1. school....

    I'm in highschool and as many of you know it's hard to eat 5 small meals a day while in highschool. Any ideas on a good way to bulk up while in school most of the day?

  2. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid-evening, supper.


  3. And while in class you can eat protein bars. **** the teachers.

  4. also you can get some meal replacements high in protein, some granola bars, go by anabolic innovations and grab some cookie mix and bake some cookies to eat between classes. You can also get it at Products By Anabolic Innovations

  5. try nutra valley granola bars. They're pretty good.

    BUT! ****ing genius idea there. AI's cookies. I love that crap.

    I once just ate the mix instead of baking them.

  6. what woud I eat for breakfeast,lunch,mid-evening, dinner that would be good for me?

  7. Breakfast

    A whole wheat bagel no butter. A bowl of oatmeal light on the brown sugar/honey or
    Bacon,Eggs,Biscuit and Milk


    Two big tuna sandwiches with carrots and celery or something like that or turkey or roast beef

    Dinner / Mid-Evening

    Whole Wheat Pasta with Chicken or Roast Beef on bread with some mayo celery sticks/carrots lettuce tomato.

    Casein protein shake for bed or just a good ol protein shake before hittin the sack to sleep on.

  8. Thanks alot. I'm 17 and iv read all over hear that if your young the best thing to do is eat right. If I stay true to my diet would a creatine supplement help me at all?

  9. Run creatin ethyl ester. And I like to hit it with alot of other creatines. Creatine Gluconate and others. I feel a real good pump on Anabolic innovations chaos.

    Very good.

  10. This is exactly what I did my sr. year of high school and I put on 20lbs.
    Wake up: 5gr creatine mono (now i''d use 2 CEE and 2 mono)
    5gr. Glutamine
    Breakfast: 4egg whites, 2 whole eggs
    2 packets oatmeal
    *Maybe a shake depending how hungry i was

    In-bewteen 2&3 hr: MRP or trio-plex bar

    Lunch: 1 can tuna on wheat beagal
    1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese

    Aftrer school (pre-workout): 2 scoops protein
    1/2 cup cooked brown rice
    -5gr. creatine mono + 5gr Glutamine

    Post-Workout: 2 scoops protein
    2 Tbs. peanut butter w/ sugar free jelly on 4 peices of bread
    -5gr. creatine mono + 5gr Glutamine

    Dinner: 8 oz. chicken
    Large sweet potato or 1 cup cooked brown rice

    Before bed: 5 gr. glutamine, Casien based protein shake
    1/2 cup dry stove top oatmeal

    *Now a days there are more than just Creatine mono. out there, Like gotripped said CEE is good and becomeing cheap also. Now I use SizeON by Gaspari and love it, but its expensive I may suggest a 2 grams CEE and 2 grams creatine mono blend (thats what i use when pockets are low on cash). *You may also want to look at maybe useing some Flax Seed oil, 1 TBS. before bed for some extra GOOD calories, or flax seed caps and take 3 or so @ each regular meal- break., lunch, dinner.
    *Also if u get hungry thought the day like I did just scarf down a protein bar suring class or mix up a shake. I did and yes most teachers dont like it but to hell with them. There just jelous because their to fat and lazy to work their a$$es of like

  11. I'd be popping pills ,downing shakes and eating sandwhiches in the 3 minutes they give you to change classes. Carry your stash around in a backpack and prepare it at the last 5 minutes of class then consume on the walk to your next one.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows
    I'd be popping pills ,downing shakes and eating sandwhiches in the 3 minutes they give you to change classes. Carry your stash around in a backpack and prepare it at the last 5 minutes of class then consume on the walk to your next one.
    That's what I did and I would suggest to you if you can get away with it. Even if it's small amounts like a half sandwich instead of a whole one.

  13. I graduated from highschool last June but had no problem getting enough food in. Now I'm in Uni and bring a lunchbox with me every day. Heres my daily diet

    7:00 - 1.5 cups oatmeal, 1 whey shake, OJ
    9:35 - Protein bar between classes
    11:30-12:30 - 2 cold cut meat sandwiches, w/ cheese, 1 apple
    2:30 - Apple
    5:00 - Big supper, meat, carbs and a veggie, milk
    7:30 - PWO shake, 2 scoops w/ carbs
    8:30 - Tuna sandwhich or leftovers from supper
    10:30 - 3 scrambled eggs, 1/2 cup peanuts, 500mL milk

    No 7:30 shake on no workout days. Don't always get the morning shake in me either, if I'm running late. Ocasionally will have peanuts when I get home if I'm really hungry.

  14. i had the same problem when was back in high school, here is what i did.

    be nice to the lunch ladies for about a week and then ask one of them if you can store a gallon of milk in the walk in fridge in the back. it would take me two days to finish it. theres 180 grams of casein a gallon so thats 90 grams of protein during your 6 hours or so of school.

    certainly did the trick for me, and chugging down a couple gulps of milk is a lot faster than sitting down to eat.

  15. lol i would suggest midnight and/or 3:00 meals lol but im sure this isnt good for ur stomach to be workin all night. i also would suggest u get pulled into the same monster im in lol, wakin up 3 times a night to feed the food monster, a loaf a day is getin annoying lol. but ovberll id do like the others, go get sum cheap, inexp. powerbars or buy the box sets off the net and feast on a couple a day, and deff. get a good brkfest in. also if you have some extra money, id advise you to invest in both a casein shake and an whey shake in addition to the post-workout whey. take the casein be4 u go to bed, since casein protein takes 6-8 hrs to fully digest if i recall, and take the whey as soon as u wake up in the morning, since it takes around 15-30min to digest in ur system. these will take care of any nutrients, or even muscle at times that could have been broken down by the body in the middle of the night.(if u have no food in ur system while asleep , at times ur body will go catabolic and look for nutrients to recover other parts of the body aka the M..U..S..C..L..E..S.) If this happens the amount is very very minute but still, if ur bulkin up and esp. have a time diffencency duing ur day, it would be a great alteernative.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by brk_nemesis
    i also would suggest u get pulled into the same monster im in lol, wakin up 3 times a night to feed the food monster, .
    lol and this is supposed to be...." i wouldn't suggest" lol

  17. eat while walking to classes. i ate 10 meals a day when in high school....if i can recall, this was my eating schedule...

    breakfast- 7:30am
    in between 3rd and 4th period - 9:45
    lunch- 11:30ish
    drive home (something small you can eat while driving)- 1pm
    once i got home- 1 45 (pre workout)
    post workout- 3
    2nd post workout- 4 30
    dinner- 7
    mid way night meal - 9 30
    before bed- 11 30


    repeat..i only had 4 classes my sr year of high school so that helped.



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