Increasing Appetite

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  1. Your link didn't work for me. This is probably the thread you're talkin about:

    Testers needed

  2. totally off topic but this is to Bohica...

    in your sig, it was Xenophon who is quoted saying that, not Socrates. both greek philosophers/historians but two totally different dudes.

  3. Ginger root, peppermind and I believe Gotu Kola also....

    These are supposed to help out with stimulating your appetite. They're pretty cheap and you can find them @ almost any health store.

  4. Nothings makes ur desire for food skyrocket like some Bomb Doja

  5. Quote Originally Posted by flex167
    Good ole mary jane will cure your lack of hunger just be sure to stay away from chocolate!!
    Puff Puff Pass!!



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