21 Day Bulking, what to expect... ??

  1. 21 Day Bulking, what to expect... ??

    I am starting my three week bulking process a day after tomorrow...
    It's going to consist of 8,000 min to 9,000 max Calories everyday & about 400 to 500 gm's of protein
    I weight right now 210 pounds 6.2..
    I just want some feedback from people if thats good of a start and what kind of gains to expect in 3 weeks...

    It's going to consist of 6 meals a day

    1st. Shake 2000 calories (800 from oats, 300 bananas, protein and milk is the rest) about 100 gm of protein per serving.

    2nd. 5 eggs, orange juice, fetta cheese.. about 1000

    3rd. Shake, same as above. 2000 Cal

    4th. Tunna, glass of milk & chicken breasts about 1000

    5th. Shake, 2000 Cal

    6th. Rice, bread and a light shake about 1500

    I am taking Multivitamins, creatine, glutamine, fish oil & flaxseed oil.

  2. Woah woah woah, hold up there! Why only 3 weeks of bulking? When most people bulk it's for months at a time not weeks and your diet is a path to fat gain rather than muscle gain.

    What is your diet normally like?

  3. I dont mind gaining little fat with it, i do about 4000 cal to maintain my weight without almost not muscle gains... so doubling it should be sufficient to gain

  4. Most individuals, when bulking, simply consume about 500 additional calories to their maintanence. Doubling your calories will result in a lot more than only a "little fat." Also, you should be consuming more whole foods as opposed to shakes.

  5. Start with 4500 calories and if your not gaining then work your way up slowly with the calories, you don't wanna be a fat ass. And trust me with your plan here you'd be doing sumo in no time. Also the more calories you eat the more meals you should eat, so 6 meals for 9000 calories wouldn't cut it, you'd be looking at something like 10+. For 5000 calories shoot for 8 meals, this will keep fat gain to a minimum and remember to still do cardio to keep bf down and protein synthesis up. And ya why only 3 weeks?

  6. I'd expect there's a limit to the rate at which anabolic processes can occur in the body, regardless of the caloric intake. If there are carbs in the muscle cells and plenty of amino acids in the serum, there's no reason to think the excess won't be stored as fat. Doubling your calories should more than saturate gylcogen stores and the amino acid needs of your body.

    Once you maximize your workout and your diet, you just have to be patient with the weight gain.

  7. Just to give you an example, I'm shorter than you, at 5 foot 10, and also heavier than you at 240, and right now my bulking consists of only around 3500-4000 cals, that's enough to put size/muscle on me, with 400g of protein a day. That's along with 15 minutes of light cardio every day.

    I don't care how ectomorph you are, that is a sure fire yokozuna plan.

  8. I dont agree with your plan either. try 5000 cals over 7 meals or so, spread out the protien more also. Do 15 min cardio sessions. Workout and give time for the body to heal and most of all be patient.

  9. Horrible plan, imo. If you're wanting to bulk, do it right. You have the entire Fall and Winter to get it done.

    LOL...I just saw how old this thread is. I wonder if how his bulk went?


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