Mass/Bulking Workout Needed (Dumbbells and Barbell ONLY)

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  1. Mass/Bulking Workout Needed (Dumbbells and Barbell ONLY)

    Hi people,

    Too cut a long story short I'm in need of some help. I cant get to the gym at the moment so the only equipment I have to hand are:

    Oh and my gf's silly totalgym

    I'm trying to bulk and and mass as quick as poss and need a 3 day workout plan using only the above.

    Can anyone help

  2. Do you have a bench?

  3. yes mate I have a bench

  4. I would recommend a four day program to be more thorough, but if you only have three try this:

    Day 1 - Chest and shoulders

    Flat bench press
    Incline bench press
    dumbell fly's

    Military press
    Upright Rows

    (do a warmup set of 10-12 with low to moderate weight, then do 3 working sets of 6-8 reps with a challenging weight)

    Day 2 - Legs and Tri's

    squats (use your own bodyweight or dumbells since you don't have a rack)
    calf raises

    scull crushers
    dumbell kickbacks
    bench dips

    (do a warmup set of 10-12 with low to moderate weight, then do 3 working sets of 8-10 reps with challenging weight. For calves use higher reps 20-30)

    Day 3 - Back and Biceps

    bent over rows
    one arm dumbell rows

    barbell curl
    concentration curls
    hammer curls

    (do a warmup set of each exercise 10-12 reps with low to moderate weight, then do 3 working sets of 6-8 reps (back) 8-10 reps (biceps)

    Skip a day between each session to allow for some rest. You can work calves and abs every session if you like.

    This is a pretty basic routine that you can do to get you started, and with proper diet and rest it will produce gains for a while. Eventually though you will need to change the routine or you will hit a plateau.

  5. Why not give the old squats and milk routine a try. Basically you do 2 sets of 20 squats supersetted with dumbbell pullovers also for 20. Every workout you add 5 pounds to the squat. you do it three times a week. You can also do some overhead presses and bent rows after the squats. The milk part came from drinking a gallon of whole milk everyday while on the program, but just make sure you are getting enough calories. If you want to google it to find the exact routine type in "Breathing Squats"
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  6. Some great idea's so far.

    Thanks guys

  7. have u tried the 5x5 routine by bill starr?

  8. Dadof2, that looks like a very good routine for only 3 days, thats the one I would try. Mark

  9. Dumbells and barbells are all you need.You could do a full body workout with three days a week.Some say you hit the muscles too often,but you dont destroy the muscles,"stimulate dont anihilate"-Lee Haney.I personally do no more than three sets,per muscle,with full body wo's.i'll give you three exercises,do one mon,wed,and fri.chest-inc bench,flat,inc(most upper chest needs work)back-deads,bb rows,pullups,shoulders-bb press,upright rows(if you like them)db press,tris-close grip bench,skull crushers,weighted dips,bi's-db curls,chin ups,bb curls,legs-sq,sq,sq,sq,sq,sq,and then do some sq's,switch from front to back.When i worked out at home I could raise my bars and sit on the bench under the bar,if you cant rig something up,cut off your penise and do lunges(i would rig something up)

  10. If you're looking for mass, try a high-volume, low-rest workout. 10 sets of 8-10 reps, with 60-90 sec rest, with 55% 1RM weight. Each workout should last 45-60 minutes. At first you'll think it's easy but by the 8th set you'll appreciate how hard this is.

    The other advantage to this training is that you deal with light weights so you probably don't need a spotter.

  11. Thanks dude but wont a high-volume, low-rest workout just tone rather than create mass??

  12. I love full body workouts like i said earlier.If you have 4 days a week you can do upper mon. and thurs.and lower tues and fri.Thats what im doing right now and i am putting on weight with prot.and crea.You focus on the basic heavy lifts and keep each exercise per muscle short and sweet,you will be hitting that same muscle with different exercise 2or3 times a week.I am slowly converting to doing these two full body(probably the latter)more often than traditional bb style.I personally seem to respond better,but we are all diferent.You get more days off so more days to sleep a little extra ,focus on eating,and getting the rest your body needs.

  13. thanks pantera101,

    could i be a real pain and ask you to list your idea/plan in idiot form for me please?






    i'm using pro at the mo and gonna start with crea tomorrow so i really wanna get a good routine going.

    thanks mate.

  14. last time i did full bodyworkouts this is exactly what i did

    mon-inc bench,deads,bb mil press,dips(tri's),chins(bi's), back sq's,standing calf raises

    wed-flat bench,pull ups(back),db mil press,skull crushers,bb curls,front sq's,seated calf raises

    fri-inc bench again(my upper chest needs work,you could do dec or dips),bb rows,bb mil press,close grip bench,chins,back sq's,standing calf raises

    if you cant do pullups,chins,or dips substitute with something else,like bi's could be bb cuurls,db curls,and bb curls,again.The "trick" is to do heavy basic exercises,dont have a day of kick backs for tri's or flyes for chest.Do no more than three work sets each with atleast 1 light warm up to get going.

  15. super, will put in action tomorrow and report on progress as I go if your interested.

    Many thanks and kind regards,

  16. I am interested.Like i said earlier i'm probably going to make full body workouts the majority of my training(it's always good to change things up)because i see good results every time i do them.I would like to see if they work well for you.As i said earlier,you could do upper mon and thurs and lower tues and makes it easier to hit legs,i also throw in some stiff leg deads or leg curls for the hamstrings this way and might do an extra set for everything.Sq as deep as you can possibly sq,and the hamstrings get involved quite a bit though if you decide to do mon,wed,and fri.(you should always sq deep,no matter what,ass to grass)

  17. 5x5 with hardcore weight. do some incline press with those. you will blow up quick. make sure you get deep though. make sure you use heavy weights. and just do some simple basic stuff. it works the best. any particular muscle group your trying to focus on?

  18. Ideally arms, chest, and shoulders. So pretty much most of the upper body.

  19. yeah man hit it hard on decline incline flat benchs and throw in som rows, curls, shoulder press, and flys. and lift till your dead. guaranteed success my friend

  20. I used to have a home gym and I had really no problems. My program now is kind of based off my home gym workouts. I gave up the home gym because a gym membership was cheaper for the time being.

  21. Go read the Scivation books....Tri-Phase Training in specific.
    Armed to the teeth.

  22. Scivation books....Tri-Phase Training is an fantastic read. I think I'm gonna give that a go as it seems more methodical and planned out which is what I like really.

    Thanks manifesto

  23. is a good website too.A new article or 2 mon-fri.Go to article library to read old ones.been reading their articles for prob half a year or more,sometimes great sometimes not so great.I will be going their after i'm done here.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by UKhardgainer View Post
    Scivation books....Tri-Phase Training is an fantastic read. I think I'm gonna give that a go as it seems more methodical and planned out which is what I like really.

    Thanks manifesto
    no prob bob
    Armed to the teeth.

  25. Curious, how do you do squats without a squat rack. I was thinking of maybe angling my bench up on maybe some wood or boxes and doing it that way. Also, would it be good enough for calves if I just use dumbbells and maybe a 6 inch piece of wood and do raises that way? Was gonna do lunges with dumbbells instead of BB.


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