Caloric Distribution?

  1. Caloric Distribution?

    I am looking to bulk, but don't know where to put my 3000 calories so they would be optimal. How would you divide them?

    Breakfast: 7am

    Mid morning: 10am

    Lunch: 1 pm

    Preworkout: 4pm

    Workout: 5pm

    Postworkout: 6pm

    Dinner/Supper: 7 pm

    Pre bed: 10pm

    Bed: 10:45pm

  2. thoughts???

    How does this sound?

    Breakfast: 7am 550cals

    Mid morning: 10am 525cals

    Lunch: 1 pm 500cals

    Preworkout: 4pm 400 cals

    Workout: 5pm

    Postworkout: 6pm 300 cals

    Dinner/Supper: 7 pm 600cals

    Pre bed: 10pm 125cals

    Bed: 10:45pm

    3000 total

  3. What kind of macronutrients are we talking here?
  4. macros

    we are talking roughly 45/35/20 (c/p/f/). I assumed postworkout/breakfast/ and preworkout should be mostly P-C meals and Supper and Bed should have some fats added in.

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