bulk up then get ripped

  1. bulk up then get ripped

    I see some video of dorian yates.. yeah!! he's really bulky but when competetion arrived he's body ripped off. Is that the way it goes? first get bulky then get ripped?

  2. Yes that is what most people try to do. Gain a lot of muscle, then shred all the excess fat and look ripped. Bulking is much eaiser then the cutting procces though

  3. You could also try mini bulking and cutting phases. 8 weeks of bulking followed by 8 weeks of re-comping or cutting. I'd try that if you're an endomorph like me

  4. I don't like to ever be fat. So, I always do lean bulks. Watch your calories, start with like 2500 a day or so (depending on how much you weight). Then keep upping them by 300 or so every week. Once you see you've started to put on fat back it down 300. That should be your good point. My sweet spot is only 2800 a day. It takes just a little longer to put on muscle but you won't put much fat on. You can still have somewhat of a cutting phase but it won't need to be nearly as long. I rarely go on a cutting phase at all. When I do, it's only for a month or so. And I just clean up my calories a little more and take a thermogenic. And I replace a meal per day with a salad. And pay attention to drinking more water and keeping it very cold. My metabolism may be a little better than yours though. But this is what I do.

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