Special offer: New cannibal ferox

  1. Special offer: New cannibal ferox

    It's finally here. New edition of cannibal ferox. I have used cannibal ferox amped for many months now and i must say it has never let me down. The new ferox is now available in two flavors: Starwberry kiwi and carny candy. Sounds delicous right? As it goes with supplement facts it looks like this preworkout is no joke and it's very strong ! It contains some orchilean which we have also tested and it Works great if you want some extra push in your workout. Also it's loaded with caffeine so watchout start with one scoop, chaos and pain is not ressponsible for damage to any weights due to use of this Ferox. And there is more ! Amazing offer just for you until 5/18/2017 if you purchase New Ferox you also recieve PermaSwole preworkout 50% off PLUS 20% off on whole order with our code TeamJacked20. i have tested PermaSwole yesterday and it Works really well but it's non stim prewokout, I Will drop review of PermaSwole preworkout on our ig: jacked.teamwolf very soon so stay tuned !

  2. Awesome offer. Permaswole is the best non stim pump product i have ever tried.. only downside is it requires more than one scoop but the tub works out cuz u don't need it everyday. Only use it for those vanity days or upper body days

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