon
    Current Goals: to get to 190 and lower bodyfat to under 15%

    Diet: 2000 calories mostly chicken tuna eggs little pasta or rice lots of veggies
    Training Experience (years/type of training- weight, crossfit, DC, hypertrophy, ect) lifting on and off for last 5 years real dedicated last 2 years

  14. Age: 19
    Weight: 216
    Height: 6' 0''
    BF: 12%
    Lifting Experience: 3 years-powerlifting and bodybuilding
    Drug use: none (including caffeine and alcohol)
    Supplements: ON Whey
    Lift Maxes:
    Deadlift: 550
    Squat: 495
    Bench: 300
    Hang Clean: 275
    Curl: 155
    Military: 235
    Diet: 3000-3500 cals per day, 350g protein, 60grams fat, 300 carbs

  15. this **** is crazy
    toes-on-the-nose.blogspot.com Deployed blogging

  16. Looks like you already picked your loggers...

  17. I Am the Alpha, I Am the Omega! 9

  18. I have seen a good amount of members & friends try Ultima, but I have not been quite as fortunate.

    Kerplunk has been one of those individuals. He speaks highly of the cognitive blend.

    I have done one review here on AM while having done dozens of reviews and logs on bb.com. I am wanting to spread my 'wings' persay here on AM. What better way than to do it with Ultima?

    Here is my account on BB.com


  19. I would be honored to! I am 21 male 6ft 187lb 9.5%bf going for over all athletics. I am a certified trainer and lift weights 5 days a week. I do cardio 2 times a week in the gym and martial arts 2 times a week as well. I take in 2500 cals a day and am trying to be as fit as possible!!! This would totally give me the edge that I need to preform well!!!
    Currently taking- pro-vite, creatine, glutanime, cla, joint support, whey isolate and waxy maize
    Monday-legs and abs
    Tues-back n bi's
    Wed-Shoulders and hamstrings
    Thurs- tri's abs and forearms
    Body type- endomorph
    Friday- chest and traps
    cardio on tuesday and thursday
    martial arts on mon and wed 530pm to 615
    Anatomy 2 class 1 to 440 tues and thursday
    Saturday teach swimming 10am to 12pm
    Sunday- REST and of course homework,lol
    Training experience- I have been certified for 2 years and lifting for 5 years

  20. i'd love to give it a shot.

    i'm not as experienced as everyone seems to be, but heck i throw my name.

  21. Looks like a great product
  22. Thumbs up

    Yeah the Matt already selected the loggers. Thanks for the interest however and well keep all in mind for any future logging opportunities.
  23. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by dtrain13 View Post
    Yeah the Matt already selected the loggers. Thanks for the interest however and well keep all in mind for any future logging opportunities.
    Good to know.


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